UNREAL! 2021 Cadillac CT4-V Review

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2021 Cadillac CT4-V review by The Straight Pipes. The Cadillac CT4-V is pumping out 325hp and 380 lb-ft tq from a 2.7L Turbo 4 cylinder. At $57,380 CAD, would you take it over a Mercedes-AMG CLA35, A35 sedan, BMW M235i, Audi S3?
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  • TheStraightPipes
    TheStraightPipes2 months ago

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  • Brett Emig

    Brett Emig

    2 months ago

    Cadillac had taco bell bad 🤣

  • SSaini


    2 months ago

    Cant wait to see you in the CT4 Blackwing🔥

  • Gregory Perkins

    Gregory Perkins

    2 months ago

    Rear wheel is bad on steep hills in winter



    2 months ago

    Small Mistake the MERCEDES CLA45 is the most powerful with a smaller 2.0L with 382HP & S version is 421HP.

  • Stéphanε γvelines

    Stéphanε γvelines

    2 months ago

    @Damir Hodzic right it’s more a competitor for the Audi S4, BMW M340i or the upcoming C43 AMG replacement (4cyl.)

  • Trades46
    Trades462 days ago

    It is a striking car...and I have not seen a SINGLE one around the GTA. Meanwhile, the A250 hatchback, A3 sedan and even the frumpy 228i would outsell this.

  • Omega 1
    Omega 110 days ago

    I'm going to take this car as my family cars.

  • ATIPAT 1212
    ATIPAT 121211 days ago

    HOT ++++++++++++++

  • ATIPAT 1212
    ATIPAT 121211 days ago


  • w41duvernay
    w41duvernay15 days ago

    It sounds good? TO ME, THAT sounds horrible.

  • Anonymous
    Anonymous16 days ago

    It'll be scrap metal in two years. Caddy us garbage compared to the competition.

  • Ton618
    Ton61818 days ago

    Nice ride and all. I'm sure it's fun to drive. I'm a bit dissappointed by the interior. IMO, my 2020 Mazda 3 interior is just about on par with this.

  • El Fixo
    El Fixo23 days ago

    Want it sooo bad. xD But I can't afford one. :/

  • No Ma'am 979
    No Ma'am 97928 days ago

    I can’t trust anyone who says 2.7 is awesome

  • Gregory Patzelt
    Gregory PatzeltMonth ago

    Cadillac is totally underrated. I'd take one over any other performance luxury.

  • Greg Lialios
    Greg LialiosMonth ago

    The little roof lamentably own because nut densply please afore a deranged mile. aware, shrill wallaby

  • Grant Campbell
    Grant CampbellMonth ago

    Pleasssee do the blackwings

  • 1Post Daily
    1Post DailyMonth ago

    These cars are like great for a max of 5 years then second hand they trash and break down all the time at a huge cost to purchasers of if third hand after 15 years.

  • Daniel Castro
    Daniel CastroMonth ago

    I have a 2021 ct4 non v and mine has wireless android auto/car play

  • mattbod
    mattbodMonth ago

    BMW every time. If I am paying that money I want a 6 pot.

  • improbro
    improbroMonth ago

    The car is low on coolant...

  • Billy Boy
    Billy BoyMonth ago

    I wonder how long that 4 popper will last pulling that heavy vehicle around. Honestly, I think a six is better for all around reliability.

  • J C
    J CMonth ago

    So is this the bootleg version of motortrend reviews lol

  • J C

    J C

    Month ago

    @TheStraightPipes it’s probably the filming style then 🤷‍♂️

  • TheStraightPipes


    Month ago

    Motor trend doesn’t do reviews

  • myluxurylife. net
    myluxurylife. netMonth ago

    Great video,, great USplanr. Thank you. For the luxury or fashion stuff, I choose to shop at hqreps. Great quality and lowest price I have ever seen. Just grab yours now.

