CAPABLE! 2021 Subaru Crosstrek Sport Review

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2021 Subaru Crosstrek Sport review by The Straight Pipes. The Subaru Crosstrek Sport / Outdoor is pumping out 182hp and 176 lb-ft tq from a 2.5L 4 cylinder boxer engine. Sitting at $31,795 CAD, would this be your pick over the Mazda CX-30, Toyota CHR, Honda HRV, Hyundai Kona?
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  • TheStraightPipes
    TheStraightPipes2 months ago

    Crosstrek or CX30 Turbo or Kona Turbo or 6 Cheap Foxbody Mustangs?

  • Benjamin Prichard

    Benjamin Prichard

    Month ago

    @Flip in Can the base CX-30 in the USA has 186hp. Actually terrible that Mazda Canada did you all dirty like that.

  • Flip in Can

    Flip in Can

    Month ago

    ​@Benjamin Prichard the base CX-30 GX has 155 horsepower while the Crosstrek Outdoor has 182. The GS CX-30 which is the mid trim has 186 horsepower, difference of just 4hp. You're right about the top of the line CX-30 GT with turbo having 70hp more but that's 30% more expensive at $38,000 compared to the Crosstrek Outdoor ($30,000)

  • Benjamin Prichard

    Benjamin Prichard

    Month ago

    The CX-30. It’s easily the best car in its class.

  • Benjamin Prichard

    Benjamin Prichard

    Month ago

    @Flip in Can the CX-30 turbo also has 70 more horsepower than the Crosstrek Outdoor. In fact the base CX-30 has more horsepower than the Crosstrek Outdoor. Kinda sad

  • yoinkerman


    Month ago

    i have a kona turbo its great

  • Huzefa I
    Huzefa I16 days ago

    What youtube channel did you'll refer to for checking out Subaru Outback videos?

  • Ian Johnson
    Ian Johnson17 days ago

    Review the 1997 Toyota Tercel please?

  • Eric Katz
    Eric Katz24 days ago

    Interesting how this crosstrek can fit two more boxes then your 2019 crosstrek video🧐

  • Roda Wan2Three
    Roda Wan2Three27 days ago

    Subaru xv

  • DaVide1991Marshall
    DaVide1991Marshall27 days ago

    As i heard Polish "Ja jestem Jakub", a sub goes to your channel ;)

  • NicksDomain101
    NicksDomain10128 days ago

    Idk why everyone expects this car to be a racecar lmao

  • brianco12
    brianco1229 days ago

    This Crosstrek or the Kia Seltos AWD with the Bigger Engine?

  • Colten Alldredge
    Colten AlldredgeMonth ago

    Give me a 6spd manual with the 2.5L and then I'll finally get rid of my manual Corolla :P

  • FreedomSoftware
    FreedomSoftwareMonth ago

    Same sport with no front camera view and no heated steering wheel is $28k in USA :(

  • Kevin Wright
    Kevin WrightMonth ago

    I’m thinking of getting a crosstrek as my next car as it’s got a bigger gas tank than the one in the cx-30.

  • Gene Forte
    Gene ForteMonth ago

    Own a 2013 Crosstrek and I had to replace front CV axles twice prematurely and at 87k miles now, the junk CVT Trans sounds like it's going to peter out

  • Eli Kelner
    Eli KelnerMonth ago

    Americans can get this color on the top 2 sport/limited trims

  • john shmedik
    john shmedikMonth ago

    Being Russian, I appreciate the Intro

  • john shmedik
    john shmedikMonth ago

    Loved the Russian intro ! Didn't expect that

  • TheStraightPipes


    Month ago

    Ukrainian and polish

  • Yuriy Soroka
    Yuriy SorokaMonth ago

    Щиро дякуємо за інформативний огляд, хлопці. Ви кращі, як завжди!💪🏎

  • A. DudeMan
    A. DudeManMonth ago

    My biggest gripe with the Crosstrek is that god-awful CVT. I test drove one a little bit ago and couldn't wait to get it back to the dealership so I'd never have to drive it again. Which sucks, because I love the way the crosstrek feels and looks. It's a comfortable, gorgeous car that's very capable, ruined by a shitty CVT. Would it kill automanufacturers to put in proper automatics? Or even DCTs, for Chistsake.

