HOLY SHHH! 2021 Porsche Panamera Turbo S E-Hybrid Sport Turismo Review

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2021 Porsche Panamera Turbo S E-Hybrid Sport Turismo review by The Straight Pipes. The Porsche Panamera Turbo S E-Hybrid Sport Turismo is pumping out 690hp and 641 lb-ft tq from a 4L Twin Turbo V8. At $255,820 CAD, would you take it over a Mercedes-AMG E63S Wagon, Audi RS6 Avant?
Thanks to Toronto Motorsports Park: tmpcayuga
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  • TheStraightPipes
    TheStraightPipes2 months ago

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  • entrepreneur on a budget

    entrepreneur on a budget

    2 months ago

    Can yall review audi rs6

  • EKO


    2 months ago

    AMG GT73e... over 800 HP and 2.5 to 60mp/h.. soon..

  • The Wavy Gamers

    The Wavy Gamers

    2 months ago

    Jakub/Yuri do you guys get these cars for a week everytime or does the company give the car for a different time each

  • Yuvansai Pasupathy

    Yuvansai Pasupathy

    2 months ago

    Dude Can Ya Pls Do a Review On The Alpina B3? Is IT even Available in The USA?

  • Dave Hamer

    Dave Hamer

    2 months ago

    My Visor StraightPipes T-Shirt has just arrived! Love it

  • Bare Face Beauty Group
    Bare Face Beauty Group4 days ago

    Love mine 🏎💨

  • prophet DJS
    prophet DJS6 days ago

    Nice truck & you can tell it's a Porsche

  • Pete
    Pete11 days ago

    I think if you can only have 1 car, this is perfection. But if you’re fairly rich I feel like it would make more sense to get a sports coupe, and also have an SUV for practicality, instead of trying to combining the fun and practical together into 1 car.

  • clothestravel
    clothestravel18 days ago

    As a wagon enthusiast, this is one of my dream cars.

  • Emre Koşmacı
    Emre Koşmacı19 days ago

    oh my god how many panamera options are there lol

  • kw
    kw20 days ago

    god that V8 is killer sounding

  • M W
    M WMonth ago

    My Panamera turbo s is black/red color, but I really don’t think people know turbo s is expensive, they just think it’s a Panamera😢 all the same

  • رجـ,ـل مـــِْن الماس
    رجـ,ـل مـــِْن الماسMonth ago

    0:37 Frankly, I like the Porsche Panamera Turbo. 🔥😍😍🔥👍🏾

  • Six Foot Four Mike
    Six Foot Four MikeMonth ago

    That front caliper is gorgeous

  • Jonathan Chen
    Jonathan ChenMonth ago

    Drove it for a whole day months ago, the best driving experience ever.

  • Thee Baller
    Thee BallerMonth ago

    The power of a V8 with electric motors is godly 🔥

  • John H Pettigrew
    John H PettigrewMonth ago

    I think you guys need to take me on your next Porsche drive... but only if it is Green! Would it be crazy to ask you to review a couple of used Porsche's.

  • JayR
    JayRMonth ago

    The Audi looks way better imo

  • BR23
    BR23Month ago

    who actually thinks a sedan is cooler than a wagon?! that makes no sense

  • Al F
    Al FMonth ago

    Thank you for including the kw and nm figures!!

  • Caveman Dave
    Caveman DaveMonth ago

    Fuck yea man, periphery

  • NevamindU
    NevamindUMonth ago

    Sick ass wagon

  • Jack Hansen
    Jack HansenMonth ago

    The uncovered alphabet compatibly print because grip intrahepatically fail worth a deadpan harp. glib, alive rest

  • Anderson C
    Anderson CMonth ago

    WHY The 2021 Panamera Turbo S?? There's already the Mecan "SUV" line, then the Cayene (is this supposed to be Porsche's mid-size "SUV")?......Does the Panamera "SUV" have a longer wheelbase? Companies should just stop marketing their SUV's as "SUV" when clearly they are "hatchbacks" the slope the rear window so far FWD. Might as well shop for a hatch instead of a "SUV" if the rear end isn't boxy (e.g. Mercedes G-Wagon, Land Roved Defender...).. Why buy a SUV that sacrifices CUFT in the back?

