GAME CHANGER! 2021 Subaru Impreza Review

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2021 Subaru Impreza Sport Tech review by The Straight Pipes. The Subaru Impreza Sport-Tech is pumping out 152hp and 145 lb-ft torque from a 2L 4 cylinder boxer engine. Sitting at $33,470 CAD, would this be your pick over the Mazda 3, Toyota Corolla, Honda Civic, Hyundai Elantra?
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  • TheStraightPipes
    TheStraightPipesMonth ago

    Is this better or cooler than the Crosstrek? Watch that video:

  • Tracy Nine

    Tracy Nine

    26 days ago

    This corners better and is approximately $3,000 USD cheaper than crosstrek, and gets better fuel economy; totally user preference.

  • Zach Reynolds

    Zach Reynolds

    Month ago

    sedan is cooler than it. this is uglier and boring

  • Aldo Felipe

    Aldo Felipe

    Month ago

    thats a good question. Very difficult to answer for me.

  • D R

    D R

    Month ago

    @TheScreenCaptain i bought a 2013 Suzuki Grand Vitara JLX-L 5 years ago for 13k with 60,000km. It has 4x4, AWD, can tow 3500lbs, and is a great offroad/overland vehicle. In Canadian winters with a 4inch lift and 235 70 17s you cant go wrong...and its made in Japan. Cant understand why anyone would buy this with other JDM available. i have 115,000km on it now and Ive done the brakes and battery once.

  • D R

    D R

    Month ago

    @Wes Coleman huh...its a light truck?

  • TinkyTheCat
    TinkyTheCat2 days ago

    Regarding EyeSight, I find it less impressive than Smart Cruise, Highway Driving Assist, etc, but the interior cameras are far more reliable for winter/spring driving. Your wipers *should* keep the windshield clear of ice, salt, mud and such, so they rarely get obstructed (based on my experience with my 2019 Legacy). That being said, even if they're still technically working, they're of limited use when the road lines aren't visible under snow, and I'd never trust any kind of cruise control (no matter how smart it claims to be) on bad roads, so whether it matters that it's still working is debatable.

  • Beau Schidt
    Beau Schidt2 days ago

    I recently bought a manual 21 Impreza sport and I love it. It’s the first new car I’ve ever owned. My last car was a 2001 forester and this car is everything that the forester wasn’t. Comfortable, sporty looking, a little bit more pep, beautiful interior. The few complaints you had about the car don’t bother me at all. I didn’t buy a wrx or sti because I know I would get in trouble in one. Lol. I love wrx’s DONT get me wrong but this car has plenty of style and seems to me a little more discreet

  • 45EAST
    45EAST4 days ago

    Funniest thing I watched all year.

  • Jake Ryan
    Jake Ryan4 days ago

    Take this with a grain of salt but I have a 2012 Impreza CVT hatch and literally nothing has gone wrong in the last 25K miles that I’ve had it for

  • Michael Savvas
    Michael Savvas6 days ago

    Damn my 2011 Impreza outback sport has 170 hp from the EJ with the 5 spd I’d rather own mine😂

  • Sherwin Alka
    Sherwin Alka6 days ago

    I believe Mazda cannot have hitches

  • Noah Mayer
    Noah Mayer7 days ago

    I wonder if it would be faster if it didn't simulate gears?

  • Zvonimir
    Zvonimir7 days ago

    We want a turbo charged impreza

  • Cichlid_Visuals
    Cichlid_Visuals15 days ago

    its a fucking cardinal sin that we didnt get a WRX in this goddam body.

  • Naeem Nizami
    Naeem Nizami17 days ago

    Subashit 😂😂😂😂

  • Alen cyriac cyriac
    Alen cyriac cyriac18 days ago

    It's front looks like Vauxhall Corsa.

  • Flame Thrower
    Flame Thrower22 days ago

    Back end looks horrible

  • Juan Pérez
    Juan Pérez23 days ago

    Wow, you justified the slowness of a Subaru. You wouldn't have said the same if it were a Corolla. Why reviewers are all like this? I wouldn't buy it just because it's too slow!