  • Aldo Felipe
    Aldo FelipeMonth ago

    so sad that no other car companies are aiming to build more cars like this.

  • Daniel Masterson
    Daniel MastersonMonth ago

    They really need to do the limited trim headlights on this

  • Daniel Masterson
    Daniel MastersonMonth ago

    I have noticed that when I start out in Sport mode after I start the car without moving the throttle is better early on as opposed to switching it while driving. just something I have noticed but it may end up me just thinking its better

  • Benjamin Prichard
    Benjamin PrichardMonth ago

    The CX-30 does have lane keep assist. Don’t know why you said it didn’t.

  • Benjamin Prichard

    Benjamin Prichard

    Month ago

    @TheStraightPipes “the good kind” should prevent accidents and be less invasive for the driver. LCA is overkill and designed for people who don’t care about the experience of driving. Personally I much prefer RDA.

  • TheStraightPipes


    Month ago

    Not the good kind

  • Dohregard
    DohregardMonth ago

    I wish the infotainment from the 2018 was as responsive as this one seems to be :(

  • Teodor Milcheliev
    Teodor MilchelievMonth ago

    Having a front facing camera allways on is superb. In a tall vehicle /including s minivan/ is just good. Or at least for low speeds of up to 30km/h.

  • s r
    s rMonth ago

    man... that dent on the passenger side door is killing me..

  • Yacine Kouitini
    Yacine KouitiniMonth ago

    This looks like a 2013 model !

  • Cars
    CarsMonth ago

    It's the no-need-to-wash-your-car-yellow

  • HereIgoAgain
    HereIgoAgainMonth ago

    How about a "Straight Pipes" rating? Like 6/8 straight pipes.

  • Thelby1
    Thelby1Month ago

    Is this Dustin and Mike from Stranger Things, all grown up???

  • sportsMike87
    sportsMike87Month ago

    I’m glad you admit the brands always give the higher trims. Most people don’t get the highest trim of cars

  • sportsMike87
    sportsMike87Month ago

    needs an exterior redesign

  • CanadaCraig
    CanadaCraig2 months ago

    NOTE: This is NOT the 'Sport' edition. It's called the 'Outdoor'.

  • Silver State RC Adventures
    Silver State RC Adventures2 months ago

    Had my Crosstrek sport for a couple months now. Pretty good review, I feel a lot about what you said is true to the car. The cvt is the big killer to the whole car. Other than that, it is a great adventure vehicle.

  • kens97sto171
    kens97sto1712 months ago

    Nice to see a more normal car for a change. Can't believe they still put halogen headlights in this. Even a base model Toyota Corolla has had LED headlights since 2016. Except for the CVT this is kind of a great package for a good daily driver that can do kind of everything. Especially for places that get significant winter weather.

  • Matthew Roland
    Matthew Roland2 months ago

    Outback onyx xt for the next subaru review please

  • Андрій Купецький
    Андрій Купецький2 months ago

    Almost instant thumbs up for Ukrainian / Polish intro! ♥️

  • Tim Glascock
    Tim Glascock2 months ago

    Yes crosstrek sti!!

  • LEGOwski
    LEGOwski2 months ago

    "Jestem Yuri, Ja jestem Jakub...i jedziemy na przejażdżkę"

  • M A
    M A2 months ago

    Is the back seat spacious enough for some fisting on a first date ? I’d consider front seats normally, but don’t want to come off as non gentleman-like.

  • pasharespect
    pasharespect2 months ago

    Ми їдемо за кермом. Дякуємо

  • Yevgen Grygorovych
    Yevgen Grygorovych2 months ago

    What it was ? =) You guys talking Ukrainian? )

  • Michael Horner
    Michael Horner2 months ago

    That intro :)

  • Archangel Michael
    Archangel Michael2 months ago

    I actually appreciate the manual hand brake for the rear. As someone who lived in the frosty Dakotas for years, the hand brake is key to maintaining control on ice, slush, and mud. Couple that with the AWD and traction control systems and you've got yourself a vehicle that will tackle the worst winter roads with the grace of an Olympic figure skater.

  • boom chuchu
    boom chuchu2 months ago

    Yall out here handsome with that facial hair

  • DumbledoreMcCracken
    DumbledoreMcCracken2 months ago

    STI Crosstrek convertible to a Pickup by removing back plastic roof and rear seats

  • Mikey J
    Mikey J2 months ago

    Reflector beam headlights + CVT = Automatic NOOOOOOOOOOOO

  • J.R. Arnolli

    J.R. Arnolli

    2 months ago

    Driven CVT's since 1964, no problem, maybe some need to learn how to use the CVT?