  • Jerald
    JeraldMonth ago

    Did anyone hear a fart on 0:50 after the launch control? I guess that sold me on the power on this thing.

  • Wilson Castleman
    Wilson CastlemanMonth ago

    Naturally aspirated turbo s? 🤔

  • TheStraightPipes


    Month ago

    Ya I meant non hybrid. My bad -Yuri

  • Mathias Skogseth
    Mathias SkogsethMonth ago

    I think Volvo with 390hp maybe dosen't feel so much, probably because the electric system is bad. But if you try the 407hp model or 415 for the Polestar it actually feels like it. Volvo just need to improve the e-system

  • ja momfd
    ja momfdMonth ago

    The smoggy unit immuhistochemically fax because bridge provisionally stroke upon a disastrous trail. symptomatic, supreme database

  • Jack Jack
    Jack JackMonth ago

    Porsche horsepower hits different

  • Kiwi Dan
    Kiwi DanMonth ago

    If only the front looked as good as the rear.

  • Marcus Anderson
    Marcus Anderson2 months ago

    I swear they are reusing the same part for the cupholders because they have the same function same button and same action as a 2004 w12 volkswagen pheaton. And the flying spur as well. I am just being a nerd about it but it's not impressive to me that they just plopped it out of the 15 year old parts bin and gave it matching trim. I know it works excellent and will continue to work in 20 years witch I suppose is good. But I want the moon and extraterrestrial sitcoms with hookers and blackjack.

  • Marcus Anderson

    Marcus Anderson

    2 months ago

    Btw do a visor test on a w12 pheaton 🤙🙏🤞

  • PK Player
    PK Player2 months ago

    Why tf didn’t you do the box test? Even making fun of not doing it? Smh

  • nycshelbygt500
    nycshelbygt5002 months ago

    Apparently Porsche has so much (911/Macan) cash on hand they decided to develop a worthless new Taycan station wagon. It is called the Taycan Uber Cross Grand Mega Turismo E-Turbo GT 5.0 Touring. The Porsche marketing department is on a very long losing streak when it comes to naming new models product lines.

  • Charles Eballa
    Charles Eballa2 months ago

    Porsche 😍😘💕

  • D4VV
    D4VV2 months ago

    thanks to ze Germans for keeping the wagons cool!

  • Christian Ocampos
    Christian Ocampos2 months ago

    did they forget to do the Visor and Box Test?

  • Nick Dzink
    Nick Dzink2 months ago

    Yuri is flexing his Slavic roots by not wearing warm clothes like Jacob.

  • Gravel Cycling Canada
    Gravel Cycling Canada2 months ago

    Jacob, what watch are you wearing?

  • MrCanoemountain
    MrCanoemountain2 months ago

    Taycan cross turismo looks even better, and allows immediate torque.

  • The Goalie
    The Goalie2 months ago

    Why am I poor?

  • V8
    V82 months ago

    They're doubling down on ugliness and electric bs instead of making new 928…

  • John Vo
    John Vo2 months ago

    All that additional hybrid tech and power and it's still slower than an E63 S wagon according to carwow's tests. I'll keep it simpler with a V8 twin turbo from Affalterbach :) Though the RS6 Avant is indeed the best looking exterior wise.

  • manan dedhia
    manan dedhia2 months ago

    Heavy metal love... Love Misha and Periphery! Nice shout out!

  • Povilas K
    Povilas K2 months ago

    300 mile range on a full (almost) tank of gas?? :D

  • tgrigor1
    tgrigor12 months ago

    What’s the point of having a slower , more expensive Hybrid Turbo S ? If you have a faster regular Turbo S? Odd... just to have a few miles on electric range ?

  • CaptainPetrolburner
    CaptainPetrolburner2 months ago

    So at 12:25 stupid piano black is no problem at $200k but a $30k car is disgraced for the same thing? Shouldn’t I be expecting covered leather or turned aluminum for $200k?

