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Buying a $10,000 hot hatch series, continuing with the 2014 Ford Fiesta ST. $10,000 CAD is $8,000 USD. Will the Ford Fiesta ST live up to its award winning pedigree? Did Jakub get the deal of the century on it at $10,000 CAD / $8,000 USD? Will Jakub's Fiesta ST be the better overall car versus Yuri's Fiat 500 Abarth?
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  • TheStraightPipes
    TheStraightPipes11 days ago

    Check out this incredible example from Krown explaining how their product works:

  • Francisco Muniz

    Francisco Muniz

    6 days ago

    Please Please Please do a Review on a 2014-2016 Sion TC. This car gets slept on a lot and they can be picked up for cheap. They came out when the FRS/BRZ debuted, and a lot of companies had hot hatches so it was completely over looked. This was a time when we had the Focus and fiesta STs, Civic Si, 86s, Kie Koupe, Nismo Sentra, and a lot of car companies had a hot hatch as Toyota was shutting down the Scion brand. This car never got a fair shake in my opinion. In manual form it weighs in at 3k and has 180hp with decent low end torque for an naturally aspirated car. The chassi is stiff, it has a great shifter and a bunch of standard equipment that a car in its price range shouldn't have had.

  • Derek Walls

    Derek Walls

    8 days ago

    Is there a reason Jacob gets the better cars?

  • Chris Cruz

    Chris Cruz

    8 days ago

    Do the Mazda speed 3 next 😁 plz

  • CoolJZero1


    8 days ago

    You need to teach me on how you find your cars I can't find a single one for 10k

  • W Scott

    W Scott

    10 days ago

    Can't seem to find a Krown location near me here in FL.🤔

  • Brandon Wilson
    Brandon Wilson7 hours ago

    Get the pedal spacer for your gas pedal. Beware though that the size can make a huge difference. I started with a 1.5 inch on the Focus ST and that felt worse than stock. Going to .7 inch on the Focus ST is perfect though so do a bit of research before you buy one.

  • Mitchell Ruiz
    Mitchell Ruiz12 hours ago

    Love the mike jones phone # 😂

  • Schenk meister
    Schenk meisterDay ago

    Love my FiST! Bought a molten orange 2015 new in 2015 (so I got to do the Octane Academy). Mine also has recaros, no sunroof and navigation. Once the warranty was over I got a Mountune cat back exhaust, cold air intake, and larger inter cooler with a tune. I also had Mountune (in SoCal) install a Quaife limited slip differential. Totally worth the expense and 850 mile drive to have the work done!

  • Suyir Li
    Suyir Li2 days ago


  • Carguy Eli_Khea!
    Carguy Eli_Khea!2 days ago

    I can hear that's single turbo flutter

  • brent vance
    brent vance2 days ago

    Ugly wheels

  • ferdaus bhuiyan
    ferdaus bhuiyan3 days ago

    fucking hell i was staring at the car for ages thinking it looks wrong and could not figure it out. At the end of the vid they said its a 5 door and my mind blown that the st can be a 5 door

  • Julio Ruiz
    Julio Ruiz3 days ago

    I love that you guys get cars I would get.

  • AzNightmare
    AzNightmare3 days ago

    14:23 *ugh... I bought mine brand new in 2015. Had my first accident 6 months in from a hit-and-run while I was in the parking lot. Luckily a dashcam was the first thing I bought and was able to catch the guy.*

  • AzNightmare
    AzNightmare3 days ago

    *Wow... I've only been waiting like.. 5 years for you guys to do this one. I lost all hope cause I thought you guys would just move on and continue doing new cars.*

  • r324ever
    r324ever3 days ago

    i had a 13 abarth, had a custom tune and full bolt ons. the car has a wicked sound to it. it dynod at 220whp and 245wtq with the stock turbo. then after like 10k miles a variable valve actuator let go and blew the engine. got a new engine and got rid of the car soon after.. it would surprise so many people with how quick it was. it was a maniac when all 28lbs of boost came in. tons of fun and tons of headaches lol.