  • Mikey J

    Mikey J

    2 months ago

    This is a Subaru, not a Nissan.

  • ebscoHOST
    ebscoHOST2 months ago

    wot tak wot!

  • Deep Divecha
    Deep Divecha2 months ago

    Can u please review Infiniti QX70???

  • C. Y.
    C. Y.2 months ago

    Transmission is so disappointing! Bigger engine + manual would be a good match (they would sell at least 5 worldwide).

  • max audi
    max audi2 months ago

    Wow this is the most uninspiring review you guys have ever done! Too funny. Someone get these guys the new GT3!

  • Peter Soliman
    Peter Soliman2 months ago

    I'd watch a comparison video!

  • Iam Sam
    Iam Sam2 months ago

    Any particular reason why the intro was in (presumably) Russian?

  • miles redgate
    miles redgate2 months ago

    Hope the impreza they gave you was thr manual, I feel like it makes a big difference on that car, but I'm doubtful.

  • Dr Nisu Unn
    Dr Nisu Unn2 months ago

    Kona N if it had AWD..

  • ericfromPL
    ericfromPL2 months ago

    Privet Yuri | Cześć Jakub >>> Avtomashiny & Samochody 🏎 💨

    DAVE MAURER2 months ago

    Just had a bad Chevy Avalanche flashback. Get rid of all that plastic, man!

  • The Dufftastic
    The Dufftastic2 months ago

    Y'all should have tested a 6MT Crosstrek I love my 2019 🤙🏽

  • Chuck Cribbs
    Chuck Cribbs2 months ago

    That look on Jakob's face during the acceleration: priceless.

  • Deetroiter
    Deetroiter2 months ago

    Isn’t every Subaru an outdoor edition? :P

  • zanbrocal
    zanbrocal2 months ago

    What's the music at the beginning?

  • Taras Shulhan
    Taras Shulhan2 months ago

    Yo damn I didn't know Yuri is Ukrainian! Dope af!

  • Levi Catalbas
    Levi Catalbas2 months ago

    A as fan from Australia i appreciate you guys putting in the KW numbers also!! Love your vids

  • Wusi Beaumont Mahoney
    Wusi Beaumont Mahoney2 months ago

    CVT make me sad. Why no auto

  • J.R. Arnolli

    J.R. Arnolli

    2 months ago

    Maybe if You learn how to drive a CVT?

  • Nick Z
    Nick Z2 months ago

    Now we need this engine in the regular Impreza. Imagine a new 2.5RS...

  • Gerald Acevedo
    Gerald Acevedo2 months ago


  • Ian Coates
    Ian Coates2 months ago

    I'd be taking this in immediately to a wrap shop to get that body color spoke on the steering wheel wrapped.

  • Remy P
    Remy P2 months ago

    I’d never buy one of these but knowing the video will be good I watch anyway. You guys are magicians in making not so fun cars exciting to watch. Keep them coming.

  • whafrog
    whafrog2 months ago

    2.5, but no stick. Ergo, no sale. smh.

  • Mark Radu
    Mark Radu2 months ago

    Crosstreks will remain underpowered until they offer a turbo variant. Not enough power difference from the 2.0 to the 2.5

  • Zeracho
    Zeracho2 months ago

    Looks like the same color my Triumph Speed Triple is.

  • Michal Klucz
    Michal Klucz2 months ago

    No prosze! Kto by sie spodziewal!

  • Harry Poter
    Harry Poter2 months ago

    there are 2 things about this car that COMPLETELY throw me off. If it had a non-CVT automatic transmission and if it had exhaust tips, I would love the car. But the way it is right now, I wouldnt buy one.

  • Harry Poter
    Harry Poter2 months ago

    ONTARIO LICENSE PLATE!!!!!! Canadian ehh?

  • i Neifion
    i Neifion2 months ago

    Mazda CX-30, for me.

  • Indika Jepara
    Indika Jepara2 months ago

    very retro style

  • Steven Foon
    Steven Foon2 months ago

    Subaru Canada. You need to modify the options on the models you offer there. The Crosstrek Limited in the USA has the 2.5 litre, LED's and Eyesight. The advantage the Canadian version has is the front camera and heated steering wheels.

