Best Porsche LAUNCH CONTROL Reactions

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Porsche Launch Control compilation from some of our favorite Porsche videos like the Porsche 911 GT3 RS, Porsche 911 GT2 RS, Porsche 911 Speedster, Porsche 911 Turbo S, Porsche Taycan Turbo S, Porsche Cayman GT4, Porsche 911 Targa 4, Porsche 911 Carrera 4S, Porsche Panamera GTS Sport Turismo, and Porsche Panamera Turbo S Sport Turismo.
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  • TheStraightPipes
    TheStraightPipesMonth ago

    What's your favourite Porsche launch? Also watch this Launch Control video from last year:

  • Liandra El-Kadre

    Liandra El-Kadre

    17 days ago


  • Germany Countryball

    Germany Countryball

    29 days ago


  • Chris Alvarez

    Chris Alvarez

    Month ago

    GT2RS, Speedster, GT4, 911 Targa, 911 Carrera 4S.

  • justine gamer ssb2 gamer

    justine gamer ssb2 gamer

    Month ago

    My favorite car is porsche cayman s

  • Kalvin YT Oficial •

    Kalvin YT Oficial •

    Month ago


  • E46M3賴
    E46M3賴2 days ago

    Did you lunch GT2 Rs?

  • Cmaga 28
    Cmaga 288 days ago

    Poor clutch in the speedster

  • funtime foxy
    funtime foxy11 days ago

    When you trun juses plus mode on 2:26

  • Brendon Calder
    Brendon Calder13 days ago

    I’m new to this channel but did they use to swear in car reviews 0:18

  • bluesky1986
    bluesky198614 days ago

    The driver is a virgin. What a tool. Actually they both are...

  • Muhammad Aziz Rizdhuha
    Muhammad Aziz Rizdhuha14 days ago

    Porsche's launch controls are sick

  • srinitaaigaura
    srinitaaigaura15 days ago

    The best launching cars, all day long, 6000 rpm launch!!

  • illumigaming 85
    illumigaming 8516 days ago

    Even my chair reacted! LOL

  • Jayson Sternberg
    Jayson Sternberg22 days ago

    TURBO S 🤕😎

  • KazzyCx
    KazzyCx23 days ago

    That 911 launch was perfect

  • illumigaming 85
    illumigaming 8524 days ago

    The 911 Turbo is that one kid who always gets in front of you when you do laps in school

  • DreamZz
    DreamZz25 days ago

    0:53 that looks so unrealistic but its real :o

  • Asier Dos Santos
    Asier Dos Santos26 days ago

    Why the taycan turbo s is called turbo but the car don't have turbo???????

  • Apras48 YT
    Apras48 YT27 days ago

    Jakub without a beard is a cursed image and a half rn lmfaoooo

  • 4k4niqq
    4k4niqq28 days ago

    He looks weird without the beard😂

  • David Choi
    David Choi28 days ago

    One of these days i will own a gt3rs!

  • Giovanni Refosco
    Giovanni RefoscoMonth ago

    911 turbo s simply disappears, absolutely crazy

  • The V Generation
    The V GenerationMonth ago

    the GT2 Rs is the same car we have in India with same spec silver with Black stripes but with black magnesium wheels

  • Jordan Beames
    Jordan BeamesMonth ago

    0:18 watch your profanity

  • Nathan Parsons
    Nathan ParsonsMonth ago

    2:57 my old ass golf 5 cold start

  • Martin's Videos
    Martin's VideosMonth ago

    1:11 Yuri's face xD

  • Raz0rX Phoenix
    Raz0rX PhoenixMonth ago


  • heavemsgelo shi
    heavemsgelo shiMonth ago

    love the gt3 rs

  • Mark Cam
    Mark CamMonth ago

    I have not seen a launch like that since the Toyota CHR ;-)

