PERFECTED! 2022 VW Golf R In-Depth Review

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2022 VW Golf R In Depth Review by The Straight Pipes. The Volkswagen Golf R is pumping out 315hp and 310 lb-ft tq from a 2L Turbo 4 cylinder. Would you take it over a Mercedes-AMG A35, Honda Civic Type R, Subaru WRX STI, Hyundai Veloster N?
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  • TheStraightPipes
    TheStraightPipes2 months ago

    Shout out @benny_leuchter for being so cool and giving us an in depth look at the upcoming Golf R!

  • Jaxson Bridger

    Jaxson Bridger

    18 days ago

    @Kyson Cyrus Trying it out right now. Seems promising :)

  • Kyson Cyrus

    Kyson Cyrus

    18 days ago

    i dont know if anyone gives a damn but in less than 15 minutes I hacked my friends Instagram password using Instaportal. Find it on google :)

  • Jose Santin

    Jose Santin

    Month ago

    Benny was awesome! You should have him on more often. He really knows his stuff.

  • Stephen Wagstaffe

    Stephen Wagstaffe

    Month ago

    OK, @benny_leuchter. Thanks!

  • Casey


    2 months ago

    Should've put his Instagram link in the description

  • J D
    J D22 hours ago

    Amazing. That man is awesome.

  • Nate White
    Nate WhiteDay ago

    I think I commented at the time, but I have to say this might be one of my favorite reviews you've done. It's a car I'm interested in, there's plenty of gratuitous driving stupidity there in the snow, it looks and sounds great, the driver rocks, and you guys played off each other so well. Killer pandemic-limited review. Kudos to vw as well for hooking that up. I want an R based on this alone.

  • MassReport
    MassReport2 days ago

    Can't wait to upgrade to this from a GTI 2017.

  • Ishak Memiguven
    Ishak Memiguven3 days ago

    28 great minutes of Benny dives into the straight pipes community. But next time, WE WANT BOX TEST!

  • Syed Ali Ahmad
    Syed Ali Ahmad6 days ago


  • Flash Sushi
    Flash Sushi6 days ago

    And yet some people laugh at me when I tell them torque vectoring differential is not only for enhancing performance but also improves safety especially when travelling in varying coefficient of friction but only when there is power sent to the wheels.

    LEROY9 days ago

    This was the best car review I've seen good work

  • Rodrigo De Macedo
    Rodrigo De Macedo10 days ago

    The world needs more people like Benny!

  • Edgar Henrique
    Edgar Henrique11 days ago

    Golf R 2022 pra mim o melhor... carro a minha vontade é de eu ter um carro desse .Para Deus nada é impossível . Lucas 1:37 Eu creio ... Glória à Deus ✌✌✌

  • Brandon Lim
    Brandon Lim13 days ago

    This video was top notch! Benny is such a cool chap! A lot more entertaining that I expected it to be! Kudos guys!

  • JMM
    JMM13 days ago

    Hey Straight Pipes, please give us a review of Volkswagen's semi-autonomous TRAVEL ASSIST feature and how it stacks up! Thanks!

  • canava2009
    canava200914 days ago

    great explanation by benny about the nurburgring mode

  • Ethan Talucod
    Ethan Talucod14 days ago

    18:01-18:10 my favorite part of this whole review

  • Dun
    Dun14 days ago

    Volkswagen must double this guy's pay. he really goes beyond for the brand.

  • Dun
    Dun14 days ago

    imagine that is someone's job.. i am jealous, in a good way.

  • Kris F
    Kris F16 days ago

    I tried to wait for this to come to the US but they kept pushing it back so I bought another car a couple weeks ago when I heard that it may not even come out til next year in the states. 2 other friends were in the same boat and they purchased a different car this year as well. VW is screwing themselves by pushing the release in the US back. Been waiting for almost 2 years for it to come here and it just keep getting delayed. how is it that it's been out in Europe since the end of last year but they can't bring it here?

  • Chris Carson
    Chris Carson17 days ago

    This is now in my top 5 USplan videos. That guy was like sure, that’s it? Lol. Do a barrel roll while drifting, change the climate, and drink coffee. And he would have been like “come on guys, give me something hard.” Lol

  • ahat
    ahat18 days ago

    Hire Benny for more reviews.