  • Jonathan G
    Jonathan G3 days ago

    water those!

  • darcygoesfast
    darcygoesfast4 days ago

    cliche corner the best? you do realize there is a place in TN and NC called the tail of the dragon...and hellbender...and devil's triangle...and, well you get the picture. when the border opens, you guys have got to make the trek. love this series!

  • silenciummortum
    silenciummortum4 days ago

    Urine is complaining about heel- toe shifting while she wears crocs! What a FRUITCAKE!

  • CharlieMacc09
    CharlieMacc094 days ago

    281-330-8004 Who? MIKE JONES 🗣️

    BLAKE DA GREAT4 days ago

    Will be My next car either this or a focus st

  • Kit Rocks
    Kit Rocks4 days ago

    That horn though

  • 63JackBlack
    63JackBlack5 days ago

    Now complete the Tri-fecta and review a Focus RS

  • Mac Sixtyfive
    Mac Sixtyfive5 days ago

    What the hell? @8:37, is Yuri wearing Dutch Klompen shoes with white socks?????????

  • ThatGuyLikesCars
    ThatGuyLikesCars5 days ago

    Previous owner of one; you can’t turn off brake vectoring but Ford says there’s no situation where you improve performance without it, thus no way to turn it off. Watching this makes me regret selling my car!

  • dehv
    dehv5 days ago

    WHAT ARE THOSE!!!!!!

  • WikdSeafood
    WikdSeafood5 days ago

    My daughter bought a 2019 Fiesta ST and she loves it. Even learned to drive a stick. That makes me proud!

  • Luca Buckley
    Luca Buckley5 days ago

    Ahh sick crocks dude

  • David O'Neill
    David O'Neill5 days ago

    I have a ‘17 “base level” ST and while I’ve been telling everyone I know that I want to keep it dead stock, I am deeply tempted to upgrade the FMIC and possibly upgrade the suspension. Otherwise it’s an absolutely perfect car as is.

  • BrysNightWorld
    BrysNightWorld5 days ago

    I commented on your palisade/telluride videos that only idiots should buy palisades. And YOU GOT HIT BY ONE!

  • Chaser
    Chaser5 days ago

    I PROMISE YOU THAT IT IS 100% off if you hold that button down. I can kick min sideways at 65-80 on wet pavement and it will not stop me... full on winter e brake power slides are amazing in that car too

  • Casey Grant
    Casey Grant6 days ago

    Are we just going to ignore the fact that Jakub has the same phone number as Mike Jones?

  • TheStraightPipes


    5 days ago


  • Charles Eballa
    Charles Eballa6 days ago

    Cute ford fiesta ST 👊👍👌

  • Dani Gonzalez
    Dani Gonzalez6 days ago

    Yes we have the coupé edition of it (3 doors). I felt it was looking weird, yeah its the 5 doors! It really makes it look weirdo. Very much.

  • Tyler
    Tyler6 days ago

    Fiesta ST owner here. ESC on, gives traction control and stability control, it does not allow slip. It will cut throttle and correct the car if it detects slip. "Sport mode" turns off traction control, you can spin in all the gears you want. It turns down the stability control, It will let the back end slide out a tad, and it will correct the car in serious slides. Also, when it does start correcting the car in sport mode, it does it in a way that's not abrasive. It kind of feels like its nudging you back into shape, as if its telling you "hey, anymore and your gonna spin off" ESC off (holding down the button) turns traction control and stability control completely off. I have played around in the snow in this car, it will let you do whatever. ABS always stays on though.

  • ItsYaBoiMat
    ItsYaBoiMat6 days ago

    Guys is Krown only a canada thing? I'm buying a 2009 V8 4Runner next year but I live in Maine and they absolutely coat our roads in salt

  • John Zuege
    John Zuege6 days ago

    The Mike Jones reference. 🤣🤣🤣

  • Robert Hillier
    Robert Hillier6 days ago

    Yuri complaining about heal and toe, while wearing Crocs?! Get some proper driving shoes! Love you guys, keep it up!