  • Slick Mike
    Slick MikeMonth ago

    What performance enthusiast would take this turbo 4cyl over a v8 challenger or camaro???

  • Koji Minamoto
    Koji MinamotoMonth ago

    Cadillac always has a charm. Good to see them putting out some good products.

  • M
    MMonth ago

    Anyone else catch the wrong competitor cars shown ?

  • roko roka
    roko rokaMonth ago

    you think you can drive haha

  • Carsten
    CarstenMonth ago

    5V,5V,5V !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Kash Sattar
    Kash SattarMonth ago

    "I'm Jakub" "I'm cold"

  • BlueLouBoyle
    BlueLouBoyleMonth ago

    Only americans think they can compete with the germans..!

  • Jay'sWorld!
    Jay'sWorld!Month ago

    Isn't GM going all electric by 2025??🤔

  • Russell Sleight
    Russell SleightMonth ago

    Am from US. Pronounce it "Mahz-duh". No "Maaz-duh".

  • aimhigh935
    aimhigh935Month ago

    It seems like a load of fun! Those 0-60 times (as tested, not as the car lied about!) are still very respectable for a RWD in the snow. Maybe some thicker rear tires would help plant the power better. If you don’t mind my asking, how practical would it be as a daily? Are the back seat/trunk truly useful?

  • Joseph Jr Gyabaah
    Joseph Jr GyabaahMonth ago

    What's the beat in the intro?

  • Gokul Sreekumar
    Gokul SreekumarMonth ago

    That equation at 1:37 is really useful, thank you guys : )

  • Chris Huber
    Chris HuberMonth ago

    That 2.7 4 cylinder should be in the Camaro. If the 2.0T 1LE can hit 60 in 5 seconds flat..an extra 50 hp and 85 ft lbs youd be in the low 4 second range.

  • Mustang860
    Mustang860Month ago

    Cadillac needs to offer a 2 door ! ....This is a car I would buy in Coup, not 4 doors.

  • LTK
    LTKMonth ago

    Too many modes

  • Lifted_Above
    Lifted_AboveMonth ago

    Cars these days: "We understand you have no driving skills, so let me introduce you to my plethora of modes, buttons, and controls. I will help you drive, spend 10 minutes setting me up, and I will keep you safe."

  • Jack Hansen
    Jack HansenMonth ago

    The cold address systematically slap because judge unlikely unfasten before a colorful playground. violent, mature denim

  • Nemesiz00
    Nemesiz00Month ago

    When is the CT6 coming?

  • hypershadow87
    hypershadow87Month ago

    The only thing I'll disagree on..., it definitely doesn't sound good at all. In my opinion it sounds ridiculously *HORRIBLE.* If only it could sound less like a 4-cylinder, that would be great. I'd probably still want one, but I'd change the exhaust for any other right away. Thankfully the rest of the car is still almost everything I'd want.

  • billyclub
    billyclubMonth ago

    Man I feel like I always see you guys from a distance on the gardener and 401.

  • Terry Michel
    Terry MichelMonth ago

    Great video, I’m buying the ct5-v with Super Cruise !

  • aluisious
    aluisious2 months ago

    How do you figure this competes with the M235i grand coupe and not the 340i? It's longer than the 3 series. It doesn't compete with those cars just because Cadillac says it does.

  • Jason Young
    Jason Young2 months ago

    blackwing with a row-your own kaythanksbye.

  • Emmanuel Caron
    Emmanuel Caron2 months ago

    I am in love with my CT4 Sport. It's a real head turner, I can only imagine how much more fun the V would be 👌

  • David Carroll
    David Carroll2 months ago

    9:45 “Rear wheel drive always please” - I agree!

  • Jaron Yuriy H
    Jaron Yuriy H2 months ago

    the roll out time thing is pretty stupid ngl. as you may see tesla has roll out time deducted too. just please stop

  • MrFrankrizzo5150
    MrFrankrizzo51502 months ago

    GREAT review guys!