  • Chris Powers
    Chris Powers19 days ago

    This guy is a legend, made me want to buy a golf r when I had intentions to

  • Baludo
    Baludo20 days ago

    A yo get this man a raise cuz he doin waaay more then he should ✊🥺😅

  • Anthony Strunk
    Anthony Strunk20 days ago

    Ahh ok I want one of these

  • Baludo
    Baludo21 day ago

    Wait so starting price will be around $50,000 🤔🥺

  • Dan Butler
    Dan Butler22 days ago

    U guys made my day,,,,,waiting for my next car

  • Treize Elements
    Treize Elements23 days ago

    The seats in these cars look amazing; I can only imagine how well they hold you in place when you're destroying parking lots

  • Jimmy Mac
    Jimmy Mac24 days ago

    "$70,000? Ya, ya... but dit haz ze zunroof and ze 19" wheels." Yeah, well it better come with a pound of coke in the hatch too.

  • Nick Colaris
    Nick Colaris24 days ago

    Great video! Had Benny as an instructor at a VW Racing course once, great fun!

  • David Kelley
    David Kelley25 days ago

    This car is really cool. And really cool review. Really cool guy. If I was in the market for a hot hatch with a good amount of money to buy brand new I would heavily consider buying this.

  • @RealJay
    @RealJay26 days ago

    Bruh, I can't believe a 2.0L 4 cylinder is putting out that kind of HP and torque! That's more than the V8's of just a couple decades ago. Pretty sick, now if we could just get the engines to sound as good!?

  • jani h
    jani h26 days ago

    What an amazingly nice dude, big props to Benny Leuchter!

  • Joe Rasmussen
    Joe Rasmussen28 days ago

    I was holding off on watching cause I didn't want to hate my Mk7.5 GTI, I shouldn't have watched this...

  • Jose Santin
    Jose SantinMonth ago

    That FPV drone footage was on point!

  • WeeemRCB
    WeeemRCBMonth ago

    I thought this was going to be lame, but it quickly became one of the best reviews of a car I've seen. VW accidentally gave us what we want. We're in it to dive, so they gave us a proper driver that's as enthusiastic about every bit of the machines than we are. This plus the hosts throwing him random questions and tasks .... top stuff lads :) Right up there with Chris Harris reviewing a car with and chatting directly to the engineers or test drivers (e.g. his Maclaren P1 or 911 GT2 RS MR videos)

  • Tom Ranum
    Tom RanumMonth ago

    Awesome car and over the top cool video! Great work!

  • Branislav Nedeljkovic
    Branislav NedeljkovicMonth ago

    Sidnzi und draive

  • Samer Rasheed Mohammed
    Samer Rasheed MohammedMonth ago

    It is a nice car indeed but the price bump this year is really a no no, paying around 60k $ is too much for this car, many other alternatives are there

  • mfmf100
    mfmf100Month ago

    I love the car and the test but even loaded idk about 70k. That’s pretty deep into c8 territory. 718s. STIs with lots of change. It looks great though. We’ll see.

  • Bigstroke
    BigstrokeMonth ago

    Do these guys try to act like Beavus & Butthead? @benny_leuchter was great!

  • Antonio Garcia
    Antonio GarciaMonth ago

    Is there going to be a manual version?

  • AJ
    AJMonth ago

    Austria is so beautiful, been there twice 🇦🇹

  • John Gaudet
    John GaudetMonth ago

    That was SO AWESOME!!! I'm seriously considering a VW now. Maybe even spring up 70K for the R.

  • mack7277
    mack7277Month ago

    “...couple a laps in a Suzuki Swift.” 🚗 Haha!

  • vwbora26
    vwbora26Month ago

    I'm pretty sure the Golf R we gona get in Canada and US will not have Nurburgring mode nor Akrapovic exhaust.

  • DeadSOL 89
    DeadSOL 89Month ago

    Wow. This guy was amazing. I love how VW did everything. Mad props.

  • BrandonDog5K
    BrandonDog5KMonth ago

    I was so close to clicking off at the start. Benny was a great sport, I would have felt guilty with some of those requests, but the mad lad aced everything. Surprisingly great vid. Holy shit @ the price tho.