  • TheStraightPipes


    20 days ago

    I didn't justify it. I said it was too slow - Jakub

  • Ty Marcinick
    Ty Marcinick26 days ago

    Please Do Subaru Impreza sport sedan review

  • eamonob84
    eamonob8426 days ago

    I just got a 2021 Impreza and I love it. Sure, it's not too fast, but it's fine for what I need it for. Can't wait to drive it in the snow next winter!

  • Kekoapono
    Kekoapono27 days ago

    Hybrids-especially Toyota hybrids-use CVTs, right? It makes sense to use CVTs for efficiency. However, not all car companies do that. At one time I owned a Volkswagen Jetta Hybrid, and VW decided to pair the electric motor with a turbo charged engine that put out a maximum combined horsepower of 170. On top of that, they used a DSG transmission! So, overall that Jetta had spritely acceleration compared to other hybrids in its class. One downside to that setup was that the car needed premium fuel to get the most out of that 170 HP. However, it had a very small fuel tank, so it didn’t require a lot of fuel at the pump and yet it comparable fuel economy numbers to other hybrids. It’s too bad the Jetta Hybrid wasn’t that popular because it was one of the more fun hybrids out there to drive. Alas, VW doesn’t make them anymore.

  • Kekoapono
    Kekoapono27 days ago

    I loved Jakub’s expression during the “launch.” 😆

  • Alvin Zor Di
    Alvin Zor Di27 days ago

    0-60mph 👎 ... 0-100kph 👍👍🚘🚔

  • kheldaryt
    kheldarytMonth ago

    lol, think the game changer is you don't need to consider this at all. why does it have to be so slow? 2002 Impreza wagon ~ 7.8 sec 0-60 2021 Impreza wagon - 10.8 sec 0-60 and sorry i'm just going to laugh if people say gas mileage or safety or it's not that bad or any other's significantly slower than the ~same~ car was 20 years ago

  • Tiffany C.
    Tiffany C.Month ago

    I have owned my 2008 Subaru Impreza for almost 12 years now. The new Impreza's are horribly gutless, which makes me sad. I don't want a WRX or STI, but would like a car with some oomph to it. I'm looking to upgrade to the Outback Wilderness edition once that releases.

  • Paul Yuen
    Paul YuenMonth ago

    I'm still waiting for a 6 speed manual option.

  • Sanghoon Lee
    Sanghoon LeeMonth ago

    Subaru is the only Japanese car brand right now whose design language isn't totally abhorrent to the eye. No ridiculous lines and creases.

  • Vladimir Vukajlovic
    Vladimir VukajlovicMonth ago

    Why there is no more manual boxes? Why???

  • Tanner Blanchard
    Tanner BlanchardMonth ago

    I love the reviews of the “regular” priced cars

  • Saablives
    SaablivesMonth ago

    The top trim is more expensive than wrx. So why this?

  • Michael Provenzano
    Michael ProvenzanoMonth ago

    I drove an Impreza today a Impreza sport with a manual transmission, what an awful experience coming out of a VW golf. The 2.0 engine can’t get out of its own way, the shifting is complete garbage and numb. The car isn’t responsive at any point, I came back from the test drive in 5min. The salesman sad your back already ? He then asked me if I liked it and I told him....”This car needs a turbo” I love the way the car looks but it’s massively underpowered and to a point it feels unrefined cam pared to my 2009 golf! You can feel all kinds of vibration in the shift knob before you shift and at idle my 09 golf i still look at the tach to see if it’s running. I wouldn’t give up my golf with 249k over over the car I drove today with was brand new !!!