  • Homo Sapiens
    Homo Sapiens6 days ago

    14:12 that's was crazy.. Hope u guys r fine! I'd have got down a slapped that guy!

  • youmongrel
    youmongrel6 days ago


    ROYAL DR1FTER7 days ago

    Careful with the low end on these cars, try not to go WOT under 2500-3000 rpm

  • nutpro
    nutpro7 days ago

    4:05 Who? Mike Jones.

  • Louis G
    Louis G7 days ago

    I bought mine in September so it already had winter tires on. I can’t believe how this thing drives on the OEM tires on warm dry roads.

  • Greg Bird
    Greg Bird7 days ago

    Sync2 is so bad. But honestly it's pretty easy to swap the screen, computer, and USB in most Ford products to get Sync 3 and then you never use the software because CarPlay/Android Auto is so much better.

  • Cordell Roberson
    Cordell Roberson7 days ago

    owned 2 FiST 2009,2011 OFF is fully off, however torque vectoring remains on as it does not slow you down. sport is THE best IMO, plenty of slip allowed for even track work. OFF just melts tires off only time sport becomes intrusive is if you get abrupt with teh controls. i've gotten mine to near full opposite lock in sport mode with lift off oversteer. (if you hit the brakes in a slide in sport mode, ESC comes in to save the day)

  • Jripson R
    Jripson R7 days ago

    my first new car i purchased was a 2017 Fiesta ST, love this bean so much

  • twincamcoupe
    twincamcoupe7 days ago

    Why do you guys have a Houston area code phone #

  • Julio's Studio
    Julio's Studio7 days ago


  • Seoung Lee
    Seoung Lee7 days ago

    Fiesta ST sales after this video: 📈📈📈

    VILLANGCA EZEKIEL M.7 days ago

    14:12 same thing happened to me. I was so mad and ready to scold her until i saw a child on the backseat. I just gave her the international "WTF you doing" handsign and let her off.

  • Peter Hong
    Peter Hong7 days ago

    After watching that little mishap with the suv almost destroying the car, it's always peace of mind to have loud and fun exhaust to let idiots like that other driver know that you are there.

  • Augustine
    Augustine7 days ago

    Mike Joonnnnesssss Money Train!

  • Z-30
    Z-307 days ago

    Focus ST Owner, Ford designed the modes the same in both STs, pretty much. Traction Control and ESC are shown by the Traction Control light (Car with wavy trail) blinking. You probably already knew that, just making a baseline. ESC helps keep the car from drifting by burst-braking individual wheels when it detects drift, Traction keeps the wheels from spinning out/tries to bring them out of spinout by reducing engine power. ESC Off button pressed once just turns off Traction Control. Held from on position shuts off both Traction Control and ESC. Unless you see the traction light blink in the gauge cluster, ESC isn't interfering. Torque Vectoring is not affected by this function, and always on. Oh, and as for those heated seats, as someone I know who owns a Fiesta once said: "it's either burning [butt] or no [butt] at all [in the winter]"

  • Chris Laidlaw
    Chris Laidlaw7 days ago

    Um, who the heck drives a stick with crocs?? Heel toe with crocs?!?

  • KKaWing
    KKaWing8 days ago

    Oh, on the pedal thing, a Razo pedal cover works well. It raises the pedal just enough and gives more space on the left of the gas pedal makes it "perfect" for me. The Bilsten B6/HD dampers are pretty good if the stock dampers get tiring for daily driving. It's become a bit of a meme on the ST discord but an LSD is awesome for this car. Edit: the heated seats are great for keeping pizza warm

  • Evan Meneilley
    Evan Meneilley8 days ago

    Yuri needs proper lessons on how to drive a stick

  • Men Guarding Their Own Wallets
    Men Guarding Their Own Wallets8 days ago

    Krown rust control: Oil spray is nowhere near as good as 'Woolwax' spray treatment. Where can I go to get the bottom of my car sprayed with Woolwax ???