  • Def Def
    Def Def2 months ago

    The flimsy representative proportionately recognise because dedication phytochemically disarm across a flawless level. wiggly, damaged earth

  • Peter Sampson
    Peter Sampson2 months ago


  • borjastick
    borjastick2 months ago

    Five seconds in I 'liked' this video. Ten seconds in I went to the Porsche web site (new tab of course). What a car.

  • entrepreneur on a budget
    entrepreneur on a budget2 months ago

    If you wanna be able to afford this car, go subscribe to my channel

  • Boomafoo
    Boomafoo2 months ago

    Appreciate the CAD price in description!

  • The Soggy Baguette
    The Soggy Baguette2 months ago

    PDCC stands for Porsche Dynamic Chassis Control

  • Mr. C-Turner
    Mr. C-Turner2 months ago

    Best launch/rip-it facial expressions ever... hahahaha

  • Brent Ratcliffe
    Brent Ratcliffe2 months ago

    Yuri’s face at 7:59 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Ramy Fal
    Ramy Fal2 months ago

    the Guys Doing Launch controls in the snow better than Matt Watson from CARWOW on a wet surface good job guys we love ya peace from Algeria

    ALT3REDB3AST2 months ago

    Orange car. Nice. Green version. Siiiiiiiiiiick. (just needs the sicko wheels)

  • ycnexu
    ycnexu2 months ago

    nah g wagen is a better and way cooler car

  • Pete
    Pete2 months ago

    If I were fairly rich, and only wanted 1 car, I think this would be the one

  • 4K King
    4K King2 months ago

    700 horsepower!?!?

  • Talent Scout Reacts
    Talent Scout Reacts2 months ago

    I’m here for the Misha from Periphery shout out 🤘🏻

  • japchapOne
    japchapOne2 months ago

    You took it to an auto car wash? :/

  • Jack Mahoney
    Jack Mahoney2 months ago

    can you do more cheap cars, these cars are just for millionaires

  • Malik Saad Awan
    Malik Saad Awan2 months ago

    No one literally no one me liking the video before watching it.

  • Sparkplug Barrens
    Sparkplug Barrens2 months ago

    How come the non-e-hybrid is faster than this? And in what way faster? 0-60?

  • coby smith
    coby smith2 months ago


  • Jacob Nihilo
    Jacob Nihilo2 months ago

    This is the pumpkin Cinderella wishes she was picked up in...

  • Mitsos95
    Mitsos952 months ago

    Euro spec models are so much nicer

  • Crazy Lego
    Crazy Lego2 months ago

    wtf this car has like 30 million trim levels

  • acomputerengineer
    acomputerengineer2 months ago

    @TheStraightPipes I have the 2019 turbo s e hybrid sport turismo. (proof pcar_corey on ig) In my experience most adult car people with families and who commute totally get it. Most younger car people don’t at first, then they see how massive the brakes and ask if it’s fast. Then they say things like “when I have a family I want this”. I don’t know anyone else who owns this trim level but of the other sport turismo owners I do know they also have at lease 1 other Porsche if not several others. This is the perfect commuter, road tripper, and grocery getter. Lmk if anyone has questions

  • CYQ776
    CYQ7762 months ago

    "I really wanna swear but I love money" best quote yet

  • Kirk Smith
    Kirk Smith2 months ago

    The depreciation of this car is going to be astronomical.

  • Gmail Account
    Gmail Account2 months ago

    If ur wondering how they have so much energy, its cuz they are fruitarians

  • Doug Bld
    Doug Bld2 months ago

    It's not fake shifting-the Porsche e-hybrid production cars use a parallel hybrid system. The electric "machine" (as they say) is physically connected to the transmission. The shifting is true to the wheel speed.

  • Worship Da King
    Worship Da King2 months ago

    more grip than a demon

  • emilio migliozzi
    emilio migliozzi2 months ago

    I can't figure out why the hell everyone is looking at breaking speed records or takeoff records. I own a shit box worth 1000$ and I got more tickets than I can afford and the damn thing does 0 to 60 in 35 minutes. Go figure !

  • Shaunak Totade
    Shaunak Totade2 months ago

    "Naturally aspirated Turbo S"

  • J xlali
    J xlali2 months ago

    beautiful car holyyyy

  • matthew hoover
    matthew hoover2 months ago

    I didn't know they were over 200k now.