  • Luca benigni
    Luca benigniMonth ago

    Turbo S 🚀

  • Neman Momand
    Neman MomandMonth ago

    They were going like 200+ : HOLY SHIT... German people on Autobahn 320+: *NOICE*

  • Boller Bg
    Boller BgMonth ago

    Porsche have the best accelerations

  • Inko Speeder
    Inko SpeederMonth ago

    0:55 ; Girlfriend ; Babe, I'm bored and home alone... Me ;

  • Jaco Boshoff

    Jaco Boshoff

    Month ago

    Fastest launch in the vid I think😁

  • Olga Shlykova
    Olga ShlykovaMonth ago


  • Josh B
    Josh BMonth ago

    0:17 that’s gotta be one of the funniest reactions I’ve seen to any cars acceleration 😂

  • Marty 154
    Marty 154Month ago

    I fear no man , but that thing Jacob without a beard It scares me

  • Aaron Kiser
    Aaron KiserMonth ago


  • Aaron Kiser
    Aaron KiserMonth ago

    Stop cusing

  • Niklas K
    Niklas KMonth ago

    Banger video!

  • Phu Vuong
    Phu VuongMonth ago

    Is Taycan turbo faster than the legend quarter-mile 911 turbo S?

  • Obiwan Kanoli
    Obiwan KanoliMonth ago

    1:38 loooooooool I can see you die inside as is bogs...

  • CMDR Boom
    CMDR BoomMonth ago

    You can definitely tell which vids the boys did right after lunch.

  • Mythiceu
    MythiceuMonth ago

    1:01 That sounded like a turbo

  • Kagan Kilic
    Kagan KilicMonth ago

    Astralis xyp9x ?????????????????????????????????????,

  • Riley&Drako DOGS
    Riley&Drako DOGSMonth ago


  • Riley&Drako DOGS
    Riley&Drako DOGSMonth ago

    I love

  • Bapesma
    BapesmaMonth ago

    the electric is sooo boring

  • General DingDong
    General DingDongMonth ago

    Do that again with the Taycan Turbo S.

  • TheStraightPipes


    Month ago

    We the video...

  • Mariokillerpro 05
    Mariokillerpro 05Month ago

    Panamera gts💥💥

  • Bayern Fan
    Bayern FanMonth ago

    I love the TImmies cup

  • Max S
    Max SMonth ago

    please do a Kia version of this video

  • - spudman 2.0
    - spudman 2.0Month ago

    0:54 that's crazy

  • Terry Roth
    Terry RothMonth ago

    While the other front engine super cars are waiting for the power transfer, from their engine, through the drive train, to the rear wheels, the Porsche 911 is already down the highway. The rear engine layout makes it the fastest car off the line. If you have owned a 911, you know what I mean.

  • shingos shojiopoulos

    shingos shojiopoulos

    11 days ago

    But super cars aren't front-engined

  • Marin Berndt
    Marin BerndtMonth ago

    my favourite clip: You germans are crazy how did you make this car?! 😂😂

  • Mark Cam
    Mark CamMonth ago

    IM still waiting for you 2 to launch a YUGO ;-)

  • Cronarona321
    Cronarona321Month ago

    That 911 turbo s is so insane

  • Andrew pruteanu
    Andrew pruteanuMonth ago

    The GT3 sounds SO GOOD, but the 911 turbo s is the faster one

  • Jason Zhao
    Jason ZhaoMonth ago

    Turbo S is legend

  • Jo Don Lee
    Jo Don LeeMonth ago

    Fun fact: if you have forgotten what is the channels name, all you have to do is just type; Its launch control. It actually works

  • Elijah Parsons
    Elijah ParsonsMonth ago

    YO @ 0:53 yall were gone 🤣😭

  • Frxszy ゚
    Frxszy ゚Month ago

    Ooooooh fuuuuuuuun me😂😂😂

    STACHURATX7Month ago

    you guys rock! i see you for the first time and i you are smiling and enjoying these launch like nobody does! Sub!

  • Thelian Nuñez
    Thelian NuñezMonth ago

    Moments of pure joy

  • Fábio Tavares
    Fábio TavaresMonth ago

    when it arrived to the taycan , my brain "did the video paused wtf?" Ah , no , it's eletric...