  • Erik N.
    Erik N.2 months ago

    I wish this engine was available in the regular impreza wagon

  • Charlie Escobar
    Charlie Escobar2 months ago

    Subaru is just hands down better than Mazda.

  • Azwan Azmi
    Azwan Azmi2 months ago

    For a second there i thought i was on the wrong channel but weirdly similar to the straight pipes

  • Bill Kabitz
    Bill Kabitz2 months ago

    I bought the original CrossTrek in 2013. That was seriously underpowered. On a trip through Rocky Mountain National Park, anywhere above 7000 feet it was super slow. It really needs at least 225 hp.

  • joseph Reyes
    joseph Reyes2 months ago

    Should also mention it doesn’t have a power lift gate compared to forester or outback! That could be a make or break deal for a lot of people.

  • fawad malik
    fawad malik2 months ago

    It looks like an Honda-BRV

  • Blender3DProjects
    Blender3DProjects2 months ago

    This car looks straight out of 2008... when is Subaru going to update their design language?

  • Luke Slater
    Luke Slater2 months ago

    Was that a Russian intro🤔🇷🇺.

  • Charbel Younes
    Charbel Younes2 months ago

    I love you guys

  • Luiz Burgos
    Luiz Burgos2 months ago

    That intro made me look at the name of the channel to see if it wasn’t some Asian translated Staright Pipes hahah

  • TheStraightPipes


    2 months ago


  • Chaitanya Gupta
    Chaitanya Gupta2 months ago

    Can you do the Audi A6?

  • Cherky
    Cherky2 months ago

    You guys should find someone with an offroad crosstrek setup and test drive it. Would definitely watch!

  • Jesse Chao
    Jesse Chao2 months ago

    I like my indoor edition

  • Daniel Llanes
    Daniel Llanes2 months ago

    7:56 wym toyotas? corollas had led headlights since 2014, even their base models

  • Juan Pablo Castellanos Altamirano
    Juan Pablo Castellanos Altamirano2 months ago

    U minia nie ne pa rusky! 😛

  • Achal Patel
    Achal Patel2 months ago

    He guys why don’t you make video on toyota rav 4 because this is the best seller and with good mileage

  • TheStraightPipes


    2 months ago

    We did. At least 3. Try search

  • D Ha
    D Ha2 months ago

    Next video, Yuri and Jacob will say it in Chinese 😄

  • Engineering Explained
    Engineering Explained2 months ago

    I wish y'all would review normal cars instead of insane aspirational dream cars like this one. Smh.

  • Jacob Clement

    Jacob Clement

    Month ago

    This comment aged well. That new rolls royce is a little too cheap for me smh

  • Gobear Gromit

    Gobear Gromit

    Month ago

    This is really a normal of the best small SUV’s on the market... all it ever needed was more power ,done and done

  • craicker jack

    craicker jack

    2 months ago

    Straight pipe da crosstrek lmao

  • Brayden Ferguson

    Brayden Ferguson

    2 months ago

    @Allen Analla you missed the joke

  • Jordan Lang

    Jordan Lang

    2 months ago

    @Allen Analla Whooosh

  • Xt
    Xt2 months ago

    Sacrificed the power to get the manual. Drives nicer than the cvt. Has upgraded everything else and no garbage eyesight

  • RJ DJ
    RJ DJ2 months ago

    Bring back Sunshine Orange or another cool color and I'm trading in my 2019 Touring. Everyone loves this 2.5 engine. I love my Trek but 152 HP 2.0 isn't enough for the weight. It would be amazing if they added a turbo though...

  • this is my dog
    this is my dog2 months ago

    My mom and dad own one of these and we love it

  • Yibo Shen
    Yibo Shen2 months ago

    let's compare!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • miata
    miata2 months ago

    The most advertised subuie ever

  • DROZDANikola
    DROZDANikola2 months ago

    Мені сподобався Ваш огляд , я вирішив і купив Hyundai Elantra Sport 2017 manual!!!. Electric blue colour. Дякую за гарний огляд який допоміг мені у виборі, тачка вчора приїхала що правда з США не з Канади, але то таке))

  • cbrest
    cbrest2 months ago

    THANK YOU guys for kilowatts figures! Big props!