LUXURIOUS! 2021 Ford F-150 Platinum EcoBoost Review

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    TheStraightPipesMonth ago

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  • Terrance Bodhi

    Terrance Bodhi

    15 days ago

    @Danyell Nachman trying it out right now. Looks promising.

  • Danyell Nachman

    Danyell Nachman

    17 days ago

    not sure if anyone gives a damn but I just hacked my friends Instagram account using Instaportal. Find it on google :)

  • cockyhemi


    26 days ago

    What the hell are kids? I thought kids were baby goats. Don’t you mean your children?

  • sardaliuma1


    28 days ago

    @Yuri Tereshyn Please, please, please put a small text with conversion to metric for your European subscribers. Made me Google how much is 14000 lbs

  • ratbag98


    28 days ago

    Put an apostrophe in there to show that college will be a worthwhile destination for our money.

  • WITP7
    WITP72 days ago

    Can you guys please review cheaper trim levels like the XL, STX, XLT and Lariat?

  • TJ
    TJ2 days ago

    Last gen looked more aggressive, this new one looks more like its made for my grandpa

  • xxxkahunaxxx
    xxxkahunaxxx3 days ago

    what color is this?

  • xxxkahunaxxx
    xxxkahunaxxx5 days ago

    Can you tell me what color this is?

  • Dinh Bui
    Dinh Bui7 days ago

    Intro music?

  • FaZe Biden46
    FaZe Biden4610 days ago

    It makes no sense that the limited is a higher version than the platinum.

  • Tony Meng
    Tony Meng11 days ago

    Fun fact: the engine noise is fake

  • Harawanagangsta
    Harawanagangsta14 days ago

    $100K for a truck that will be worth 20K in 7 years

  • Kerwin S. Pena
    Kerwin S. Pena14 days ago

    You don’t need to plug in your iPhone via USB on 2021 F150 because it has Ford Sync 4 which is now wireless Apple CarPlay as opposed to last years model which was Sync 3.

  • Kurt
    Kurt16 days ago

    You should review the Hyundai Santa Cruz next!

    KALLUM MCDEVITT20 days ago

    Nice f 150

  • wang ruizhi
    wang ruizhi21 day ago

    Two Watches On one hand?

  • Mayank Kakkar
    Mayank Kakkar22 days ago

    What’s a cleeshay corner

  • Christian Mercado
    Christian Mercado22 days ago

    Great video love it.... review a 2021 or 2022 f450 please...

  • Andrew Shortt
    Andrew Shortt23 days ago

    I heard these new F-150's are rusting out?

  • TL
    TL24 days ago

    You are welcome ;))) hope y’all will like the Raptor version in person later this year. Awesome content as always!

  • Alex Anderson
    Alex Anderson24 days ago

    Nice gold G-Shock Jakub! Giving the Pepsi a break? I like how you rocked 2 on one wrist!

  • David Porter
    David Porter25 days ago

    Unfortunately the Platinum trim F-150 interior looks like a Ram and AT-4 had a child. I like the Limited looks a lot better.

  • Pedro Angelo
    Pedro Angelo25 days ago

    Fun fact Renault already does that headlight design Yuri draw on the video. Megane, clio, capture they all have the full C LED

  • Matthew Eliot
    Matthew Eliot25 days ago

    Oro-Medonte is looking good around now

  • Robert Theiss
    Robert Theiss25 days ago

    Looking to get a 2021 platinum as my new daily driver this year, but debating vs. Raptor to full flex awesomeness. I drive an old Sonata and have been saving for 16 years. My only worry if I go Raptor is less comfort long distance driving and the extra wideness doing daily city driving. Wife would also be driving it alot. Any opinions appreciated!

  • Tobias Birmingham
    Tobias Birmingham25 days ago

    What are we talking $85k? Wow - who can afford that - for a truck?

  • Charles Eballa
    Charles Eballa25 days ago


  • Paul Ho
    Paul Ho25 days ago

    Would that fit my dog?

  • ต๋อง ออเลน
    ต๋อง ออเลน26 days ago

    ยากได้ขายที่ Thia land

  • Edmund Ocansey
    Edmund Ocansey26 days ago

    This truck is beautiful! Period.

  • Lkf Sm
    Lkf Sm26 days ago

    I love the tail gatee!!! V6 or V8 do u prefer?

  • Rejaul Rezvi
    Rejaul Rezvi26 days ago

    5:07 what’s the point to having two watches ⏰ 😂😂

  • Evan Neiswanger
    Evan Neiswanger26 days ago

    Did anyone else get a Ford “Zone Lighting” advertisement literally as they were talking about it?

  • Quinlan
    Quinlan26 days ago

    The Burnouts are improving!!

  • cockyhemi
    cockyhemi26 days ago

    You can’t close a tailgate by yourself? No men anymore. Get the hell outta here.

  • AJ Thomas
    AJ Thomas26 days ago

    14000 pound is used to tow a speed boat or 4 ATV's or caravan. Help a truck with load out of mud etc.