  • bigbufobufo
    bigbufobufoMonth ago

    Yo he was serious about autographing the visor and mailing it to you guys. My man.

  • TheStraightPipes


    Month ago

    Hadn’t shown up yet

  • Mohammed El-nasieh
    Mohammed El-nasiehMonth ago

    The guy really knows what he's talking about

  • Ethan W
    Ethan WMonth ago

    The coffee they had for the coffee cup test was so fancy

  • Sachin Sukhu
    Sachin SukhuMonth ago

    Great vid!🔥

  • duncanpill
    duncanpillMonth ago

    Well done VW this is brilliant

  • DrSeckzytime
    DrSeckzytimeMonth ago

    They better watch the pricing of this thing. Going past $45k (with DSG/Lapis Blue paint) on this will be a trouble to sell over here in the states for sure.

  • noomy 663
    noomy 663Month ago

    What seems fresh to my eyes even if it's been a decade since I first knew about this car.

  • derukun
    derukunMonth ago

    Wow this dude was freakin' fantastic.

  • Kanye North
    Kanye NorthMonth ago

    The MK4 R32 was the BEST R32!.

  • Francox Xavier
    Francox XavierMonth ago

    I hope VW lets you drive this in good weather whenever that happens! I think VW rip you off in not letting you drive it. lol

  • Brandon Cavazos
    Brandon CavazosMonth ago

    i just watched a video of these guys watching a video enjoyed it nonetheless

  • Mario DiNicuolo
    Mario DiNicuoloMonth ago


  • Keith Marcus
    Keith MarcusMonth ago

    I'm disappointed they guy didn't say 'we're going for a drive'

    Iliass ENAFI EL METNIMonth ago

    When you make a car review via FaceTime better than the people that where their live lol

  • Koji Minamoto
    Koji MinamotoMonth ago

    I love you guys but really didn't enjoy this one.

  • Benoit Blanc

    Benoit Blanc

    Month ago

    @Koji Minamoto, I know what you mean. It's not a review if the people are paid by the manufacturer.

  • TheStraightPipes


    Month ago

    Ah damn, everyone else in the comments loved it

  • Anton Roux
    Anton RouxMonth ago

    Get this guy to review all the car brands and models that don’t make it to North America - would make the channel more global. He clearly likes you guys and your channel!

  • Steve Gachko
    Steve GachkoMonth ago

    I heard no Akrapovic exhaust for North America!?!? Can anyone confirm?

  • Juan Pablo Rivera
    Juan Pablo RiveraMonth ago

    Can't wait to get this baby.

  • MatP111 -
    MatP111 -Month ago

    I must be honest, I really expected this episode to be cringe. It took me completely by surprise instead. This is the best episode I've yet watched on your channel. You need to get Benny to be a regular guest host, please. 🙏

  • Bindlestiff Games
    Bindlestiff GamesMonth ago

    Fantastic video. As others have said, a virtual tour / interview has to be a snore-fest, right? Absolutely not. The format totally worked, largely down to the fact that Benny was an absolute legend. Nothing was too much trouble, super knowledgeable, and he explained everything REALLY well. He brought life and passion to what could have been quite a dull session. You guys have earned another subscriber from this, cracking stuff.

  • J Pollock
    J PollockMonth ago

    "we need to remove the visor to send in the mail" ...that guy is a national treasure.

  • Max_O
    Max_OMonth ago

    That dude was a trooper! Awesome review.

  • Maximus Prometheus
    Maximus PrometheusMonth ago

    Holy plastic Batman! No amount of fake excitement will make anyone buy grandma's ugly MK8 Golf R. Ugly design, overpriced, plastic everywhere, and underperforms compared to the price to performance against it's competition..Pass! NEXT!

  • Tom Wang
    Tom WangMonth ago

    fantastic video with a fantastic presenter, keep them coming please

  • Trevon Whitfield
    Trevon WhitfieldMonth ago

    9:48 sounds like minecraft "oof oof"

  • Haba 02
    Haba 02Month ago

    Bring back the R32.. This is Ricer material ( long time Vw fan)

  • Kyle Ting
    Kyle TingMonth ago

    Yo this dude is awesome!