  • CODE killer
    CODE killerMonth ago

    Love hearing “hooooorssse powwwer and toooorqueee”

  • Tariq Mehtab
    Tariq MehtabMonth ago

    The music at the beginning... somebody tell me the name of it..plz

  • Pro Player
    Pro PlayerMonth ago

    Levorg is so cool, where is it in NorthAmerica

  • Paul Ho
    Paul HoMonth ago

    Watching this, all I see is perfectly adequate status quo. But, it makes me want the Ioniq 5 even more, and faster.

  • JM Drives
    JM DrivesMonth ago

    10.8 Seconds? Dafuq? My 23yo shitbox Rav4 does 10secs too having only 2.0L and 100+hp (128hp bnew) since then and still is today.

  • Swingline_YT
    Swingline_YTMonth ago

    can u guys review the new subaru legacy xt please

  • Nav Singh
    Nav SinghMonth ago

    Why they never bring VW Jetta in their conversation about the compact sedans???

  • Questioner
    QuestionerMonth ago

    I don't understand all this CVT hate - I prefer manual cars, but if it's automatic anyway, why pretend like it's not? Why would someone choose to buy an automatic if they like the sound of a fixed ratio gearbox? The "simulated shifts" are actually achieved by a CVT not shifting. Why get the ultimate in automatic transmission efficiency hardware and then use software to make it worse?

  • Questioner
    QuestionerMonth ago

    That opening music sounds quite similar to the Schitts' Creek theme.

  • Yahel Pessi
    Yahel PessiMonth ago

    The click bait is strong with this one

  • Colt Brin
    Colt BrinMonth ago

    I have one. It’s my first car so compared to a bike it’s the best thing ever but I have a manual so it’s fun

  • C Hep
    C HepMonth ago

    You guys, click baiting your titles... Nothing about that car was ‘game changing’. Cmon. You’re better than that.

  • TheStraightPipes


    Month ago

    Read Yuri’s comment

    SHERVIN SMITHMonth ago


  • Ras L
    Ras LMonth ago

    Aren't the STi's based on the Subaru Levorg?

  • RiotRadioFM


    Month ago

    Every Subaru is based off the Impreza to an extent, the current STi is actually based off the last generation Impreza.

  • The Tuareg
    The TuaregMonth ago

    Looks like Kia Ceed

  • Slick Mike
    Slick MikeMonth ago

    YAY another boring car that has no redeeming features whatsoever ....but american teenagers will like anyway because it's A hAtChBAcK mUCH pOGgeRs

  • SaraK
    SaraKMonth ago

    I am so confused, the 2021 Impreza should have better tech than the Crosstrek. I agree, why would anyone buy it?

  • Vicente Aviles
    Vicente AvilesMonth ago

    You guys speak as though you are a representation of the needs of ordinary motorists. If you want to drive fast, build your own road, buy a race car or fly a fighter jet!

  • Billy Highfill
    Billy HighfillMonth ago

    Ummm no. That's ugly

  • Baron Von Jo
    Baron Von JoMonth ago

    Not much of a game changer is it? This is probaly the bottom of the totem poll in terms of effort the manufacturer placed into their vehicle for this segment.

  • Fabi P
    Fabi PMonth ago

    Aye I got one of these in December, sport hatchback, 5 speed manual. It’s definitely a car I wouldn’t recommend getting with a CVT. nice touch with the manual is hill start assist. The sport trim is a bit cheaper, and has all of the same features minus, boomerang LEDs and the uncomfortable leather. The cloth seats are definitely more comfortable. Ya know not having eye sight is nice... sucks when you’re cruising and someone cuts you off and the car emergency brakes from 70 to 10mph (happened with my sisters crosstrek) the only reason I got the sport version of this is because they don’t offer a WRX hatch/wagon. It needs to happen

  • Retrowave boi
    Retrowave boiMonth ago

    I see subaru are trying the hatch style once more!

  • Rick C
    Rick CMonth ago

    Any time you floor it, it'll do the fake gears. If you use minimal pressure on the accelerator, it'll keep the revs low and steady and you'll just slowly go up to speed. That's how I get 33mpg in the Outback. I do, however, use the downshift paddle often for the compression braking.