  • Fabyan M
    Fabyan M26 days ago

    Why tf u had 2 watches on

    GARDEN_GNOMES26 days ago

    6:42 city slicking truck, reference to the OG straight pipes review?

  • S Am
    S Am26 days ago

    His hair looks better messy

  • judd liliha
    judd liliha26 days ago

    Our ford dealers are morons..... it is ashamed.

  • Isaac Valdez
    Isaac Valdez26 days ago

    Not sure if someone said this but…. There is reas camera delay to keep the rear camera on after you put in on drive and won’t turn off until you pull away 10 feet or so…

  • Glen Milligan
    Glen Milligan27 days ago

    I believe the 5 1/2' bed is available on the Platinum Supercrew.

  • Powdermonkey99
    Powdermonkey9927 days ago

    Sweet Watches!!!

  • Jason Higgins
    Jason Higgins27 days ago

    How do yall feel about this touch screen/dash layout vs the rams layout?

  • RafaKm10
    RafaKm1027 days ago

    7:49 Heheheehe

  • Shawn Johnson
    Shawn Johnson27 days ago

    Lol look at the massive body roll hate the outside looks like a basic's still doesn't compare to a limited Ram cheap plastics still you're killing me ford!

  • Adil Sagadiyev

    Adil Sagadiyev

    26 days ago

    Technically this compares to a limited longhorn but ya it’s not even close to ram

  • Theguywhomadetheuniverseandshit
    Theguywhomadetheuniverseandshit27 days ago

    This truck is probably the same price as my house! I’ll take 2

  • jgr
    jgr27 days ago

    2:16 this is why I will never own a Ford again. For what you spend, almost nothing has rustproofing unlike a GTI that costs 1/2 as much as a high spec F150.

  • auto brother nation
    auto brother nation27 days ago

    The straight poops 😂😂😜😅😅✌️✌️ ford F 150 platinum ✌️✌️👍👍💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖

  • Dale Miller
    Dale Miller27 days ago

    Love the G-Shock Collab! Don’t have insta, but it’s great y’all are getting them as a sponsor, love their watches, especially that GMWB5000GD-9, J!

  • noomy 663
    noomy 66327 days ago

    It sounds like a dream that the vehicle is likely to meet two features that are opposite; the much-needed efficiency and capability for speed.

  • Jack Reeves
    Jack Reeves27 days ago

    14000 lbs is enough to tow a trailer with 2 f150s on it 😂

  • Howard
    Howard27 days ago

    It will be nice if it had a V8. I'll have to say no to a v6 engine

  • Ryan McCarthy

    Ryan McCarthy

    27 days ago

    it does, thats the base engine for the platinum.

  • Junior Gonzalez
    Junior Gonzalez27 days ago

    If buying a truck today which one would you guys pick?

  • Aaron McConkey
    Aaron McConkey27 days ago


  • David Fernandez
    David Fernandez27 days ago

    Straight Poops!? Please make a tshirt!

  • Stefon Johnson
    Stefon Johnson27 days ago

    Wish it was a v8, but still a nice truck

  • Luke Henning
    Luke Henning27 days ago

    You can make the camera stay on by changing camera delay setting inside the main screen

  • TheStraightPipes


    27 days ago

    Next time I’ll try!!

  • Luke Henning

    Luke Henning

    27 days ago

    side comment, every ford has the camera delay as a setting

  • IKhan
    IKhan27 days ago

    Honestly I would buy one of those The Straight Poops onesies if it were in adult size :)

  • SJP
    SJP27 days ago

    I'm curious, have these guys ever given a car a bad review?

  • TheStraightPipes


    27 days ago

    Watch our acura tlx review. Chr vs hrv. Those had a bunch of things we didn’t like.

  • Hugh Mungus
    Hugh Mungus27 days ago

    i knew yuri was a blink fan

  • Jason Garza
    Jason Garza28 days ago

    Is it worth upgrading to this from a 2015 F150 Platinum? And my truck has all the little upgrades within the trim .. and it only has 53k miles

  • TheAutomotiveMan
    TheAutomotiveMan28 days ago

    It drives me nuts that this truck has an antenna

  • J W
    J W28 days ago

    I like the redundant watches.

  • Non-Certified G2A User
    Non-Certified G2A User28 days ago

    Jakob’s car is a f i e s t a

  • SnitchMoJo
    SnitchMoJo28 days ago

    Wait, is there no V8 option in ANY Trim level?

  • Frank Tremblay
    Frank Tremblay28 days ago

    Great video guys, Love the Straight Poops onesies.

  • RON H
    RON H28 days ago

    Satellite radio

  • Francis McCorey
    Francis McCorey28 days ago

    straight poops

  • Ivan Quinones
    Ivan Quinones28 days ago

    FORD glitches? Umpossible!

  • mxc2007
    mxc200728 days ago

    At 9:03 you say "the Super Crew with the 6.5' bed", that is incorrect, it would be the 5.5' bed.

