Lexus IS 350 AWD F Sport Launch #shorts

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#shorts 2021 Lexus IS350 F Sport Laucnch by The Straight Pipes. The Lexus IS 350 is pumping out 311hp and 280 lb-ft tq from a 3.5L V6. Sitting at $58,000 CAD, would this be your pick over the Mercedes-AMG C43, BMW M340i, Audi S4, Genesis G70, Kia Stinger GT?
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    N30N SUPRA YTMonth ago

    Lexus Sexus

  • Phuk In-Yomam
    Phuk In-YomamMonth ago

    when the camera car can catch up with the lead car that's how you know its slow

  • Jecorian Grande
    Jecorian GrandeMonth ago

    I’m getting my is 350 f sport I’m speaking it into existence ✨✨✨✨✨✨

  • Jecorian Grande
    Jecorian GrandeMonth ago


  • Romeo ThePLUG
    Romeo ThePLUGMonth ago

    That suspension looks🔥🔥🔥😍😍😍

  • TheBonzomatic
    TheBonzomatic2 months ago

    My stock 2014 Audi S5 is still more powerful and quicker.

  • Rakhsi Prayogo
    Rakhsi Prayogo2 months ago

    Lexus is Competes on Toyota Camry TRD,BMW 3 Series, Audi A4, Mercedes C Class,Kia Stinger, Tesla model 3

  • Gerardo Guerra
    Gerardo Guerra2 months ago

    while on drive you should be able to hold either paddle shifter and it turns into manual mode while driving

  • Michael Alvear
    Michael Alvear2 months ago

    Is it just me, or is there something weird about its stance? 🤔

  • Lum Lum
    Lum Lum2 months ago

    Looks like a Mazda from the back lol

  • I am Legit subbing to everyone who subs to Me
    I am Legit subbing to everyone who subs to Me2 months ago

    0:13 sounds nice

  • Dannycashmoney
    Dannycashmoney2 months ago

    Cool cool

  • Chris Nehme
    Chris Nehme2 months ago

    Classic 2GR engine. Never seems to get old.... for Toyota that is

  • taurussho86
    taurussho862 months ago

    311hp and 280tq? Doesn't that seem kinda low for a sport Lexus?

  • Saif Al

    Saif Al

    2 months ago

    @Yousef Al-A'ssaf يوسف العسّاف Alas, North America only.

  • Yousef Al-A'ssaf يوسف العسّاف

    Yousef Al-A'ssaf يوسف العسّاف

    2 months ago

    Then the IS500 should satisfy you

  • Piotr Downar
    Piotr Downar2 months ago

    So when y’all gonna review the is500?

  • X O
    X O2 months ago

    Revs like a auto STI

  • reyoasian
    reyoasian2 months ago

    Model Y soon... pretty please??

  • C J
    C J2 months ago

    HELLCAT NEXT.... if the camera car can keep up 😢

  • Andy Trieu
    Andy Trieu2 months ago

    No EV, no sales

  • Jeremy R
    Jeremy R2 months ago


  • Chava Yang
    Chava Yang2 months ago

    You can shift faster in a manual..



    Month ago

    If you mean a DCT/Sequential Manual your correct, stick shift not so much

  • bloop


    Month ago

    U need a race clutch for dat tho. Well, do u mean the paddle shifter manual or the stick shift manual????

  • Scutu
    Scutu2 months ago

    I can't even watch this in full-screen without having two huge black squares on each side of the video... Or you want me to tun my laptop/monitor sideways to be able to consume your content?... Dislike for not being capable of doing a video in the right way..

  • TheStraightPipes


    2 months ago

    This is a short. It’s meant to be viewed on mobile. It’s a nee thing on USplan we’re trying to edit for

  • Krzysztof Korzeniewski
    Krzysztof Korzeniewski2 months ago

    Unfortunately, as ugly as Honda...

  • G W
    G W2 months ago

    The Yugo used for filming was cruising alongside waiting for it to catch up 😂🤣😂

  • Random Stuff
    Random Stuff2 months ago


  • Adventures in Video
    Adventures in Video2 months ago

    What camera car is that?? That’s a fast Honda Element

  • trbdann2
    trbdann22 months ago

    basically my 2007 infiniti lol

  • Corkoth55


    2 months ago

    Yeah, just like it.

