WEIRD?! 2021 BMW X6M Competition Review

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For your chance to win a 2021 BMW X5M Competiton plus $20,000 and support a great cause, enter here:
2021 BMW X6M Competition review by The Straight Pipes. The BMW X6M Competition is pumping out 617hp and 553 lb-ft tq from a Twin Turbo 4.4L V8. Sitting at $160,600 CAD, would this be your pick over the Mercedes-AMG GLE63S Coupe, Porsche Cayenne Turbo Coupe, Audi RSQ8?
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  • TheStraightPipes
    TheStraightPipesMonth ago

    For your chance to win a 2021 BMW X5M Competiton plus $20,000 and support a great cause, enter here:

  • Jack Swegel

    Jack Swegel

    Month ago

    @TheStraightPipes "some"

  • Gordon Green

    Gordon Green

    Month ago


  • Greatgoku4


    Month ago

    Yuri great review. Good catch regarding the driving position for tall people👍

  • Perry Golston

    Perry Golston

    Month ago

    x6 looks miles better than x5 its just the back of the x6 thats horrendus

  • IamYourGod 76

    IamYourGod 76

    Month ago

    Looks like a Safari Prius

  • greenfash
    greenfash3 days ago

    I don't understand why these guys film sport cars and SUV in the snow, I don't understand instead of talking about how the 160, 000 SUV preform they are stuck on boxes and rewind of a radio. who listen to Sirius Radio? if you are dropping a $160,000 on a car you will be spending $20 a month on Apple Music. (Amazon music or Pandora) guys do better now since you know better.

  • CJ austin
    CJ austin4 days ago

    woah woah, the x6 looks way better than the x5😭

  • Cater mc donald
    Cater mc donald8 days ago

    coupe SUVs are the best looking vehicles today especially the Urus

  • Janexz I.
    Janexz I.9 days ago

    It looks like bad version of previuos generation. Aliexpress downgrade edition

  • Amine Rebel
    Amine Rebel10 days ago

    X6 looks better :)

  • Alosina Lealaitafea
    Alosina Lealaitafea12 days ago

    Not everyone would say X5 looks better

  • Abhay Ankit
    Abhay Ankit13 days ago

    i like x6 more than x5

  • mi1kman4321
    mi1kman432113 days ago

    honestly X6 looks better. I guess I'm sloppy like dat

  • Emerson Correia De Azevedo
    Emerson Correia De Azevedo15 days ago

    X6M it's my dream car, but I admit that the rear is weird as fuck

  • Rafay Nadeem
    Rafay Nadeem16 days ago

    what’s up with the back end 🤢

  • Ianmundo
    Ianmundo17 days ago

    I see these on the roads occasionally, they’re always, always driven by total douchenozzles

  • Adrian Vega
    Adrian Vega17 days ago

    We just got ours and we absolutely love it amazing car

  • bmw king
    bmw king17 days ago

    Teth bmw is faster than a lamborghin urus

  • Razor Sharp
    Razor Sharp18 days ago

    sorry guys, X6m looks way better! But I'll still hit the 'like'

  • Just Me
    Just Me19 days ago

    What exactly are people carrying that causes reviewers to complain so much about the trunk space? It's still bigger than a full size sedan trunk which people don't complain about.

  • tevo sutton
    tevo sutton21 day ago

    I would think U’d look dumber in the X5( super soccer mom car) than the X6 😎

  • Denis Johnson
    Denis Johnson22 days ago

    “I think we all can agree that the X5 looks better than the X6...” *me: “Objection, your honor!”*

  • TheBlackDawn R3
    TheBlackDawn R324 days ago

    X6m looks better for sure.

  • Almer Reyhan
    Almer Reyhan24 days ago

    Nah the X6M looks great

  • Mei li Li
    Mei li Li24 days ago


  • Janghoon Sun
    Janghoon Sun25 days ago

    I am not part of normal people 😔

  • Stephen sloper
    Stephen sloper26 days ago

    How could you possibly like the look of the 5 vs the 6? I completely agree that a sloped roof on an SUV is completely useless other than looks, BUT the bodylines are SOOOOOOO much nicer

  • SwineDude
    SwineDude26 days ago

    the video quality is brilliant!!!

  • Shahin Carsila
    Shahin Carsila26 days ago

    What do you said the X5 is better looking than in x6 you really lost your mind

  • Anthony D
    Anthony D26 days ago

    I can’t whistle either.

  • Some One
    Some OneMonth ago

    Of course look of X6M is better sexier than X5M.

  • Tre916
    Tre916Month ago

    You people who care about satellite radio... Why!? It sounds bad, like HD radio sounds better. And there are SO many solutions for keeping a music library on your phone if you don't have good data coverage for streaming, and rewinding tracks isn't dependent on your car's infotainment! I just don't see the appeal ESPECIALLY if you're not listening for new music.

