VERSATILE! 2021 Toyota Camry XSE Hybrid Review

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2021 Toyota Camry XSE Hybrid review by The Straight Pipes. The Toyota Camry Hybrid is pumping out 176hp 163lb ft tq from the 2.5L 4 cylinder gas engine plus 118hp 149lb ft tq from the battery powered motor. Sitting at $37,390 CAD, would this be your pick over the Honda Accord Hybrid, Hyundai Sonata Hybrid?
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  • TheStraightPipes
    TheStraightPipesMonth ago

    Watch our Sonata Hybrid with a solar panel roof

  • Nikil George

    Nikil George

    Month ago

    @Emile Deschamps ⁰⁰

  • Muhammad Salim

    Muhammad Salim

    Month ago

    Can you guys do wrx cvt

  • Abul Hasan Kapraywala

    Abul Hasan Kapraywala

    Month ago

    review Mercedes Benz SL65 AMG Black series



    Month ago

    Can u guys inform everyone about the !! RPM ACT !!

  • Tuberculosis_victim


    Month ago

    People used to track their cars, but in 2021 your car tracks *you*

  • alvace 19
    alvace 19Hour ago

    childish your face 🖕🏼your shirt looks more childish.

  • PirateShipProductions
    PirateShipProductions2 days ago

    Drove one for 700 miles for a work trip and it was fantastic tbh. Probably going to get one. The cvt actually works super well I’m pleased.

  • Reddylion
    Reddylion3 days ago

    Hyundai sonata for win...

  • Diego Flores
    Diego Flores3 days ago

    Yeah, im pretty sure you are still being tracked. The only people on earth not being tracked are in north korea and cuba. Makes you think how free we really are in the west, at least we are told we are free while our movements are being tracked.

  • Dave Ellis
    Dave Ellis6 days ago

    Shot horizontally:)

  • Birk Thunold
    Birk Thunold9 days ago


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  • Jack Stoutburn
    Jack Stoutburn21 day ago

    Thanks I HATE IT

  • Martin Smith
    Martin Smith27 days ago

    This is officially the definitive review of the XSE Hybrid. Alex on Autos did an introductory review about 6 months ago, promised to follow up, and never did. Same thing for Redline. Nice job guys.

  • Emma Dimike
    Emma DimikeMonth ago

    Mpg? It's a hybrid!

  • Brian Garcia
    Brian GarciaMonth ago

    Is this faster than a 2019 Camry XSE V6 and a 2019 Honda Accord 2.0T Sport? Which vehicle would you recommend for the long term. Thanks.

  • Nabil Adam
    Nabil AdamMonth ago

    What a smooth transition 👌🏾 at 2:21

  • AJ
    AJMonth ago

    As always, nice review!

  • Al Shariff
    Al ShariffMonth ago

    Around the 8 min mark you mention that this is first hybrid car you have driven where you don't feel punished for driving a hybrid. Infiniti had a Q50 hybrid from 2014 to 2018 which put out 360hp and was actually quicker then their non hybrid version.

  • Heretik pear
    Heretik pearMonth ago

    6:15 nice boots

  • Irfan
    IrfanMonth ago

    seems like lazy review , Breaks are actually Electronic , and this toyota hybrids are fun to drive , these cars are faster then normal sedans ..

  • skorpyo33
    skorpyo33Month ago

    Sign me up w black interior. That left gauge tho is corny ah. Lincoln does it way better then this.

  • Eric
    EricMonth ago

    Awesome video! Glad you mentioned how it drives compared to the TRD trim! Glad it seems snappy & good at turning!

  • 123abc
    123abcMonth ago

    The camry hybrid should be able to go faster than 24mph in EV mode, I can go 85mph in the BMW 330e in electric mode. toyota needs to get it together, making reliable cars with crappy gas mileage isn't worth the tradeoff.

  • Spare me the Dramatics
    Spare me the DramaticsMonth ago

    “Reddier” lol u mean redder

  • Mo Akashi
    Mo AkashiMonth ago

    Accord Hybrid when?