  • Milos Tipsarevic
    Milos TipsarevicMonth ago

    I did and liked the sound of them

  • Milos Tipsarevic
    Milos TipsarevicMonth ago

    I did and liked the sound of them

  • Milos Tipsarevic
    Milos TipsarevicMonth ago

    I did and liked the sound of them

  • O B
    O BMonth ago

    I don't know about this thumbnail style fellas...

  • Yodases
    YodasesMonth ago

    Looks like fun 👍

  • Carl Maratta
    Carl MarattaMonth ago

    3:05 is when you know a car is really fast by just watching a video

  • Derrick Pul
    Derrick PulMonth ago

    The Panamera GTS sounds gooddd

  • Tommyistic
    TommyisticMonth ago

    this video is just the evolution of Jacob's beard

  • A Seeber
    A SeeberMonth ago

    Definitely in my top 3 favorite videos of all time from you guys

  • Vincent Bianchi
    Vincent BianchiMonth ago

    2:33 that face..

  • Milos Tipsarevic
    Milos TipsarevicMonth ago

    When Jacob’s parter was driving the GT4, it kind of bomb down. But it was really enjoyable when Jacob drove the GT4

  • Jesus Cortes
    Jesus CortesMonth ago

    The taycan turbo S looked the scariest. 💯

  • Jeremy Schilling
    Jeremy SchillingMonth ago

    Love it

  • B. Kwan Min
    B. Kwan MinMonth ago

    "you Germans are crazy ! how did you make this car?!"

  • Jayden Grier
    Jayden GrierMonth ago

    Taycan! launch is absolutely insane

  • vonster ward
    vonster wardMonth ago

    try a Porsche Taycan will make that look slow , lol

  • Nuno Sousa
    Nuno SousaMonth ago


  • Dame Dollaz
    Dame DollazMonth ago


  • Dame Dollaz
    Dame DollazMonth ago


  • Dame Dollaz
    Dame DollazMonth ago


  • Dame Dollaz
    Dame DollazMonth ago


  • Dame Dollaz
    Dame DollazMonth ago


  • Dame Dollaz
    Dame DollazMonth ago


  • Dame Dollaz
    Dame DollazMonth ago


  • Dame Dollaz
    Dame DollazMonth ago


  • Victic
    VicticMonth ago

    Where are the macans ??

  • jiovanni rodriguez
    jiovanni rodriguezMonth ago

    My favorite launch is the porch Speedstar

  • Egg
    EggMonth ago

    the 911 speedster is my fav

  • Tom O'Day
    Tom O'DayMonth ago

    You guys are great to watch 👍🏻

  • wolfeman11111
    wolfeman11111Month ago

    I rewatched the first 3 seconds only about 1000 times

  • Toyota Venza Guy 24
    Toyota Venza Guy 24Month ago

    I guess porsche’s are made for launching!

  • Revitalized Electronics
    Revitalized ElectronicsMonth ago

    @ Time stamp 1.05......OM LMBO

  • Chah Ching
    Chah ChingMonth ago

    The lame scared face click bait thumbnails. Grow up kids.

  • Akash Deo
    Akash DeoMonth ago

    One word ...Orgasmic

  • Bradley Rex
    Bradley RexMonth ago

    Imagine when they finally make an electric 911? Then it will be fast!

  • I Finn
    I FinnMonth ago

    If a Porsche is not on every man's bucket list is even a bucket list at all?

  • Marcin Hernik
    Marcin HernikMonth ago

    The face you make when GME rocket ship takes off to the moon!

  • Jag Lovee
    Jag LoveeMonth ago


  • hayden blank
    hayden blankMonth ago

    What is happening to yuri?

  • vistastructions


    Month ago

    He left Straight Pipes

  • Justin Phillips
    Justin PhillipsMonth ago

    Didn’t know I could love Porsche any more than I did before watching this. I was wrong 🥰