  • Richard Niederle
    Richard Niederle8 days ago

    I bought my fiesta st 2016 with 25,100 miles for 9,000. Euro headlight swap, stage 1 tune. Not a fan of the gearbox, but I've drove worse. Towed 1600lb trailer on the freeway it does 80mph easily without shifting on inclines. Handling is good, but power falls off higher rpm, from 3rd to 6th. Everything rattles, windows dash creaks, etc. Not unbearable. But it feels cheap there. Otherwise solid cars. Gearboxes and engines handle extra power well and for a long time.

  • jeffk412
    jeffk4128 days ago

    how spoiled ya gotta be to refer to a 7 year old car as not modern. pffft.

  • TheStraightPipes


    8 days ago

    Very spoiled. We’re a friggin new car review channel

  • Lord_Acturus
    Lord_Acturus8 days ago

    Thank you so much! Could not have timed this video any better! :D

  • Robert Betz
    Robert Betz8 days ago

    32k miles and i LOVE my fiesta st done some mods made it even more peppy and im pretty sure when you take everything off everything is really off i took a turn real hard on this off ramp with it all off and the back end started to trail out and nothing was saving me but myself although i will say when jt did that it was soo easy to control just like a go kart

  • MoonieGT
    MoonieGT8 days ago

    If you get quality suspension, you can run stiffer springs and make the ride even better. I doubled the spring rate on my miata track car and IMPROVED the ride quality as the dampers are amazing (check out AST suspension).

  • Santeri Helle
    Santeri Helle8 days ago

    I bought 2016 st last month, Love it

  • Timmy Tango
    Timmy Tango8 days ago

    Check out the 2J-Racing cowl intake for the fiesta st Also wait until you gotta replace that blend door actuator 😂

  • john feimster
    john feimster8 days ago

    Hey also get the Cobb tuner and throw in a custom 93 octane octane. You can also flat foot shift. Good for drag racing 😉

  • john feimster
    john feimster8 days ago

    I love my fiesta st. So much fun just to drive

  • Gaurisankar S
    Gaurisankar S8 days ago

    Where my Indian homies at?

  • Kanye North
    Kanye North8 days ago

    Yaris GR will destroy this car and I really hope it comes to Canada.

  • a_silent_songbird
    a_silent_songbird8 days ago

    Low mileage?? 128k means it's done well over twice the average yearly mileage of driving (in Australia where we drive everywhere!) over its life. My ST is also a 2014 and has 51kms... 😳

  • a_silent_songbird


    8 days ago

    @TheStraightPipes wow! Is it a work car? I have friends with utes that log huge kms for work travel, I just haven't seen that many STs get big mileage, maybe because they aren't the most comfortable to drive long distances in 😂 but hey if its highway mileage it's probably not too bad 👍🏻

  • TheStraightPipes


    8 days ago

    My raptor has 376,000km

  • a_silent_songbird
    a_silent_songbird8 days ago

    I quite literally ordered Integrale Rims in Rally White for my ST two days ago. It is NOT cheap shipping them from the US to Australia... But on the plus side mines the three door! Bought brand new in this exact spec in 2014 😁 still going strong.

  • Second Sun
    Second Sun8 days ago

    One thing you can do to make the headlights better is replace them with LEDS, makes them sooo much better

  • Vassu Garg
    Vassu Garg8 days ago

    Plz review dodge challenger sxt

  • LaBounti
    LaBounti8 days ago

    I owned a normal 2012 Fiesta and it felt sporty. I liked it. Now i have Camaro SS and Never get to Ring out the engine or gears ... Aw well.

  • Emyr Ilhan
    Emyr Ilhan8 days ago

    can confidently say that this car is SAFE. my cousin had one of these back in 2019 and collided with 2 heavy duty lorries and walked away without a scratch

  • Micheal Niduaza
    Micheal Niduaza8 days ago

    Gotta get George at Raptor Racing to sell you a pedal spacer ! I got one for my Focus ST and it made heel-toe so much easier! Also, I’ve heard people say that the Cobb system is LOUD on that!! But sweet car dude.

  • Hunter James
    Hunter James8 days ago

    You see, they are just to Canadian to actually like ey?