  • john shima
    john shimaMonth ago

    Looks like Subaru have fired all their designers, shame as the old impreza's looked great

  • Mihir Wagle
    Mihir WagleMonth ago

    Yuri, it’s a manual parking brake, not a manual e-brake. :p

  • Tony Chau
    Tony ChauMonth ago

    10.8 second 😂🤣🤣🤣😱

  • Señor Darío
    Señor DaríoMonth ago

    Yuri I'm going to tell the Nissan Maxima what you said at 3:41, lol! I literally purchased my Mazda and not a Nissan because of the transmission (and the Mazda felt so much better) so I'm with you there Jacob.

  • Jérémy Fauchon
    Jérémy FauchonMonth ago

    I love the fact that this is one of the few remaining basic car you can still buy with a manual transmission, and one of the last with AWD + manual transmission

  • Jérémy Fauchon
    Jérémy FauchonMonth ago

    You should have tried the manual one if you were to tried à sport-tech

  • TheStraightPipes


    Month ago

    Subaru didn't have one for us

  • Brandon McKenzie
    Brandon McKenzieMonth ago

    My Prius did a faster 0-60 when I had it 😂

  • Jamie Schultz
    Jamie SchultzMonth ago

    Game the subtle, wry, tongue in cheek humor. We bought a leftover new '19 VW Sportwagen after cross shopping the very good Impreza. We also own an Outback, and Civic Type R.

  • Cristo Antonio Matos Rivero
    Cristo Antonio Matos RiveroMonth ago

    Can't stand CVTs. Really like the rest of it. And I reckon it looks way better than the Crosstrek.

  • Rayen Touati
    Rayen TouatiMonth ago

    Reminds me of the Focus Mk4

  • Germie 76
    Germie 76Month ago

    Needs the 1.6 L from the Levorg.

  • W1es Inspirational
    W1es InspirationalMonth ago


  • Ashish Patel
    Ashish PatelMonth ago

    why is it so expensive?

  • Saud Abrahams
    Saud AbrahamsMonth ago

    Looks like a gamechanger circa 2005. Subaru's getting left way behind. CVT? Really?

  • bigbufobufo
    bigbufobufoMonth ago

    The look on Jakub’s face going from 0-60. Priceless. 😬

  • Barry Maskell
    Barry MaskellMonth ago

    The rest of the world still cannot understand why the US uses mile per hour and why they drive on the wrong side of the road

  • Daniel Smith
    Daniel SmithMonth ago

    i just watched a video from 2017 and straight up thought you were different people

  • Ovi Wan Kenobi
    Ovi Wan KenobiMonth ago

    Wait what? It looks the same?... I waited for a new awesome WRX STI for years after the concept, I even sold the one I had (full bolt on, protuned and suspension and wheels) and nothing even close to the concept car ever came. Subaru underwhelm like no other.

  • Mathieu Cossette
    Mathieu CossetteMonth ago

    We should thank Subaru for normal size front grill !

  • xil3ntkha0s
    xil3ntkha0sMonth ago

    They just need to revive the WRX STi hatch. And ditch the boring exterior design.

  • Typical Toy Reviews
    Typical Toy ReviewsMonth ago

    Game changer... exactly the same as the last 4 years

  • Anthony Fortin
    Anthony FortinMonth ago

    My god is it really that hard for you Americans to convert 100 km/h in mph..?🤦🏽

  • pacoseventeen
    pacoseventeenMonth ago

    I don’t understand why companies put a cvt in and then simulate gears....either embrace the garbage cvt or just put a real transmission in lol

  • kely ferrari
    kely ferrariMonth ago

    2.4 180 cv 180 torque..... 6 speed

  • ak2112
    ak2112Month ago

    Since you guys are Continental guys, how about a tire test video of those new DWS06+. I know it would probably get like 20views, but I’d be interested.

  • Trent Severn
    Trent SevernMonth ago

    Do not buy with the LED headlights. The LED's are not replaceable. If they go after the warranty, you'll be stuck in buying a complete headlamp unit which is quite pricey.