  • Charles Eballa
    Charles EballaMonth ago

    Golf R 👌👍😲😗😘

  • MixagiTrya
    MixagiTryaMonth ago

    I love Benny now. He's an amazing guy.

  • Yuheng Wang
    Yuheng WangMonth ago

    Now this is a interesting format.

  • play150
    play150Month ago

    this was actually such a cool video

  • Michel Armando Salas Maldonado
    Michel Armando Salas MaldonadoMonth ago

    If this guy had a youtube channel it should be called The Straighter Pipes he was awesome presenting

  • Matthew Callaway
    Matthew CallawayMonth ago

    This was a great video. I think the exhaust sounds awesome, and the rims looked really good; not as good as the quadrifoglio rims or exhaust, but very good and better than most cars you’ve reviewed in the last couple years.

  • Penn King
    Penn KingMonth ago

    Guys, this was so much fun!

  • E G
    E GMonth ago

    Would you rather drive this or the m240i awd?

  • Darren Neal
    Darren NealMonth ago


  • Peter Rats
    Peter RatsMonth ago

    Amazing video...anyone watching you have to stick with this and watch the whole video, one of the all-time best on the SP channel and for a virtual interview no less. No way did I ever expect you to get Pro Driver Benny to do these stunts with such enthusiasm and with a smile.

  • Farhan Chowdhury
    Farhan ChowdhuryMonth ago

    Any car can drift in the snow. Why does VW use this as a showcase? I can drift a Miata on a dry pavement. That's more fun.

  • 7489
    7489Month ago

    So no seperate button for esc off?

  • Jimmy James
    Jimmy JamesMonth ago

    holy f*ck with these modes! just call it death mode. put it in death mode and go ! life is too short for eco mode for f*ck sakes !

  • Mutello
    MutelloMonth ago

    Super guys!!!!

  • Ben Lastname
    Ben LastnameMonth ago

    Best possible restricted access video

    TWR CREWMonth ago

    it would be so hilarious if the USA spec model had instead of that cup holder - holding device - a large hole the size of a waste bin for the big gulp or for some american reason they didn't give us the armrest or the wing. USA likes to mess up imports.

  • 1997 BMW 3er
    1997 BMW 3erMonth ago

    I think the headlights and the front facia of this look pretty good. Much better than the M4.

  • Lifted_Above
    Lifted_AboveMonth ago

    Bring the Arteon Shooting Brake to the USA. Pronto. And give it a 6spd manual. Put the RS5 2.9 V6 turbo in it. Looking forward to the new Golf R. I hear a 6spd manual option will be available for the USA. I don't need all the fancy trimmings and Akrapovic exhaust. I could buy a Shelby Mustang for the same price.

  • anamnesis
    anamnesisMonth ago

    Distracted Boyfriend Meme: This video -> Me -> my aging Mk5 GTI. 🤣

  • Bertrand Wong
    Bertrand WongMonth ago

    Does anyone know if the manual Mark 8 Golf R has 1/ Rev matching when down shift and 2/ hill start assist? Thanks

  • Jordan Scally
    Jordan ScallyMonth ago

    So they've taken the MK7 Clubsport spoiler and slapped it on the new R, great design idea!

  • Yogi's Garage
    Yogi's GarageMonth ago

    Your music selection is the same as the theme to Legit Street Cars.

  • Jason Kelley
    Jason KelleyMonth ago

    That was fun.

  • Paul Simon
    Paul SimonMonth ago

    I want to purchase a Golf R just because of Benny. On the other hand, close to 60 k€ for a hatchback is steep. How the hell central banks can claim we have no inflation is beyond me.

  • Paul Simon
    Paul SimonMonth ago

    Get Benny to join the StraightPipes team!

  • Zipity’s Garage
    Zipity’s GarageMonth ago

    this was the coolest test video i have ever seen!! Well done guys!!

  • Lutfi Rahman
    Lutfi RahmanMonth ago

    This guy is awesome , love his enthusiasm

  • Mark K
    Mark KMonth ago

    you guys are ridiculous lol but fun remote review nevertheless. well done