BIG MONEY! 2021 Maybach GLS 600 vs BMW Alpina XB7

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2021 Mercedes-Maybach GLS 600 vs 2021 BMW Alpina XB7 review by The Straight Pipes. The Mercedes Maybach GLS600 is pumping out 550 hp 538 lb ft tq from a 4.0L V8 Twin Turbo Engine with EQ-Boost, while the BMW Alpina XB7 is putting down 612hp 590 lb-ft tq from a 4.4L Twin Turbo V8. Would you pick luxury or speed? Mercedes-Maybach GLS600 or BMW Alpina XB7?
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  • Micah Muzio
    Micah Muzio8 days ago

    Investing is how you create wealth,I started investing from pandemic crash.👍

  • Emad Ahmed

    Emad Ahmed

    2 days ago

    They're just taking the piss at the bots that say shit like that. Relax.

  • Amar477


    2 days ago

    Wtf is happening are they just messing around or are they getting paid??

  • Emad Ahmed

    Emad Ahmed

    2 days ago

    @Emad Mahmood I don't know how long you have been watching car reviews on USplan but Micah is from Kelley Blue Book which is one of the oldest car review channels.

  • Mike S

    Mike S

    3 days ago

    Numb nuts go promote ur bullcrap investing some where else, if your trying to market your investment portfolio on comments shows ur full of 💩💩

  • Maxwell Benz

    Maxwell Benz

    5 days ago

    @savagegeese lol... You kill me.

  • Wil aka Jigga Moo
    Wil aka Jigga MooHour ago


  • Vorch
    Vorch2 hours ago

    Knowing how Mercedes builds their cars, the bouncing air suspension will catastrophically fail 12 hours of out warranty. By far the worst German brand to own not brand new. If I had to pick between these two, I would get a Cayenne GTS.

  • gabriel atala
    gabriel atala4 hours ago

    Back seat maybach Driving bx7 I don’t like people driving me around so BMW wins for me

    VICTORIUS STYLE8 hours ago

    Mercedes 🤩🤩🤩🇩🇪

  • Tichavanashe Mupeti
    Tichavanashe Mupeti9 hours ago

    Greatest. Intro. Ever! 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Raktim Saikia
    Raktim Saikia10 hours ago

    Mercedes Maybach GLS is very cool bro 😎😎

  • Shocked Hamster
    Shocked Hamster13 hours ago

    "And my Iphone 12 Pro Max" such an Apple guy... hopefully it's not the Iphone 69 Extra Max macarena XL Pro !

  • Kekoapono
    Kekoapono14 hours ago

    That bounce mode is so silly.

  • ayush mehndiratta
    ayush mehndiratta15 hours ago

    I would choose XB7 anyday anytime without single thinking

  • Iustin Ioan
    Iustin Ioan15 hours ago

    You should have compared brabus to alpina

  • Bmwblack Bmwm5
    Bmwblack Bmwm516 hours ago

    Mercedes 2021 dont have lanch 😂😂😂hahahaah deam

  • Shopski Zdac
    Shopski Zdac16 hours ago

    Ugly cars

  • Anurag Gill
    Anurag Gill19 hours ago

    The Dancing Maybach is a pure win for me!

  • Phillip Lyn
    Phillip Lyn22 hours ago

    Loving this one thanks for sharing very information blessed love to all knowledge is power hopefully everyone pays attention keep up the good work 🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿🇯🇲🇯🇲🇯🇲

  • Jose Vega
    Jose VegaDay ago

    BMW looks way better. The Mercedes looks ugly, I hate chrome so maybe that's why I think that.

  • k B
    k BDay ago

    Maybach please

  • prince nassimo
    prince nassimoDay ago

    Maybach is much more luxurious than the Alpina.

  • عطر امواجꪜ
    عطر امواجꪜDay ago


  • Alex London
    Alex LondonDay ago

    What the fook bmw x7 doesnt stand a chance

  • Bonzo
    BonzoDay ago

    Maybach for me because it bounces.

  • Just an ordinary guy
    Just an ordinary guyDay ago

    as a driver, I don't use a back seat, the bouncy gimmick is cool but unless you want to show it off to a friend, you'd never use it after not too long. The extra money is too much compared to the BMW, and really when you want to put your foot down and go, there is no comparison! not to mention the practicality of having some room to use like being able to move more than 4 people and having a boot space that is actually usable! BMW for the win!

  • Arlind Shala
    Arlind ShalaDay ago

    you should compare the ALPINA with a BRABUS that's more equal.

  • Turismo


    15 hours ago

    Not even, brabus is tuning alpina is stock

  • beamerM5
    beamerM5Day ago

    Alpina looks 10 times better, don't know what you guys are talking about. The front of that Maybach is so ghetto, it's not even funny.