  • Mark Keith
    Mark Keith2 months ago

    That's a 2020....

  • jorgito best
    jorgito best2 months ago

    Lol this car actually makes honda sound nice

  • JDM Originals
    JDM Originals2 months ago

    This channel just gets better... its just two buddies having fun while reviewing cars... thanks for all the content boys

  • JDM Originals

    JDM Originals

    2 months ago

    I hope to never be the competition.. lol

  • Marre
    Marre2 months ago

    Sorry but it is not a better car than the Alfa Romeo Giulia

  • Neon
    Neon2 months ago

    Wrong competitors, here’s real ones: Audi S4 BMW M340i Mercedes-Benz C43 Jesus, judge by the size not the price.

  • Andres Pina
    Andres Pina2 months ago

    Does it have NFC pairing?

  • Campbell Simpson
    Campbell Simpson2 months ago

    CTS-V: *pops 'n' crackles* Yuri: ppppphhbbbbbt

  • F L R S H
    F L R S H2 months ago

    Muscle car with 4 and 6 cylinder hahahahahahahaha hahahahahahahaha what

  • Powersproductions130
    Powersproductions1302 months ago

    “Sounds good” *fart noises 🤣🤣💀💀

  • D. Bowen
    D. Bowen2 months ago


  • nullr1
    nullr12 months ago

    Yes driving rwd in snow is doable specially with the right tire. Just because you can doesn't mean it's a good idea. If I had one car to own living in Chicago winters it would have to be AWD/FWD. With 200 lbs in the trunk and xi3 tires my Mustang struggles up steeper climbs (2%+ grades) when there is heavier snow or ice. The car just goes sideways and no amount of counter steering will bail you out when you car doesn't move forward. Heavier trucks/vans this isn't as big of an issue but on a car it is. I drove RWD for 5 years before going FWD and finally AWD. I haven't looked back it's not even close. Predictability around corners and ability to take off in slush/snow/ice is just much better in FWD/AWD. Traction loss much more forgiving as well. It's good to learn just in case but it's the most compromised layout in snow.

  • Real Trillquez
    Real Trillquez2 months ago


  • Brutus Undercroft
    Brutus Undercroft2 months ago

    Cadillac design just always bugs me. So much effort in stylizing the front. And it just gets more and more disappointing looking as you get to the back. It's like they're conceding that you'll always be seeing them in your rear view mirror.

  • SocksInAHat
    SocksInAHat2 months ago


  • Mark Sloan
    Mark Sloan2 months ago

    Cadillac are just ugly to me, inside and outside. Great engineering though.

  • Will Davidson
    Will Davidson2 months ago

    I’d take an Audi s3 over this

  • RS3Mike


    Month ago

    yea I have had s3 and now rs3, way better looking and performing cars than this boat

  • Enrique Ortiz
    Enrique Ortiz2 months ago

    I can't watch your videos any more... my Honda Fit doesn't come with launch control and it's driving me nuts...

  • Kyle Robinson
    Kyle Robinson2 months ago

    That exhaust sounds terrible. Cadillac has good exterior styling, but the interior is cheap

  • Rodney Hinkle Jr.
    Rodney Hinkle Jr.2 months ago

    This was the worst you all have been as far as pushing merch. I understand you need to make money, but damn guys!! Also the pretentiousness you two had made me turn the video off. How far you two haven fallen.

  • Anand Singh
    Anand Singh2 months ago

    Can you name the audio that was used at the intro?

  • Meat Packing Industry Worker
    Meat Packing Industry Worker2 months ago

    Gauge cluster is from 2006

  • EndlessDrive
    EndlessDrive2 months ago

    Cadillac is such a sleeper of a company...they make almost nothing notable for years all of a sudden they throw an entire new line of really cool vehicles

  • Rob Gatling
    Rob Gatling2 months ago

    this car is awesome!! you get so much more car for the $ than with the German rivals, you Canadian guys are great, keep up the good work (RG from TX)

  • James Last
    James Last2 months ago

    Sorry, I will stick to a CTS-V with a V8.

