FASTEST Porsche Launches IN THE WORLD #shorts


Porsche launch control reaction #shorts by The Straight Pipes. Porsche 911 GT3 RS, Porsche 911 GT2 RS, Porsche 911 Turbo S, and Porsche Taycan Turbo S.
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  • TheStraightPipes
    TheStraightPipesMonth ago

    Watch a longer version with MORE Porsche's:

  • Ferrari F80

    Ferrari F80

    Month ago


  • Shack


    Month ago


  • Yuvansai Pasupathy

    Yuvansai Pasupathy

    Month ago


  • Vin
    Vin13 days ago

    You guys so extra with the launches

  • Rafay Nadeem
    Rafay Nadeem26 days ago

    my dream is to be able to experience this on-demand

  • JOHN V
    JOHN VMonth ago

    Porsha Dopple Kuplung

  • Hasoon! Macaroon
    Hasoon! MacaroonMonth ago

    These twins are so lucky!

  • benjamin steffens
    benjamin steffensMonth ago

    Porsche is the best car brand ❌🧢

  • Mars Hall
    Mars HallMonth ago

    Jacob's face in the 3rd launch was HILARIOUS. My guy turned red when Yuri launched it lol

  • E.P
    E.PMonth ago

    You guys HAVE to review the 2022 Kia stinger it just looks so much nicer with the small changes

  • Logical Criticism
    Logical CriticismMonth ago

    Why did I just notice how Jakub is the car geek version of Dwight from The Office?

  • brelaxed13
    brelaxed13Month ago

    Best car review channel on USplan. Love these guys. Obviously daddy Doug is an OG but I really enjoy their style better

  • Venkateswaran
    VenkateswaranMonth ago

    Jesus Christ, 911 Turbo S's reaction was insane!!

  • Macro Gaming
    Macro GamingMonth ago

    The gt2rs is faster..

  • Mark Reardon
    Mark ReardonMonth ago

    I love you guys lol, classic "you Germans are crazy"

  • J
    JMonth ago

    With a 6 cylinder to boot. Excluding Taycan of course. Very Impressive.

  • Daniel Dagenais
    Daniel DagenaisMonth ago

    When you cant hear him, thats an insane lauch 🤣 I still take the GT3 RS alll day!!

  • Leroy Brown
    Leroy BrownMonth ago

    Sabine Schmitz - RIP

  • Ian Humphrey
    Ian HumphreyMonth ago

    Every successful launch control JAKUB..... OMG.... Tiiiiihiiiii🤣🤣🤣

  • bigwavedave350
    bigwavedave350Month ago

    Volkswagen makes some crazy cars!

  • Ibrahim Jamal
    Ibrahim JamalMonth ago

    Love them both.

  • Michael
    MichaelMonth ago

    How do you say Warp Speed in German? I can't imagine what that must feel like.

  • EHCX


    Month ago

    Warp-Geschwindigkeit Yeah if it hits you unexpectedly, it really hurts

  • P punkt P
    P punkt PMonth ago

    good feeling

  • TopSecretVid
    TopSecretVidMonth ago

    When are you guys going to review a Nissan GTR Nismo???...

  • Joe Bordone
    Joe BordoneMonth ago

    Love you guys I can watch this video over and over and over!!

  • mrzero69
    mrzero69Month ago

    "QUICKEST" not "FASTEST." :)

  • TheStraightPipes


    Month ago

    Yes but fastest works better in a USplan title

  • BlueLouBoyle
    BlueLouBoyleMonth ago

    I want a Porsche❤

  • Ferrari F80

    Ferrari F80

    Month ago

    Same here.

  • flintmonz
    flintmonzMonth ago

    Superb launches, but your choice of video format, meh

  • TheStraightPipes


    Month ago

    It's a #shorts. New USplan format

  • Filterdissman
    FilterdissmanMonth ago

    Wonder what Dio would say about this.

  • Otto 16
    Otto 16Month ago

    Are you going to review gt black series⁉️

  • Turner Drywall Restoration
    Turner Drywall RestorationMonth ago

    Oh my goodness

  • Kinan Bachour
    Kinan BachourMonth ago

    That was such a vibe

  • Shhnee
    ShhneeMonth ago

    The gt2rs made Canadians swear. I think it’s pretty fast 😂

  • Uncensored Wiz
    Uncensored WizMonth ago

    Porsche is the Jesus of german car.🇩🇪

  • narato uzumaki
    narato uzumakiMonth ago

    I got a friend that just loves to hate and he’s just like PorCHEs DoNt GeT mE eXcItED oNLy ThE rEAl fASt oEns do. And that’s he’s talking about a turbo s and him being a car guy like stfu and by you sti you’ve been talking about for the past 4 year should have gottthe sti instead of getting a girl you only knew for 3 months pregnant and claiming y’all In love

  • narato uzumaki

    narato uzumaki

    Month ago

    @Derek haha perhaps

  • Derek


    Month ago

    Jeez buddy really ranting I see

  • Aslan ARSLAN
    Aslan ARSLANMonth ago


  • Stavros
    StavrosMonth ago

    Porsche is king

  • Magnus Carho
    Magnus CarhoMonth ago

    The KING of launches!

  • Raymond Flaherty
    Raymond FlahertyMonth ago

    Dude looks like the budget version of Hughie from The Boys

  • カーハンアッシャ
    カーハンアッシャMonth ago


  • Jkrxiknaho Cuaknfjwzy

    Jkrxiknaho Cuaknfjwzy

    Month ago


  • P punkt P

    P punkt P

    Month ago

    Normal, not crazy - greetings from Deutschland

  • James Nicolson
    James NicolsonMonth ago

    You know a car is fast when Canadians nearly swear

  • Madhulika Madishetty

    Madhulika Madishetty

    18 days ago


  • SuperSQUAD
    SuperSQUADMonth ago

    Great vid

  • Joe Mikey
    Joe MikeyMonth ago

    Just like my ‘86 YUGO 😀

  • Dion
    DionMonth ago


  • Judah Soyonov
    Judah SoyonovMonth ago

    Jakub saying shit haha

  • Andrew Hauerland
    Andrew HauerlandMonth ago

    Thank you for this. My ears are so happy

  • TheStraightPipes
    TheStraightPipesMonth ago

    911 turbo s launch for Yuri!

  • Kennedy Abington

    Kennedy Abington

    Month ago

    cant wait to drive one

  • djsomeguy
    djsomeguyMonth ago

    Seventh 911 Turbo S ftw

  • Andrew Hauerland
    Andrew HauerlandMonth ago

    911 Turbo S is my favorite

  • Gunnar Bensend
    Gunnar BensendMonth ago


  • RichardRS4
    RichardRS4Month ago

    I love the GT2 RS

  • Andrew Hauerland
    Andrew HauerlandMonth ago


  • Yadish Gopaul
    Yadish GopaulMonth ago

    why does this video has only 6 views what happened?

  • ChrisFish
    ChrisFishMonth ago