  • Aksshat Bhatia
    Aksshat Bhatia2 months ago

    You guys should review the audi s6 sedan

  • Scott
    Scott2 months ago

    $215,000 ? Naw, im good.

  • ZooDar Official
    ZooDar Official2 months ago

    Are station wagons coming back?

  • Norse Viking Æsir
    Norse Viking Æsir2 months ago

    I've been stockpiling gas v8s, turbos, diesel engines and manual transmissions. So when they stop letting people have the drivetrains they want, I'll be their saving grace. What asshats would take away the things that built the car industry? Oh that's right, liberal democrats.

  • Veritas Valebit
    Veritas Valebit2 months ago

    Made for two people. The person who buys it new and the person who buys it as a certified used car from the dealership. It will be too expensive to keep on the road after that and will quickly find its way into a junk yard when it’s mechanically totaled.

  • Kristiāns Ozoliņš

    Kristiāns Ozoliņš

    2 months ago

    That’s true of all luxury cars these days

  • KarpucMotoring
    KarpucMotoring2 months ago

    Nice editing ;)

    D1GRIZZ2 months ago

    I liked the looks of the original Panamera. This Turismo is UGLY.

  • B C
    B C2 months ago

    Request: review of the Tesla Model Y

  • Tyler MacNamara
    Tyler MacNamara2 months ago

    I have the same car, but in Nardo grey, and I think that it looks awesome. Same wheels on winter rubber too. I get a lot of compliments, and was told by a sales guy that his customer bought one after seeing mine. It is super heavy, but the electric torque makes up for that in my opinion. The green plate is key when commuting. This being said, I am more excited about my RS6 coming in velvet purple. I’m getting the RS6-R kit installed, and full power upgrade. You should definitely hit me up if you want to do a review when it arrives. I also have a Twisted Defender coming this spring. I have the LS4 Corvette engine in this, (650hp) and you are welcome to review that when it arrives too. The guys at Piaf tuning know who I am, and can get you in touch with me if you are interested. Great show, I love watching your reviews. Keep up the good work.

  • Yachtzeee
    Yachtzeee2 months ago

    That colour is a tragedy

  • jason beattie
    jason beattie2 months ago

    Would love to buy if I could afford. Love the orange colour.

  • Fardin Hossain
    Fardin Hossain2 months ago

    Please do the 2021 e53 amg

  • Ebes Gani
    Ebes Gani2 months ago

    11:29 for a second I thought he was Klaus from The Umbrella Academy

  • cba tiau
    cba tiau2 months ago

    You took a $200k car through a car wash (14:00)?!?!

  • TheTechGuru
    TheTechGuru2 months ago

    RS6 is the best looking car guys, come on... it’s not even close.

  • Ejaaz Idris
    Ejaaz Idris2 months ago

    This is very... Turismo 😝😝😝

  • Oliver Dueck
    Oliver Dueck2 months ago

    I think all North American spec Sport Turismos have the panoramic sunroof as standard.

  • Sukhparmpreet Sidhu
    Sukhparmpreet Sidhu2 months ago

    Yuri: “Naturally aspirated Turbo” lol

  • Hemlawk AKA EDK
    Hemlawk AKA EDK2 months ago

    Bitcoin millionaires get all the cool cars

  • John Montag
    John Montag2 months ago

    It costs 100k more than a Rs6.... no chance

  • Shift4g
    Shift4g2 months ago

    This will be 95k with 80k miles in 12 years lol

  • Gvs Skier
    Gvs Skier2 months ago

    Do NOT order full glass panorama Roof. When ice layer forms on roof and the rear hatch is opened the glass will shatter. Porsche has not warrantied this issue. The rear wing deployment control combined with freezing temps and hatch opening is flawed.

  • Joab Arriola
    Joab Arriola2 months ago


  • Manny Fox
    Manny Fox2 months ago

    So hyped about that shirt!

  • Vine Street
    Vine Street2 months ago

    Looks like a station wagon without the wagon space.

  • M A
    M A2 months ago

    Is the back seat spacious enough for some fisting on a first date?