  • Anthony Sciabarrasi
    Anthony Sciabarrasi2 months ago

    it sounds like a lawnmower lol

  • Larry Eckerdt
    Larry Eckerdt2 months ago

    I love you guys, but your reviews would be 6 minutes each if you had to pay for the tires you waste!

  • TheStraightPipes


    2 months ago

    Zero tire was wasted in this video...

  • Mike H
    Mike H2 months ago

    Is it the same motor and spec as the 4 cylinder Camarillo?

  • Aml Serioja
    Aml Serioja2 months ago

    Why do i like and watch all of theese clips?

  • Jon B.
    Jon B.2 months ago

    Too bad it has such an outdated looking interior

  • Kilroy was Here
    Kilroy was Here2 months ago

    20:05 anyone have a link to this wallpaper

  • beefblockers
    beefblockers2 months ago

    new shirt is dope

  • rujimary soto
    rujimary soto2 months ago

    Better than the V version

  • محمد سالم
    محمد سالم2 months ago

    KKKKKKKK 😂😂11:44

  • Henry Schecker
    Henry Schecker2 months ago

    CT4 is the best looking Cadillac right now and the sad thing is it looks like a 2014 Mercedes-Benz. The CTS and ATS looked so much better AND they were faster too.

  • Benny Ang
    Benny Ang2 months ago

    4:34 toggling the complicated different driving modes

  • Roy Ward
    Roy Ward2 months ago

    D segment drop-out. Still outgunned by less powerful vehicles with AWD. Should we be impressed that it's competing in a segment below its originally intended? It's like trying to be impressed that a 5th grader left back in the 4th grade is outperforming classmates. Pffft!!!

  • Fat_Cat
    Fat_Cat2 months ago

    0:52 Idk, kinda given me tractor vibes

  • RL Perri
    RL Perri2 months ago

    Everything about the red stiching and badge reminds me of my Hyundai GT N-line.

  • Mickael Synnott
    Mickael Synnott2 months ago

    sound is too loud

  • Ian MacDonald
    Ian MacDonald2 months ago

    please, somebody buy the manual ct5v blackwing so that I can afford it in 10 years

  • TheTechGuru
    TheTechGuru2 months ago

    Car farts hysterically, “It sounds great...” Huh?

  • 38tech
    38tech2 months ago

    Uh......so where does that put the g70?

    EISA ALDHAHERI2 months ago

    Amazing face but very ugly rear

  • Dhruv Aggarwal
    Dhruv Aggarwal2 months ago

    it doesnt take much to tell you to floor it eh? lmaooo

  • Carlos Catari
    Carlos Catari2 months ago


  • 90's dre
    90's dre2 months ago

    When that Acura S type drops it’s done da da. 🤝👋🏾

  • RS3Mike


    Month ago

    yea that car will blow many cars away price/performance wise

  • Jalemakila
    Jalemakila2 months ago

    the rear looks weird, not sharp at all

  • Oghyeah Oo
    Oghyeah Oo2 months ago

    Its fast, sounds good.. 1:01 Spoiler alert: The car farts!

  • Dr Doom
    Dr Doom2 months ago

    Shart mode🏁🏁

  • Kevin Gorder
    Kevin Gorder2 months ago

    Wouldn’t this be more of a S4, M340 comparison? Seems a lot bigger than the subcompacts.

  • Harish Bommarapu
    Harish Bommarapu2 months ago

    You guys have to get the new Lexus IS500

  • Big Dik
    Big Dik2 months ago

    cool rolex bro

  • Patrick Garcia
    Patrick Garcia2 months ago

    Does holding down the track backwards button on screen perhaps rewind satellite radio? I have a Hyundai and the dealer told me repeatedly you can't rewind satellite radio on the head unit for my car, but I held it down and lo and behold it rewinds.