DISAPPOINTED! 2021 Hyundai Elantra N-Line Review

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2021 Hyundai Elantra N Line review by The Straight Pipes. The Hyundai Elantra N-Line is pumping out 201hp and 195 lb-ft tq from a 1.6L Turbo 4 Cyl Engine. Would you take it over a Honda Civic Si, VW GTI, Kia Forte5 SX, Mazda 3?
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  • Yuri Tereshyn
    Yuri TereshynMonth ago

    HUGE Thanks to all the Subscribers for all the support. Because of all you I’m living my best life with the cutest baby, family and home. Couldn’t be happier ❤️❤️ also I’ve got my dream job 😍 thanks Jakub too!

  • Brandon Hynes

    Brandon Hynes

    24 days ago

    Congrats brother!!!

  • Garrett Barbosa

    Garrett Barbosa

    29 days ago

    GOD bless you boys and extra blessings to the new baby bro!

  • Adventures of Scoda

    Adventures of Scoda

    Month ago

    Congrats YURI 👍👍

  • L E X

    L E X

    Month ago


  • VaN_GoGH


    Month ago

    May your world forever be great, good man!

  • Dharin Patel
    Dharin PatelDay ago

    just bought elantra ulimate tech the of the line and i am happy that i bought that and not N-Line and now after this video i am more happy about my choice thank you:)

  • John Spooner
    John Spooner6 days ago

    Love the car hate the whispering dad commentary, but congrats on the little one now stay home dad!

  • Joe Minoso
    Joe Minoso9 days ago

    Congratulations Yuri.GOD BLESS YOUR NEW BORN...love your channel and your Canadian 👍👍👍✋✋

    BLAKE DA GREAT12 days ago

    A turbo Elantra the 2022 model will have 279hp....’21 1.6 turbo is fine but is this perfect timing or too late.....I feel like that’s what the ‘17 Elantra sport should’ve came with from the factory I would’ve definitely traded my ‘13 for it guess I’ll stick to turbocharging my 2013 instead doing something different

  • Compa Cheo
    Compa Cheo13 days ago

    I love my 18 sport😎

  • Robert Walls
    Robert Walls14 days ago

    You guys are extremely creative with these videos and I actually look forward to every new one even if I don't like the vehicle on review. CONGRATS YURI!

  • Alex Gagnon
    Alex Gagnon17 days ago

    This car is fugly!

  • Zack Randall
    Zack Randall18 days ago

    If no one has let you know yet, they actually do have an option for manual transmission now, I just looked at an N line that was manual today. Just thought I would let you guys know. You guys are awesome!

  • anthony calandra
    anthony calandra18 days ago

    Congrats to Yuri and his wife.

  • anthony calandra
    anthony calandra18 days ago

    Yuri sounds like Stephan from SNL..lol

  • Official TYGZilla
    Official TYGZilla18 days ago

    Am I the only one who thought that exhaust sputter was pretty sweet

  • Farzad Nasiri
    Farzad Nasiri18 days ago

    Cannot wait for the Elantra N. But I still love my Elantra sport 2018 lookwise.

  • Josh Scammon
    Josh Scammon19 days ago

    It does come in the manual transmission

  • Playing Advice
    Playing Advice19 days ago

    I bought this car in this same color, man i fell in love with it, the transmission is soo fast and the engine pulls really hard for 24k usd you can't beat the performance!!!.

  • Anibal Roldan
    Anibal Roldan20 days ago

    I was just in the hyundai page and IT DOES comes in manual, sir.

  • TheStraightPipes


    20 days ago

    Not in Canada. Sir

  • oz88 og
    oz88 og20 days ago

    Elantra n line is a cool car,I'm waiting for n performance model to come out soon.

  • Manic KM
    Manic KM20 days ago

    I’m sorry but I really like how the new Elantra looks compared to the 2017 one

  • Asif Farooqui
    Asif Farooqui22 days ago

    Haha this one is so cool! Congratulations too Yuri!

  • Amerikada Araba
    Amerikada Araba26 days ago


  • Janine Bianzon
    Janine Bianzon29 days ago

    how much is this one?

  • Moksh Parekh
    Moksh ParekhMonth ago

    Im so confused i thought this car came in manual

  • Moksh Parekh

    Moksh Parekh

    Month ago

    @Adil Sagadiyev I was trippin it is manual its just not in Canada

  • Adil Sagadiyev

    Adil Sagadiyev

    Month ago

    the N model comes in manual not the n line

  • Jack Stoutburn
    Jack StoutburnMonth ago

    Damn, that FaceTime session suddenly makes me want an iPhone, and I'm a diehard Droidhead xD Also big congrats like 2 weeks later Yuri!!

  • googlewolly
    googlewollyMonth ago

    The future is automatic. They allow for faster acceleration than manuals. Unless you're a professional, you won't be outshifting a modern automatic transmission.

  • webuser 2014
    webuser 2014Month ago

    Congratulation to being Father!