  • Steven Alcantara
    Steven Alcantara28 days ago

    The only F-truck in Philippines and we only have this trim for now. A land where we are used to 16 km/l. 😂

  • The Nut
    The Nut28 days ago

    I def think you should make adult sizes of the "The Straight Poops” onesies. Have a contest for subscribers who send in selfies wearing them!

  • Jay&Tay
    Jay&Tay28 days ago

    Bro, no discount code for gshock? Disappointed

  • Sahif Hossain
    Sahif Hossain28 days ago

    can you guys do a dodge viper 2017?

  • Jerome p
    Jerome p28 days ago

    I like the limited one the most

  • haze1123
    haze112328 days ago

    Great review. Awesome truck. One slam: I cannot stand the digital gauges with the huge, gigantic MPH and RPM digits. That just looks ridiculous.

  • DoublePostedBroski
    DoublePostedBroski28 days ago


  • TheCrazyGear
    TheCrazyGear28 days ago

    All I've heard is the Eco boost is a big problem they say just go with the 5 liter

  • Andrew Doolittle

    Andrew Doolittle

    25 days ago

    My understanding is that the 5.0 V8 has been a disaster and is to be avoided. Should be quite the throwdown between the always far best but now soon to be new Toyota Tundra and the ongoing bestselling vehicle forever nightmare Ford F150. I think the World will be waiting for the BEV F150 big time.

  • Ramon
    Ramon28 days ago

    Why is yuri wearing two watches

  • Kyle Adolph
    Kyle Adolph28 days ago

    Pulls step out... Doesn’t use step lol Love your reviews guys!:)

  • Jé Hogue
    Jé Hogue28 days ago

    5:08 dual g-shock flex How did you get the ga2100?

  • EARth Avenue
    EARth Avenue28 days ago

    Big fun of your channel guys. Love your videos, as a Chinese car guy, I started loving cars and enjoy viewing all car videos from you guys. If you would like to watch some Chinese guy in Canada mini episodes, always welcome to come to my channel. Have fun😁

  • Erdem Menges
    Erdem Menges28 days ago

    That onesie makes me want to make babies LOL You should hang it in the middle backseat in all reviews - like a cute subliminal watermark, urging us fans to buy merch :)

  • Charlie
    Charlie28 days ago

    11:33 There is a camera delay in the vehicle settings so camera stays on for a few seconds after you shift out of reverse.

  • SequoiaStone
    SequoiaStone28 days ago

    Only Americans can describe a 400hp V6 pickup truck as eco lol

  • Charlie
    Charlie28 days ago

    9:03 This is a 5’5 bed

  • L G
    L G28 days ago

    These guys sure have a bug up their asses about rewinding satellite radio!

  • Imran Abbasi
    Imran Abbasi28 days ago


  • Nickw
    Nickw28 days ago

    Are they sponsored by Sirius or something? Spotify makes satellite radio absolutely obsolete, not sure why they make it such a big deal in every review. Is rewinding satellite radio really that much of a deal breaker?

  • tommypickles35
    tommypickles3528 days ago

    i drive a 2020 king ranch. That is the best trim they make

  • tommypickles35


    28 days ago

    theres a setting to delay the rearview cam from turning off once you shift out of rev. It will stay on until you reach 5mph

  • Stanislav Pavlov
    Stanislav Pavlov28 days ago

    I would actually buy this No joke, I have a hard time choosing a car/truck so yeah, this is pretty nice

  • Wes Bortolon
    Wes Bortolon28 days ago

    Awesome vid guys. Love seeing SW Ontario repped

  • youtube dude
    youtube dude28 days ago

    I can't wait to drive this thing to my office job

  • Isaac Alonzo
    Isaac Alonzo28 days ago

    Zone lighting sure it's a nice feature.

  • Chris Lee
    Chris Lee28 days ago

    I was wondering what was up with those two watches on one hand😂

  • DIMI ツ
    DIMI ツ28 days ago

    Jakub doesnt like dababy confirmed

  • Tyler
    Tyler28 days ago

    Google lady - "Would you like to reply?" Jakob - "NNOOOOO!" I feel that emotion in your voice man is it annoying when she doesn't know how to understand.

  • Tyler


    28 days ago

    Also more watch content. Jakub should do a video!

  • Micah N
    Micah N28 days ago

    $68,000?! I guess I will stick with my $1,200 hoopty....

  • Gangsta
    Gangsta28 days ago

    What’s up with these casio watches man ? I’m seeing them everywhere

  • Alexander McGlothlin
    Alexander McGlothlin28 days ago

    Can we get some "The Straight Poops" dog collars/dog poop bag holders????

  • Cinemattic blyden
    Cinemattic blyden28 days ago

    Is that raptor footage peter McKinnons?

  • Enrique Sandoval
    Enrique Sandoval28 days ago

    I need you guys to test drive the Hoonicorn.