  • Sly Nomad
    Sly NomadMonth ago

    I can't believe they compared a hybrid to a trd v6 totally different class and on top of that they think it's better. Credibility lost. They are hating hard on the trd. It has a substantial more power and more driver focused. Stupid comparison

  • Dj must Tv
    Dj must TvMonth ago

    4:00 I felt that! Lmao 😂😂😂

  • Ethan's Garage
    Ethan's GarageMonth ago

    Pretty awesome all around package! The new Camry's look awesome.

  • Amal Mkhael
    Amal MkhaelMonth ago

    This vs TRD Camry?

  • cali818 xxx
    cali818 xxxMonth ago

    i prefer the more subtle face of the xle......that predator looking xse face is kinda stressful to look at....LOL

  • Rodolfo Cervantes
    Rodolfo CervantesMonth ago

    you guys should compare the new supra and the supra mk4

  • Jay Med
    Jay MedMonth ago

    tOyOtA cAmRy

  • Viera Fichera
    Viera FicheraMonth ago

    she ra princess of power reboot 3 2021/ title into the unknown

  • 777anarchist
    777anarchistMonth ago

    Camrip hybrid?

  • maliiVVS
    maliiVVSMonth ago

    Do a Ferrari LaFerrari

  • Chomky Boi
    Chomky BoiMonth ago

    I’d stick with my camry trd 😅

  • Mark Garrett
    Mark GarrettMonth ago

    Please review the new Grand Cherokee. If possible, please compare both lengths.

  • Kaviarasan Ganesan
    Kaviarasan GanesanMonth ago

    Wondering if this enter Malaysian market..😃🤪🤔🤔

  • deeptaksh patil
    deeptaksh patilMonth ago

    Bring Audi s7

  • De'Quad Binder
    De'Quad BinderMonth ago

    Toyota’s interiors age so much faster than the competition haha

  • ManateeMentality
    ManateeMentalityMonth ago

    There appears to be an eternal winter up in Canada.

  • darklyte24
    darklyte24Month ago

    I test drove one, almost bought one. I didnt like the screen, non folding mirrors and buttons. Little too much plastic, I like the mpg, styling though. Currently in a 16 Opima sx turbo with a darker shade of red leather.

  • Daanyaal Khan
    Daanyaal KhanMonth ago

    Announce Lucid Motors

  • mephisto1025
    mephisto1025Month ago

    Damn Toyota you’ve successfully made me hate CVT even more .

  • J H

    J H

    Month ago

    Toyota is ECVT. I drove a 2013 Prius 170,000 miles and it was totally trouble free.

  • Khalid Khas
    Khalid KhasMonth ago

    Any CVT gear very Hard to trust CVT gears have very Bad History

  • Vince Dea
    Vince DeaMonth ago

    Can you guys do a review on the rav4 hybrid XSE?

  • Richard Lococo

    Richard Lococo

    Month ago

    And other CUV Hybrids too please!!

  • Tyler Martin
    Tyler MartinMonth ago

    Car looks good. Just can't get behind these electric cars..

  • Farid MK
    Farid MKMonth ago

    The new Camry is the sexiest non luxury car on the road. Whoever designed it, has broken a 30 year tradition of ugly camrys and added the much needed flair to the most reliable car on the road.

  • Arun999
    Arun999Month ago

    Did I read that right. 208 HP? 176 HP from gas engine and 118 and from battery. Should give them 294 horsepower. Not 208.

  • dirtbike rider
    dirtbike riderMonth ago

    @thestraight pipes rpm act aftermarket performance parts like cams or turbo chargers could become illegal look up rpm act please help you could make a big difference if you love the car community and wanna keep fast cars around help out by putting the message out there

  • Tyler Fink
    Tyler FinkMonth ago

    Can you please review a Nissan armada

  • Alex LaJeunesse
    Alex LaJeunesseMonth ago

    The Camry Hybrid is one of the best hybrids out there, and like you said it’s not like a punishment because it’s not slow. It’s the same drivetrain as the RAV4 Hybrid. And if you get the LE trim it will get over 50MPG. Why bother with a Prius?