  • Simon Prescott
    Simon PrescottMonth ago

    The tow hook cover in the front is crooked and it’s driving me crazy

  • Gurpreet Singh
    Gurpreet SinghMonth ago

    This is the cutest I've watched today, with his baby in his arms, Yuri whispering "Horsepower and Torque"

  • TheQuikMix
    TheQuikMixMonth ago

    In other words: wait for the 2022 civic

  • Adil Sagadiyev

    Adil Sagadiyev

    Month ago

    in other words this is still gonna be better and the full N model will come out soon with all the features, more power and a manual

  • Moksh Parekh
    Moksh ParekhMonth ago

    Wait whats the difference between n and n line

  • Adil Sagadiyev

    Adil Sagadiyev

    Month ago

    n is manual has all the options with more power

  • Rowel Payot
    Rowel PayotMonth ago

    that cup holder helps you to easily to hold a hot coffee

  • Sanjay Babar
    Sanjay BabarMonth ago

    Congratulations Yuri

  • lt
    ltMonth ago


  • Xavier Mathews
    Xavier MathewsMonth ago

    Congrats on the baby. I commend you on the work ethic and still getting this video done still.

  • Trajan FPV
    Trajan FPVMonth ago

    Huge congrats to Yuri and his new family!

  • Strahinja Kerezovic
    Strahinja KerezovicMonth ago

    Congrats dad🎉

  • Constantine Joseph
    Constantine JosephMonth ago

    First words heard in life, "horsepower and torque?"

  • Mike StClair
    Mike StClairMonth ago

    So we get a manual in the US, would that change your opinion? Waiting tor the N.

  • InvertedAerials
    InvertedAerialsMonth ago

    YURI CONGRATS!!! Enjoy the sleepless nights. Trust me you will miss it when it's gone. Take lots of Pictures and LOTS of videos. When she/he begins to talk, keep a record of all the fun words they try to say. I, for instance, have a list of Benjamin-isms. One appropriate for your channel..."Watch my goes". Congratulations Yuri, lots of fun and exciting things are about to ensue!

  • Dan K
    Dan KMonth ago

    "I'm not a manual purist" but if you don't get a manual the car sucks. Reality is a majority of millennials don't even know how to drive a manual.

  • JustAnotherHo
    JustAnotherHoMonth ago

    passenger visor test?

  • Laxman Pandey
    Laxman PandeyMonth ago

    Congratulations Yuri n your family brother

  • Zed OHH
    Zed OHHMonth ago

    Boy or girl Yuri?..Congratulations.

  • Claire Kennedy
    Claire KennedyMonth ago

    Awesome big team effort! Congrats Yuri

  • EnchantedWarChief 247
    EnchantedWarChief 247Month ago


  • Evan Muir
    Evan MuirMonth ago

    As a guy who just got dumped by the girl I swore to spend my life with and have kids with for 2 years, this is depressing. You guys make really good stuff keep it up

  • Travis L
    Travis LMonth ago

    0:28 you can see the huge delay from when you hear his foot hit the floor to when the car actually moves. It’s super scary in traffic when you go to make a move from one lane to another and don’t have any power for nearly a full second.

  • Joexylle Jimeno
    Joexylle JimenoMonth ago

    2021 Kia Forte5 GT has a manual option. Maybe check that out....

  • Dammy O
    Dammy OMonth ago

    Papa Yuri! Congrats bro!

  • Dammy O
    Dammy OMonth ago

    That old Elantra sport looked sooooo good. It's been downhill ever since.

  • Kiru Sentha
    Kiru SenthaMonth ago

    Keep up the great video lads! Congrats to Yuri on the little race car driver!

  • Anthony Cottone
    Anthony CottoneMonth ago

    What a shit car lol

  • Jake Sanderson

    Jake Sanderson

    23 days ago

    @Adil Sagadiyev people just love to hate, he prob drives a boring corolla

  • Adil Sagadiyev

    Adil Sagadiyev

    Month ago

    its better than every other car in its class and price point

  • Jakey June
    Jakey JuneMonth ago

    This review is legendary

  • Helmut Stouthamer
    Helmut StouthamerMonth ago

    Congrats Yuri and the wife on the born of your first child. Very happy for you both. Enjoy every moment with him or her. It is precious. Wish you both a lot of happiness and excitement in these times.

  • joshua thomas
    joshua thomasMonth ago

    Ugly 🤢🤢🤢

  • Hari Om
    Hari OmMonth ago

    Looks like a shitbox

  • Adil Sagadiyev

    Adil Sagadiyev

    Month ago

    a good shit box

  • \\/\//
    \\/\//Month ago

    hilarious... good job guys... that's some serious dedication. "dad, were you excited to see me when I was born?" "yes, you and the Elantra N"

    PLAY_HRDMonth ago

    Congrats on the baby, may he grow up to launch and send many cars!