  • Sakib A
    Sakib A8 days ago

    Can you guys do the venza 2021 review please?

  • eospace
    eospace8 days ago

    Why do you guys prefer no sunroof? Is it just down to weight and centre of gravity?

  • TheStraightPipes


    8 days ago

    That and it adds headroom

  • BigBitesR rite
    BigBitesR rite8 days ago

    Get the Mountune Quickshifter....shortens the throws by 30%......I love mine Change the rear engine mount also....

  • chino13m
    chino13m8 days ago

    You can buy a separate USB connection hub that is updated for CarPlay! It goes for around $50 I think. Look into it and you’ll get CarPlay!

  • Comrade Scientist
    Comrade Scientist8 days ago

    I bought one of these new in 2016, and have no intention of selling it anytime soon. The thing that gets me with this car is how good all the inputs feel to use. Steering, shifter, clutch, all almost perfect.

  • Kirfkin
    Kirfkin8 days ago

    Sport mode lets you have more wheel slip and traction loss etc before it kicks in, and it's overall less aggressive. Holding it in for ESC off turns it off. Torque vectoring (which uses the brakes) is always on unless you do some real messing with the car. I'd only worry about turning that off if you get a limited slip differential put in. Welcome to the club. I have an Orange Spice, with the recaros and sadly a sunroof (it was almost perfect; but it was on the lot and I wasn't THAT picky). It's such a riot. Easily one of the most fun cars I have ever driven.

  • MM93 Replica
    MM93 Replica8 days ago

    The American version is so weird

  • Donnie Ward
    Donnie Ward8 days ago

    Also dude, NO ONE CAN SEE THIS CAR!! I don't understand it! Yeah it's small, but it's bright freaking orange!!!! How can you not see it!!!?!?!?

  • Donnie Ward
    Donnie Ward8 days ago

    Hey Yuri and Jakob! I have this exact car (same color, same seats) but I have the sunroof 😔 u bought the car from my dad, who bought it new. According to the dealer, the torque vectoring CANNOT be turned off. Enjoy the car, back roads are a blast, and you can turn freeways into backroads.

  • 1q2w8i
    1q2w8i9 days ago

    you should test drive semi trucks -the straight pipes

  • Coffee Drinker
    Coffee Drinker9 days ago

    scotty kilmer says to use that 10,000 dollars for a used Toyota Corolla with 150,000 miles instead. you are better off.

  • Cody Harrington
    Cody Harrington9 days ago

    ive never heard of one person making the suspension stiffer than the stock, they put coilovers on and love it even more.

  • Frank Dux
    Frank Dux9 days ago

    before you watch this video you need to know Jakub is wearing a pair Crocs.

  • Jose Herrera
    Jose Herrera9 days ago

    I like how Jakub has all three of his cars Ford !

  • Jose Herrera

    Jose Herrera

    9 days ago

    @TheStraightPipes I would love to see what 3 lexuses you’d go with

  • TheStraightPipes


    9 days ago

    I didn't mean to. I'll go back to 3 Lexuses again

  • Soda Block
    Soda Block9 days ago

    always love to see what Americans think about British cars. EVEN THOUGHT THIS IS A FORD IT ISNT AMERICAN! THE FIESTA IS FROM EUROPE! IT DEBUTED IN THE 70s!

  • TheStraightPipes


    9 days ago

    We're not American

  • Tyler Sands
    Tyler Sands9 days ago

    I’ve had this as my daily for just about 2 years. Simply put, it is the best newish car for the money on sale today. The car has handled everything - carrying people, large items (like IKEA furniture or a large freezer), snow, rain, dirt, and of course carving backroads in a “spirited” fashion. No understeer whatsoever, it’s shocking how balanced this car is. I recently moved cross country in late January, and drove this with a massive Thule box on top, and the majority of my clothes/possessions inside (even the summer tires!). With Blizzaks it can handle anything up to 12” of unplowed snow before getting stuck, and FWD just fine in any US city. It’s 2700lbs, so as light as an MX5 or S2K, being just as fun with way more practicality. And the power is more than OK... it feels way quicker than 197HP and 0-60 in 6.5... I’ve thought about trading for a Focus RS, STI, or Evo X one day, but just can’t do it. Don’t believe the extra payments would be worth it. I’d recommend the FiST to anyone. They are awesome!