  • Earl Mcqueen
    Earl McqueenMonth ago

    I was going to get the m8 comp but I think I’m just get the m6x comp instead I seen it in real life it’s dope looking inside

  • Sharyan Alzandani
    Sharyan AlzandaniMonth ago

    Id rather pick a GLE63s over BMW all dayyyy.

  • noomy 663
    noomy 663Month ago

    I assume this architecture ruins the sophisticated and robust characteristics that BMW has while being in favor of its chromed-out black.

    FROSTY FAMMonth ago

    Plz review the gle 53 or 63 coupe or normal that would be coolool

  • Sean Thomas
    Sean ThomasMonth ago

    X6M looks so much better you're crazy

  • iZraelite


    Month ago

    I thought they were being sarcastic at first... The X6 is probably less practical with that sloping back but looks way better. There are a gazillion X5 looking SUVs on the road today.

  • gav com
    gav comMonth ago

    how the hell have these things even become popular? BMW was way fucking lucky, or smart, to come out with the x6 way before anyone else did

  • baylorish
    baylorishMonth ago

    I really like the car but the rear design is kinda ugly in my opinion. Great review as always guys!

  • بنف سجي
    بنف سجيMonth ago

    I Don't like SUVs but the coupe ones reminds me of 4 door coupes thats why i like them

  • KingTheProtogen
    KingTheProtogenMonth ago

    it looks like its trying to be a crossover and a sedan at the same time

  • Alaberti
    AlabertiMonth ago

    Wide body kit and some offroad tires and you have the most overtuned production rally car you'd never spend the money on

  • 1347d3x
    1347d3xMonth ago


  • Ameen Khalid
    Ameen KhalidMonth ago

    I hate to say but i think all these suv coupes are stupid cuz theyre more expensive than their proper suv siblings and less practical and uglier

  • DaDonFather
    DaDonFatherMonth ago

    Seeing how the Audi Q8 looks so much cooler than the Q7, BMW must have really pissed off their design team to make not one, but TWO SUV coupes (X4 and X6) that are just so, SO incredibly hideous looking.

  • G0ddEity
    G0ddEityMonth ago

    How does this drive compared to the Lamborghini urus?

  • FirsfName Lastname
    FirsfName LastnameMonth ago

    Gosh I am totally new in this channel and I completely forgot to subscribe, thank you for remembering me lol

  • Prashant
    PrashantMonth ago

    USD 127000

  • Summit Racing
    Summit RacingMonth ago

    We dig the Summit Racing box!

  • TheStraightPipes


    Month ago

    Can't wait to reveal all the goodies inside them! 😍

  • Wreckless Boostin
    Wreckless BoostinMonth ago

    I will take the x5m but rather the x6m. I don’t know why people don’t like it. How do I sign up for winning the x6m?

  • Keno 95
    Keno 95Month ago

    I love the x6 and the Mercedes version with the slope also lol

  • Ferrari F80
    Ferrari F80Month ago

    X6 M competition is CRAZY and loud because 617 HP

  • George Veltchev
    George VeltchevMonth ago

    if you define a bull shark beautiful , then you may call this x6 ugly

  • Kyparn
    KyparnMonth ago

    The rear makes me wanna puke tbh

  • chuckhpnwx
    chuckhpnwxMonth ago

    No thanks. I don't care how much power it has.

    BORIN VLOGSMonth ago

    This is a tank. 🖤

  • Nikita Gostev
    Nikita GostevMonth ago

    X6 looks better than X6 if you not from NA

  • dscharlesworth1
    dscharlesworth1Month ago

    That slow mo drift is pretty cool.

  • Asake Mlityalwa
    Asake MlityalwaMonth ago

    this has to be the best intro yet

  • Noah Winson

    Noah Winson

    Month ago

    Exactly what I was thinking!

  • James Bray
    James BrayMonth ago

    Re: the seats. I think it's also a function of knowing who's buying their cars. No one who genuinely wants a low-down driving experience buys a jacked-up SUV; rather, people who want the better forward visibility and don't care about the diminished driving dynamics will buy an SUV and gladly sit up high. So I'm inclined to agree that it's a function of accommodating v tall drivers.

  • Aiden Merritt
    Aiden MerrittMonth ago


  • Aslan Zhenetl
    Aslan ZhenetlMonth ago

    I have an x6m and had a few BMWs before it and the x6 as well as other have this issue where sometimes the steering wheel won’t move all the way up or down if it’s extended out all the way. It can stay like this for a while until you move it around and it ‘finds’ it’s way again. Pretty sure you are having this issue. Because bmw in my experience have the most adjustable steering wheel columns of all cars.

  • Gumnaam Aadmi
    Gumnaam AadmiMonth ago

    What a rocket sled. Rich people have such a good life.

  • W J
    W JMonth ago

    I hate the paint looks like a dirty black car even clean and most who buy these cars lease!!!

  • Anton Martynenko
    Anton MartynenkoMonth ago

    Hey guys, I love your vids! Jakub, could you please check next time that your safety belt is not twisted? You are driving very fast, and I'm concerned about your safety and safety of your viewers who might just copy that.