  • Mookie Blaylock
    Mookie BlaylockMonth ago

    It’s not Subaru.

  • GhostPrime21
    GhostPrime21Month ago

    10sec car in nowadays is really not great lol... its actually more dangerous merging onto highways

  • Brandon B.
    Brandon B.Month ago

    I've never understood why people buy Imprezas. They're not cool cars like STIs or WRXs. They're not offroad capable crossovers like the Crosstrek. And as they stated in the video, you can get a mid-level trim Crosstrek with more features/horsepower for cheaper. Imprezas look like the kind of bland, unexciting car you get stuck with at the rental company because they don't have any other cars left.

  • Art
    ArtMonth ago

    I just don't see buying this over a Crosstrek, if i was in that market

  • Art
    ArtMonth ago

    I like how they pronounce Mazda as "Mehzda'

  • John Smythe
    John SmytheMonth ago

    That is one ugly, boring car!!!

  • Drunk Squirrel
    Drunk SquirrelMonth ago

    Just buy a fucking Crosstrek

  • Cars and Video Games
    Cars and Video GamesMonth ago

    Impreza has LED taillights too, right?

  • TheRealSh1zz4m
    TheRealSh1zz4mMonth ago

    wow i havent seen yall bored by a car in years

  • Jérémy Fauchon

    Jérémy Fauchon

    Month ago

    well, it was the one with the CVT, the manual it a lot more fun trust me, I actually own my third manual impreza

  • Peter Hong
    Peter HongMonth ago

    Can't even fit your phone in the front under dash cubby..."GAME CHANGER."....

  • Peter Hong

    Peter Hong

    Month ago


  • TheStraightPipes


    Month ago

    We misspelled lane changer

  • Peter Hong
    Peter HongMonth ago

    Looking at this review...Hyundai really should have kept the N line or brought the full N for elantra GT. They also should have made it 4 wheel drive.

  • JustAnotherHo
    JustAnotherHoMonth ago

    CVT with fake gears kinda make me mad, just give me full efficiency, which I understand basically don't exist, so screw CVTs.

  • mannyep41
    mannyep41Month ago

    Lol they were so bored in this review 😂

  • Diarmuid OB
    Diarmuid OBMonth ago

    Reminds me of the European Seat Leon looks wise

  • Joshua Anderson
    Joshua AndersonMonth ago

    Garbage. So glad I left Subaru and went to 2020 corolla

  • Kamil Jay
    Kamil JayMonth ago

    Waiting for 2022 remodel

  • Jesse Dickey
    Jesse DickeyMonth ago

    Did he say launch it with a cvt......🤣😂🤣

  • Gavin Bathan
    Gavin BathanMonth ago

    Any future review for a bronco sport ?

  • pfcjev
    pfcjevMonth ago

    I don't like the new impreza's body lines and styling... they're so plain. The previous generation looked more sporty, the version that the crosstrek branched out from.

  • Michael Z
    Michael ZMonth ago

    I find this kinda funny- my 2019 Impeza sport has lane centering eyesight, and that's nowhere near the top trim

  • Jorge Neves
    Jorge NevesMonth ago

    The Impreza IS NOT a fast car, but when winter comes it outdrives any car in the segment. Yet to really enjoy this car you need a stick shift, which is what I bought - I test drove a CVT model and I couldn't live with it....

  • Szymon Kloskowsky
    Szymon KloskowskyMonth ago

    Open google translate. Chose language Polish to *your language* type "Impreza" enjoy 😁

  • Andrej Gobec
    Andrej GobecMonth ago

    You guys do a bunch of stuff in post ... why can't you include both metric freedom units?? I'm watching your channel from EU and this 'merican units are confusing and obsolete.

  • jim liu
    jim liuMonth ago

    So does CVT belts warp/break much sooner than traditional gears?......for someone who wants to keep their cars for a very very long time..