  • Zach Lemay
    Zach Lemay9 days ago

    Ive owned mine for a year and damn, this this is amazing! sounds great for a 1.6 with a 3' exhaust

  • Matthew Lavergne
    Matthew Lavergne9 days ago

    Also as a FiST owner myself, take out the little "Mounts" that the rear shelf floats on top of! One 10mm bolt on each side and then drop the floor on top of the spare! It'll sit mostly flush but with it low I've been able to have my hockey bag in it with no hassle since it's nice and low now. Extra points for the box test! Also I really HATE the failed Visor Test and have since I bought mine in '16. (Also the fact that she didn't even put her hazards on really shows how great of a driver she was; glad you two are safe!)

  • Octo Dinosaur
    Octo Dinosaur9 days ago

    I noticed in many of your videos, your audio recording of the exhaust is terrible and does not sound like other reviewers. I don't know how you guys record the exhausts, but I think you should try a different method because it sounds awful.

  • TheStraightPipes


    9 days ago

    Send a link to other reviewers recording exhausts while driving car to car. Nobody does it so I'm curious

  • Gavin Jones
    Gavin Jones9 days ago

    Congrats Jakub on your purchase. After doing a ton of research I bought a 2014 Fiesta ST three years ago. Matt Farrah still says it's one of the best performance bangs for the buck and he loved his. And Chris Harris loved it. Those are some serious references. Mine is still stock but I do autocross it and it is a beast around the cones so if you can do that, definitely try it. I did do the heel/toe spacer from garage line which is fully adjustable and it works great. I also wanted to upscale the interior a bit so did a leather shift boot and armrest cover from Finally I put the round carbon fiber ST shift knob on which just feels so good in the hand. And this is goofy but I put an ST over carbon fiber picture/background on the infotainment that looks pretty cool. Crazy that for what I paid I can actually probably sell it for not much less although I do park it in the winter and it only has 45K miles but they hold their value because of how special they are. I'm thinking about an Elantra N or maybe even Honda CTR but would it make me feel like the Fiesta ST does when I'm laughing out loud coming off an on ramp and I'm still at legal speed? I can't help thinking I'd miss my Fiesta. Enjoy and have fun!!

  • Hector Omar Garcia Cruz
    Hector Omar Garcia Cruz9 days ago

    The old times

  • Karel Esterhuizen
    Karel Esterhuizen9 days ago

    Those Crocks with sifting makes all sense lol

  • Daryl rabara-brokate
    Daryl rabara-brokate9 days ago

    Also, if you wat android auto/Apple car play. Also, torque is limited in 1st and 2nd gear. Drive a tuned one. You'll see. Had mine for 5 years and 155k miles. Miss it everyday

  • Daryl rabara-brokate
    Daryl rabara-brokate9 days ago

    Jakub. Hint for you for the faster acceleration. Shift at 5500. Stock turbo runs out if breathe at that point. Take a look at some dynographs and you'll see what I mean

  • Alabama Baby
    Alabama Baby9 days ago

    You guys gotta make a series of best fastest reliable cars for under 15k. Include reviews and races such as Acura TL 3.7 , Cadillac ATS 3.6, Infinity g37x, Lexus is350s!!!Then eventually doing builds/mods and races between them.This would gather a lot of the younger folks but as well as the car enthusiasts on a budget!

  • elgiacomo
    elgiacomo9 days ago

    14:22 My wife told me I should get more in touch with my feminine side... So I crashed the car.

  • CHark
    CHark9 days ago

    Big turbo fiesta owner here! Long time viewer and love the vid! Let me know if you have any questions about the platform!

  • CHark


    9 days ago


  • Tim Barnard
    Tim Barnard9 days ago

    I want one of these to have as my daily driver, we already have a Gen 2 Raptor and an Edge ST. keep up the great work guys, very entertaining!