  • Alex LaJeunesse
    Alex LaJeunesseMonth ago

    I would love if you guys would explain that, especially for Toyota and Honda, “eCVT” doesn’t actually mean a CVT. The engine drives a generator that drives an electric motor that is connected to a planetary gear set that drives the wheels. There’s no belt or pulley so it drives more like a direct drive EV. They just use “e-CVT” as a marketing term and it confuses people.

  • I'm the greatest Ever
    I'm the greatest EverMonth ago

    Guys, pleasee review the Honda Civic Si Coupe/Sedan. Would love to see that.

  • Jason Law
    Jason LawMonth ago

    Did a double take when I saw you guys on CBC Marketplace last night.

  • justen ramirez Lackey
    justen ramirez LackeyMonth ago

    This model should have Cooled Seats and Toyota should’ve put the Electric motor in the back axle like the Rav-4

  • Grayson McLester
    Grayson McLesterMonth ago

    I think that the sparkle In the fash trim would be annoying I would mistake it for dust or grime all the time

  • Quý Trung
    Quý TrungMonth ago

    It’s alright

  • Dann0343
    Dann0343Month ago

    the transition between the red and grey camry os kind of insane

  • KhOpHaE
    KhOpHaEMonth ago

    Reviewers: Camry is so slow on slower cars Reviewers: I don't care about speed.

  • Kabir Dhingra
    Kabir DhingraMonth ago

    Please review the 2021 BMW 5 Series.

  • Danny Rivas
    Danny RivasMonth ago

    How is trd version looks child's they look exactly the same but one has a small wing on it

  • falcon64z8
    falcon64z8Month ago

    What the Crocs?!?

  • Not The weeknd • 25 years ago
    Not The weeknd • 25 years agoMonth ago

    Toyota will make the most boring, yet most reliable cars ever.

  • Marco Bruno
    Marco BrunoMonth ago

    176+118=205 Ah! Math!

  • Christian Ramos
    Christian RamosMonth ago

    Review a Boss 302

  • ZDriver1996
    ZDriver1996Month ago

    you can hear the CVT right at the beginning when accelerating . I'll choose the worse mpg and go for the auto. Drove a 2020 Rav4 XLE through 4 states this december. It was nice, and the CVT was livable. But the lane keep assist was scary, felt like it tried to kill me by driving me into a semi or 2.. so I stopped using it.

  • Bry Pom
    Bry PomMonth ago

    we need an awd camry with the hybrid system from the new venza and highlander or a real trd plug in hybrid from the rav 4 prime !

  • PutOnAFlannel
    PutOnAFlannelMonth ago

    I will never buy a CVT no matter how good it is.

  • MoutainMan3000
    MoutainMan3000Month ago

    "Perfect refresh rate or whatever". Umm... Rebound rate? Oh Yuri. LoL

  • David McCarthy
    David McCarthyMonth ago

    This generation looks great. To bad Toyota can't let go of gasoline.

  • Cristian Smochina
    Cristian SmochinaMonth ago

    The paddles are for engine braking when going downhill, not for simulating a piece of shit manual transmission.

  • Superfastjellyfish
    SuperfastjellyfishMonth ago

    Honestly Toyota is killing it with the hybrids they are quicker then their standers models for the most part and still give you good mpg

  • Robert Beatz
    Robert BeatzMonth ago

    Would you say it’s more comfortable then the new accords?

  • Isaac Han
    Isaac HanMonth ago

    Never owned a Toyota, will never own one in the future. I just don't like their design.

  • Nick Fugitt
    Nick FugittMonth ago

    Try the Accord Hybrid

  • •Manhart•
    •Manhart•Month ago

    Daily use car

  • Konrad Hittner
    Konrad HittnerMonth ago

    I love my 2020 Camry Hybrid LE. Comfortable, fairly quick, roomy, and 46mpg in late winter weather. With Michigan potholes, I specifically chose to go with the LE trim for its 16” wheels and 65 aspect ratio tires.

  • Oregon preparedness
    Oregon preparednessMonth ago


  • Dylan Chitwood
    Dylan ChitwoodMonth ago

    Really loving the new Camry's. I have a 2020 Nightshade and it is awesome. I would have loved to go to the XSE to get the red leather, but didn't work out in the budget at the time.