  • Mohamed Mouh
    Mohamed MouhMonth ago

    i don't agree with you guys, i like the x6 much more

  • ahmed abdulhameed
    ahmed abdulhameedMonth ago

    It's MX6 not X6M

  • CeeK
    CeeKMonth ago

    yall crazy. x6 looks so much better than the x5 imo.

  • Drew
    DrewMonth ago

    X6M > X5M to me

  • askavee
    askaveeMonth ago

    True fact: All BMW grilles are cool

  • Jason C
    Jason CMonth ago

    Yo that intro song is sick!

  • Bálint Kordováner
    Bálint KordovánerMonth ago

    Must be in the top5 for the most disgusting looking SUVs of all time. Nobody would buy this who has just a tiny bit of good taste and common sense.

  • bossman4771
    bossman4771Month ago

    It’s a good thing beauty is in the eye of the beholder as i happen to love the look of the X6M over the X5M..... Which is why I bought one......

  • David O Rodriguez
    David O RodriguezMonth ago

    Is this the last review you guys will do together?

  • joey cohensaban
    joey cohensabanMonth ago

    Would take the x6 over any other coupe any day

  • Benoit Murray
    Benoit MurrayMonth ago

    Almost all German cars steerings don't go low enough! American cars, in general, have steerings going lower...

  • CrimeWav
    CrimeWavMonth ago

    Completely wrong: most people DO NOT like the x5m more. There is a complete disconnect between car reviewers and regular consumers: reviewers LOVE the old body style and HATE the sloped body. Complete opposite for consumers. Do you guys get together and just decide on a certain positions? Its the same for wagon sedans. Most people find wagon sedans old fashioned like your mom's station wagon. But reviewers absolutely LOVE them lol.

  • Sam Khan
    Sam KhanMonth ago

    What is that ? Either be a SUV or a sedan or a hatchback , don't be this piece of shit....

  • ZooDar Official
    ZooDar OfficialMonth ago

    I know how to do the finger snap, since I was a kid, still do it

  • Nathaniel Luberth
    Nathaniel LuberthMonth ago

    You should test the polestar 2

  • IamYourGod 76
    IamYourGod 76Month ago

    Safari Prius

  • Lazy Fingers
    Lazy FingersMonth ago

    you're trippin this thing is sexy af

  • Tito Cris
    Tito CrisMonth ago


  • CapnT
    CapnTMonth ago

    That subscriber clearly had John Krasinski do a voice over for him

  • CapnT
    CapnTMonth ago

    To support Jacob, the GLC63 Coupe has less trunk space than my C63S Coupe had. Completely useless to have an ugly coupe-style SUV.

  • Cho Jinn
    Cho JinnMonth ago

    Great car. If you dislike it, you are wrong and a bad person.

  • Genes Gene
    Genes GeneMonth ago

    My dream car and i will surely buy it in God's perfect time.

  • Kevin Chan
    Kevin ChanMonth ago

    When BMW isn't fucking with the front grille they are creating the most ugliest rear end.

  • TuvingtonD
    TuvingtonDMonth ago

    What a depressing video. Maybe just hibernate until the summer, lads.

  • Prodigy Fumar
    Prodigy FumarMonth ago

    Yeah beames are nice and fast however they can’t make a car for shit without having their valve covers leaking 30k+ miles.....

  • Kyle Bishop
    Kyle BishopMonth ago

    I love the way the X6M looks. The X5M looks too normal to me lol

  • Mr G
    Mr GMonth ago

    Surprised this hideous thing has lasted this long. Maybe Acura should bring back the ZDX

  • Chris Pelletier
    Chris PelletierMonth ago

    I would rather have the red 2nd Gen Dodge in the parking lot than that pig of a BMW.

  • Sin Kang
    Sin KangMonth ago

    dont they come with summer tires?? is it safe to drive in winter with summer tires?? any recommendations for 4 seasons tires for this coupe??

  • Andy M
    Andy MMonth ago

    What’s the song in the beginning?

  • 38tech
    38techMonth ago

    Why people trying to flex on us poors. Lol

  • 有时真忍不住笑
    有时真忍不住笑Month ago

    A SUV with high centre of gravity should not be any performance car.

  • mrFoxYou1
    mrFoxYou1Month ago


  • lumberjack bob
    lumberjack bobMonth ago

    13:45, I can't snap my fingers either :(

  • Leroy Brown
    Leroy BrownMonth ago

    Even "tall tall" people won't buy this butt-ugly SUV, except Sergei from Supercar Blondie.

  • Lee Bolden
    Lee BoldenMonth ago


  • Real Trillquez
    Real TrillquezMonth ago

    The rear is atrocious, BMW could’ve done better 😐❕Besides that amazing vehicle 😍

  • --
    --Month ago

    So it’s a trustafarian mobile for trusta’s without a dog?

  • Ben Y
    Ben YMonth ago

    Jakub is causally flexing his GMT master II🤣