  • sânzi pânzi
    sânzi pânziDay ago

    bmw has a more good looking front than the merc? you defo faboys lmao

  • Raahim Siraj
    Raahim SirajDay ago

    I know exactly where u shot this video lmao. It’s right next to my house.

  • Ali Raharjo
    Ali RaharjoDay ago

    finally lowrider suv

  • Karan Kaler
    Karan KalerDay ago

    Please review Range Rover autobiography and their all models,will be exciting!!

  • Đạt Thành
    Đạt ThànhDay ago

    To be honest, for Europeans I only love sedans especially the Maybach S Class and 7 series, I don't like their suv models like the GLS or X7 ... even though they are very luxurious, extra Except for the ranger rover which is the only European suv that I like very much, for the suv I prefer the American model because it is really as spacious as the real 7 seats. .

  • Ramsey Hawa
    Ramsey HawaDay ago

    There both really beautiful looking cars

  • Female Doggy
    Female DoggyDay ago

    “Still not obnoxious like an M car...” lol doesn’t have to be an M car to be annoying. 18 year olds in 328i’s be making those cracks and pops like it’s nothing

  • DSI gunner
    DSI gunnerDay ago

    XB7 the best

  • PequlaTV
    PequlaTV2 days ago

    One thing that you dont realise when you have kids is that when they get to about of age 5+ they start to hit everything with there legs destorying the back of the car, and i dont want to hear the price of that back infotainment screen nor the tablet in the maybach nor alpina

  • Ibrahim Sayah
    Ibrahim Sayah2 days ago


  • Ir Ram
    Ir Ram2 days ago

    I love bmw but bruh that Benz Maybach suv is too beautiful! Benz for the win!!!😍

  • 5 Star Reviews
    5 Star Reviews2 days ago

    Making a fetish out of tail pipes that spew poison gas. You people. tail pipes are shameful things, but these topsy turvy promotional people turn it into an object of admiration. Same goes for the new car smell. Turning the off gasing of toxic fumes from a cars interior surfaces into a positive. Sheesh.

  • Hen zo
    Hen zo2 days ago

    BMW all the way

  • Thug Life GAMER
    Thug Life GAMER2 days ago

    mercedes best always

  • Based Ghost
    Based Ghost2 days ago

    hey thats a nice 2003 lincoln navigator

  • Bigg Chuski
    Bigg Chuski2 days ago

    I'll take the alpina

  • Dennis Nguyen
    Dennis Nguyen2 days ago

    might as wheel get the g wagon suv for that price. Much better built and same level of luxury.

  • Aditya Pedapudi
    Aditya Pedapudi2 days ago

    These cars are gimmicky with flashy names and unnecessarily complicated names for simple features. But I guess it sells. I ain’t ever buying one even if I did have the monies.

  • shazenbroek
    shazenbroek2 days ago

    Why compare a Maybach with an Alpine? How about a GLS Brabus and Alpine...

  • Turismo


    15 hours ago

    Alpine?? The renault?

  • Eddie
    Eddie2 days ago

    That intro slapped

  • luka zupie
    luka zupie3 days ago

    Alpina is not in house :)

  • Noah Lewis
    Noah Lewis3 days ago

    When the Mercedes does the bounce thing it be lookin a bit sus

  • Fujiwara 藤原
    Fujiwara 藤原3 days ago


  • quietly exploring
    quietly exploring3 days ago

    If you guys can get drake in a win, you two would have successfully won, def taking that XB7 too

  • dSnugs
    dSnugs3 days ago

    Well the issue with the size of the BMW grills is that it's so tall and narrow and just looks way out of proportion relative to the rest of the front end and the vehicle.

    CNYCNY13 days ago

    You jokers need help. Both are extinct

  • hereistand2008
    hereistand20083 days ago

    Maybach of course

    PHANTOM REACTOR3 days ago

    I choose xb7, that suv has more monster aggressive look🔥🔥

  • down up
    down up3 days ago

    alpinaga gap yóq💪💪💪💪💪

  • Huncho Rolls
    Huncho Rolls3 days ago

    cant wait for it to depreciate 💯💯💯

  • Zynex
    Zynex3 days ago

    Mercedes has been stepping up their game lately

  • Rayon Robin
    Rayon Robin3 days ago

    A Mercedes, is always a Mercedes.