  • AppleProGamer
    AppleProGamerMonth ago

    Im surprised you called this comfortable since I have tried the basic LE hybrid for a drive test and it was so stiff that made me change my mind about considering this car. I think the XSE has better seats.

  • jsponson
    jsponsonMonth ago

    You guys should review the Accord hybrid. It's faster than the 1.5T and the Camry hybrid. BTW having a PHEV is not about having to plug-in (you don't); it's about having the option to plug in. With more energy and more power from the electrical system, the engine doesn't need to rev as much when you do hard accelerations, and you'll get less droning.

  • Ian W
    Ian WMonth ago

    Toyota please put the RAV4 Prime battery and drivetrain in this car! All Wheel Drive + plug-in hybrid and I’d buy one tomorrow.

  • George C
    George CMonth ago

    I wanna see a Nissan Kicks REVEIW!!

    ROMANS10VERSE9AND10Month ago

    For all that’s wondering this car is rated at 46 mpg city and highway. I just bought this exact model and have about 400 miles on it and according to the display I’m getting around 44 mpg. (Normal mixed driving)

  • godfatherNYC
    godfatherNYCMonth ago

    I love that you can get excited about a car like this. This car is a grand slam for what it's _intended to be._ It's NOT a Porsche 911, it's a daily driver that looks awesome, will basically never break down, can actually be a little bit fun, and gets insane MPG.

  • Dylan Dattilo
    Dylan DattiloMonth ago

    308 hp you silly geese. nice math

  • Aleesha Arora
    Aleesha AroraMonth ago

    Try hybrid accord

  • Cannon Nikolson
    Cannon NikolsonMonth ago

    how does 176 hp + 118hp = 208 hp??????can someone explain this 2 me?

  • Kevin Ruiz-Contreras
    Kevin Ruiz-ContrerasMonth ago

    pretty sure geo location is turned on in the camery for security reasons; you get lost, stolen car, road assistance, emergency assistance. but hey, hope your tin foil hats doesn’t fall of your heads as you’re stepping out your new camera XSE hybrid, idiots.

  • Toni Khoury
    Toni KhouryMonth ago

    6:15 MY EYES

  • Tu Papi 69
    Tu Papi 69Month ago

    I have a 2020 Camry Se and this is going to be my next upgrade

  • Filterdissman
    FilterdissmanMonth ago

    Did... did I just see him wearing crocks? With white high socks? Driving in the snow?

  • Nicholas Giovanni Giannantonio
    Nicholas Giovanni GiannantonioMonth ago

    I like Toyota's. They're reliable little cars.

  • Myk Hailo
    Myk HailoMonth ago

    XSE might be a bit too much for a Beck Taxi?

  • Kev G
    Kev GMonth ago

    I test drove a camry awd and really wanted to love it even if I didn't necessarily need the awd, but I loved the way it handled and it had the necessary amount of power, but I couldn't get comfortable in the interior no matter how hard I tried. The interior is just way to overdesigned. No matter the trim the infotainment design impacts leg room in the front and I would constantly be hitting hard plastic and then the seats where just not that comfortable. My 2000 camry had a wonderful interior that made it just lovely to drive for 21 years. I would not say the same for this car personally, but different cars different people I guess!


    Ecvt it’s a power split no belts better power distribution in all ranges better mpg becouse None parasitic losses simpler yet complex, but from Toyota way better ,,, good Review thankz like it I ll get me one some day😩😂

  • Parker K
    Parker KMonth ago

    Cammo crocks with socks and jeans tucked. 🤣

  • Ryan T
    Ryan TMonth ago

    Crocks with socks....... I have lost all respect for you.

  • TM
    TMMonth ago

    6:14. LMAO

  • TM
    TMMonth ago

    118 from electric? Not bad

  • Ed S.
    Ed S.Month ago

    I started watching but checked out after I saw the horrible infotainment screen.

  • Ali yahyaii
    Ali yahyaiiMonth ago

    294* hp combined