  • NickBestN
    NickBestN2 months ago

    Sounds like a Leaf Blower but it looks good

  • Michael Noah
    Michael Noah2 months ago

    That naturally aspirated V6 sounds SO MUCH better compared to the turbo 4s in some competitors

  • Yousef Al-A'ssaf يوسف العسّاف

    Yousef Al-A'ssaf يوسف العسّاف

    Month ago

    @A Seeber 13.5-13.9

  • A Seeber

    A Seeber

    2 months ago

    Except my turbo 4 runs a 12.4 without any hardware mods. What does this run?

  • Yousef Al-A'ssaf يوسف العسّاف

    Yousef Al-A'ssaf يوسف العسّاف

    2 months ago

    @Ryan Brown Say hello to the IS500...

  • Ryan Brown

    Ryan Brown

    2 months ago

    Yep. Unfortunately, it's too weak to be considered seriously. 340i, S4/S5, C43 etc. all smoke this car. Even a fuckin stinger. Needed more HP to be considered by enthusiasts.

  • Steve Givelas
    Steve Givelas2 months ago

    Same 3.5 litre they have used since 2007

  • Steve Givelas

    Steve Givelas

    Month ago

    They getting left behind

  • rabib choudhury

    rabib choudhury

    2 months ago

    If it ain't broke don't fix it

  • Urbano Padilla

    Urbano Padilla

    2 months ago

    You mean 2006?

  • Escape_Raz
    Escape_Raz2 months ago

    Vacuum cleaner sound and needs at least 40-50 more hp and tq.. looks beautiful though

  • Wilson Guerrero

    Wilson Guerrero

    2 months ago

    We got it :)

  • Malik Mlanzi
    Malik Mlanzi2 months ago

    you accidently put Lexus "is" 350 awd f sport

  • Patrick Soon
    Patrick Soon2 months ago

    Yay for 5 more horsepower than 2012's model. Progress!

  • jamarfuslaclarkus
    jamarfuslaclarkus2 months ago

    Honda Element must’ve gotten some upgrades for that tracking shot

  • VintageRKO
    VintageRKO2 months ago

    Gonna miss the sound of that 3.5 V6 😭

  • Jaspal Singh
    Jaspal Singh2 months ago

    It's the most aggressive and beautiful-looking car at the same time. I love Lexus for that reason

  • jonnyhockey
    jonnyhockey2 months ago

    Any idea when you guys are getting your hands on the K5 GT?

  • Chungus Factory
    Chungus Factory2 months ago

    The title says is instead of IS. Idk why I even care though.

  • The SupeReactor Boy
    The SupeReactor Boy2 months ago

    Hi ._.

  • Eric Hampton
    Eric Hampton2 months ago

    Dear Infiniti, it's time to step up your styling of the Q60 because you're being lapped twice by everyone. P.S. more horsepower and torque!!!

  • ABB05
    ABB052 months ago

    What camera car did you guys use to film that? I know it isn't crazy fast but it's more than average and most SUVs would probably struggle to keep up

  • S M A R

    S M A R

    2 months ago

    @Mauricio Gonzalez Nope. It's a drone, they even showed on their Instagram story.

  • Mauricio Gonzalez

    Mauricio Gonzalez

    2 months ago

    Maybe the same car since they were at the same speeds the whole time

  • ABB05


    2 months ago

    @S M A R Oh I see, thanks for that. Never expected a drone to be that stable AND quick

  • S M A R

    S M A R

    2 months ago

    They use a drone to film these launches and a Honda Element to carry equipment.

  • Kristiāns Ozoliņš
    Kristiāns Ozoliņš2 months ago

    I personally think these short videos aren't needed.

  • Kristiāns Ozoliņš

    Kristiāns Ozoliņš

    2 months ago

    @Cool stuff I was just saying my opinion

  • Cool stuff

    Cool stuff

    2 months ago

    Then you should start your own USplan channel, and make your long videos the way you like them

  • MrOneLeg Pew
    MrOneLeg Pew2 months ago

    Sigh, im just sitting here taking my Thursday morning crap and I don't have a straightpipes review to entertain me during this bowel movement... Hopefully my Friday morning crap goes better.

  • TheStraightPipes


    2 months ago

    Friday bowel movement will be 👌

  • Jim Zijlstra
    Jim Zijlstra2 months ago


  • KEX
    KEX2 months ago

    Seem too tall

  • Roasted HD
    Roasted HD2 months ago


  • Jay
    Jay2 months ago


  • leehan


    2 months ago