  • Daniel Ehoff
    Daniel EhoffMonth ago

    Hyundai is really giving the Germans and Japanese a run for their money. I can only imagine what they will bring in the next coming years. I’m excited

  • Ramji chandrasekaran
    Ramji chandrasekaranMonth ago

    I agree with the guys. I own a 2018 Elantra Sport and that looks way better than these new ones.

  • alex BK
    alex BKMonth ago

    Congratulations Yuri!

  • Heini Grünbaum
    Heini GrünbaumMonth ago

    Why is the child's mother not taking care of the baby? The baby needs its mother...

  • Elaiho ikponmwosa
    Elaiho ikponmwosaMonth ago

    Congratulations man

    GLXLRMonth ago

    Congrats Yuri and great review!

  • kavkazE
    kavkazEMonth ago

    "....that suuucks"

  • G G
    G GMonth ago

    Because Hyundai is Korean junk on 4 wheels.

  • CJ Clark
    CJ ClarkMonth ago

    Yuri whisper, "that sssuck"

  • Quagmire
    QuagmireMonth ago

    I'm glad I got the limited instead of the N line

  • Flyy Mal
    Flyy MalMonth ago

    Wow.. glad i bought my 18’ Elantra sport

  • Tranquil_Turtle
    Tranquil_TurtleMonth ago

    Anyone know what that circular plug is below the N-line logo on the grille?

  • Farbod Farmand
    Farbod FarmandMonth ago

    question is: would you still have been home if the car was... lets say, The Koenigsegg Gemera?

  • Grushdeva
    GrushdevaMonth ago

    Thanks, guys. Now I'm going to hear Yuri whisper "hit me with the cupholders" every time I see or use them

  • Lord Diaz
    Lord DiazMonth ago

    Jakub has an iPhone now?

  • S. Rosier
    S. RosierMonth ago

    Congrats yuri!

  • Karayah Holly
    Karayah HollyMonth ago

    Will baby seat be a new test? Congratulations, Yuri! 🎊🎉🍾🎈

  • Daniel Nign
    Daniel NignMonth ago

    Congratulations, Yuri and family!

  • DopeMuffinz
    DopeMuffinzMonth ago

    Is that just the same engine as the veloster turbo

  • Jason Luckow
    Jason LuckowMonth ago

    I have an Elantra with the same CarPlay issues. I hate it.

  • Ricardo Correa
    Ricardo CorreaMonth ago

    in canada, are we getting elantra N ?

  • Gabriel Iacoboni
    Gabriel IacoboniMonth ago

    I think they have a different view of what is pumped in audio than I do 😂

  • The German
    The GermanMonth ago

    Name of the intro song please.

  • Luigi dicarP
    Luigi dicarPMonth ago

    how about Elantra N-line vs Forte5 GT?

  • nmarkert01
    nmarkert01Month ago

    Yuri with a baby remotely doing a review is hilarious hahaha

  • Juan Carlos Berrocal
    Juan Carlos BerrocalMonth ago

    Congrats Yuri

  • NuWorldOrder
    NuWorldOrderMonth ago

    Congratulations Papa Yuri!

  • Mateo Del Duca
    Mateo Del DucaMonth ago

    I was interested but I guessing I'm keeping my 18 Elantra Sport.

  • Matthew Cole
    Matthew ColeMonth ago

    Congrats Yuri and Mrs Yuri ... will we see baby seat fit tests now? I need to know whether I can fit a baby seat in the back of a Lamborghini I’ll never afford.

  • xianshep
    xianshepMonth ago

    Totally agree about 2017 Elantra Sport: SO much better - and more premium - looking. And why did it have leather seats yet the N-Line only cloth? Lame.

  • mfmf100
    mfmf100Month ago

    It’s a fine line between Goldilocks and falling between two stools. This seems like the latter.

  • MrZingaling
    MrZingalingMonth ago

    I have one of those 2017 manual in blue.

  • Sai Deepak Bhimaraju
    Sai Deepak BhimarajuMonth ago

    Congrats to the new mommy, daddy and baby!

  • Joseph Tischer
    Joseph TischerMonth ago

    Congrats Yuri!

  • angryuser0
    angryuser0Month ago

    Will you be adding baby seat test to your reviews now?

  • Gabriel Martinez
    Gabriel MartinezMonth ago

    WOW. Is Yuri really prioritizing his newborn over a Hyundai?

  • Qugie
    QugieMonth ago

    OMG I don't give a Shit about this car but this is the Cutest review ever and I love it.

  • twoclevah
    twoclevahMonth ago

    congrats yuri!!!!!

  • Rubinix Cube
    Rubinix CubeMonth ago

    Came for the N-Line, got Yuri ASMR

  • LoveStallion
    LoveStallionMonth ago

    Вітаю, Юрій!

  • Duvoir Osbourne
    Duvoir OsbourneMonth ago

    The babies first words will be HORSEPOWER & TORQUE 😂 CONGRATS YURI 🎉

  • Justsome Randomdude
    Justsome RandomdudeMonth ago

    Lol. Yuri

  • ISukAPVP
    ISukAPVPMonth ago

    Congrats to Yuri