  • Kai Paulo Vlogs
    Kai Paulo Vlogs3 days ago

    You kept saying “MY-BACH”bruh it’s “MAY-BACH”

  • Aswin Dinesh
    Aswin Dinesh3 days ago

    Why not GLS 63😑

  • David Fernandorw
    David Fernandorw3 days ago

    team mayback like 👍🏻😎

  • Mike S
    Mike S3 days ago

    Pointless comparison😒 I'm out

  • Rakhsi Prayogo
    Rakhsi Prayogo3 days ago

    Alpina Vs Maybach

  • Souvik Biswas
    Souvik Biswas3 days ago

    Mercy have that king like feeling😎❤️

  • Matthew Shillito
    Matthew Shillito3 days ago

    Freaking love you guys. 😀. Love the real world realness

  • Angus Nock
    Angus Nock3 days ago

    I watched you guys make this video!! hahahaha

  • Alexander West
    Alexander West3 days ago

    as much as I love the x7 and it's an awesome car that I'd love to own...if I wanted a sportier car than the Maybach i would prob just opt for the gls 63

  • TheSlimPops
    TheSlimPops3 days ago

    Those things are hideous

  • youtubasoarus
    youtubasoarus3 days ago

    Neither. But I like watching the show :)

  • Mister Win
    Mister Win4 days ago

    Wait... So it's really bouncing?

  • Michael Key
    Michael Key4 days ago

    Something about the XB7 does it for me. Slammed and blacked out, that thing looks sinister... menacing... EVIL! I love it.

  • ابو دخيل الله
    ابو دخيل الله4 days ago


  • Adris
    Adris4 days ago

    I am sorry, but MM GLS front looks like russian garage failure 🤦‍♂️

  • ukpai emmanuel
    ukpai emmanuel4 days ago

    This is just misplaced priority, will you really be carrying your C.E.O at the back and be doing lunch mode i don't really get, you should be comparing luxury with luxury and sport with sport not luxury with sport, cos this to cars are aimed at totally different customers, plz let's be guided cos I really don't know wat I learnt from this video

  • Spencer Rehn
    Spencer Rehn4 days ago

    If the Maybach's a'rockin' don't come a'knockin'

  • Adam Bernard
    Adam Bernard4 days ago

    The bouncing Maybach looks about as classy as a backstreet pimp.

  • LongTermCap
    LongTermCap4 days ago

    Alpina isn’t an in-house sub brand is it? Thought they were a separate organization.

  • alpenjodel24
    alpenjodel244 days ago

    The XB7 looks so gangster

  • TM
    TM4 days ago

    Thanks for the slow mo suspension test

  • TM
    TM4 days ago

    Bouncy just so ganster

  • Eman M
    Eman M4 days ago

    The x7 lowered looks disgusting

  • Art Coin
    Art Coin4 days ago


  • Kenedy Tiburcio Mendoza
    Kenedy Tiburcio Mendoza4 days ago


  • ZitronenschaleTV
    ZitronenschaleTV4 days ago

    The Alpina looks way better, is faster and the building quality is way nicer.

  • gongshow20
    gongshow204 days ago

    baby on board or making baby in progress?!

  • mijn nummer
    mijn nummer4 days ago

    The Maybach gls build for simps.

  • NaTiVe X
    NaTiVe X4 days ago

    I like how everytime the maybach run it bounces

  • Karol
    Karol4 days ago

    3:05 BMW looks like Skoda Enyaq iV ;D GLS with this chrome front its the same like Cadillac Escalade from Underground 2 ;D

  • aslan
    aslan4 days ago


  • V.C.
    V.C.4 days ago

    maybach - poor taste, alpina - connoisseur.

  • kyrun tyree
    kyrun tyree4 days ago

    I wonder what's the price tag on replacing the air suspension on the Maybach 🤷🏿‍♂️

  • Yousef Al-A'ssaf يوسف العسّاف
    Yousef Al-A'ssaf يوسف العسّاف4 days ago

    That striped gloss-black trim in the Maybach is available in most Mercedes models.

  • Piotr Trocki
    Piotr Trocki4 days ago

    Maybach is a Pimpmobile for rich blacks, rapsters, drug dealers. lol

  • Lil_LyriX
    Lil_LyriX4 days ago

    Well obviously the Maybach is gonna win, it's 50k more expensive.. ;-;

  • Show Me What I Need To Know
    Show Me What I Need To Know4 days ago

    What a bargain: I'll take one of each.

  • Mohamed Osama
    Mohamed Osama4 days ago

    Alpina landslide win baby That gauge cluster talks to my inner child. It's faster It's hot and sporty It's just better

  • Vandir Sousa Ribeiro
    Vandir Sousa Ribeiro5 days ago

    The baby approved GLS600!

  • ybs brando
    ybs brando5 days ago

    didn’t even know bmw had a luxury brand bro i thought it was just bmw this is crazy

  • jamviator
    jamviator5 days ago

    BMW makes the Rolls Royce Cullinan, a more direct competitor. Having said that, I'd definitely choose the XB7. It looks great, it's luxurious enough and it's great to drive.

  • Jahsim
    Jahsim5 days ago

    the lower grille on the Maybach looks like something from AutoZone lol

  • Jordan Thomas
    Jordan Thomas5 days ago

    That constantly-bouncing Maybach had me ROLLING

  • Jesse Ahola
    Jesse Ahola5 days ago

    Alpina XB7