Best Mercedes-AMG LAUNCH CONTROL Reactions


Mercedes-AMG Launch Control compilation from some of our favorite AMG videos like the Mercedes-AMG E63S Wagon, Mercedes-AMG GTR, Mercedes-AMG GT63S 4 Door Coupe, Mercedes-AMG C63S, Mercedes G550 4x4 Squared, Mercedes-AMG G63, Mercedes-AMG GLC63S.
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  • TheStraightPipes
    TheStraightPipesMonth ago

    What's your favourite Mercedes-AMG launch? Watch our Porsche launches here:

  • Renan MX FN

    Renan MX FN

    Month ago

    E63S, AMG GT R, GT63S & G63 AMG

  • p3g45u58


    Month ago

    I like e class e63s amg because is very so fast I want that car

  • Ferrari F80

    Ferrari F80

    Month ago

    My favorite one is The AMG GT63 S 5 door

  • Preworkout


    Month ago

    The GT63s 5 doors that thing is a beast just had the pleasure to drive it for 10 kms it sounds ,drives and handles insane .

  • Kyle Rodgers

    Kyle Rodgers

    Month ago

    AMG GT63 and AMG GTR - sounds the best

  • Mark Batarina
    Mark Batarina10 days ago

    That’s something electric cars won’t get. It may pull hard and be quick, but you’ll never get the spectacle of a meaty combustion engine.

  • K_F08 x_x
    K_F08 x_x14 days ago

    Mercedes have this one v8 that uses it on every 63 trim level they dont have any other engines

  • Tafil Xhambazi
    Tafil Xhambazi24 days ago


  • Naeem Nizami
    Naeem Nizami25 days ago

    Sadly but Hate Mercedes now.. For dropping that 6.3 l engine and adopting these ugliee designs

  • Myrtezan Demaj
    Myrtezan DemajMonth ago

    The german v-tec

  • evangaelGD
    evangaelGDMonth ago

    Mercedes looks like they have the same gearbox sound but I mean cars

  • Josh Gutierrez
    Josh GutierrezMonth ago

    The GT R launch is slow as hell

  • Stefan
    StefanMonth ago


  • Tom O'Day
    Tom O'DayMonth ago

    You guys are great πŸ‘πŸ»

  • siraaj hohmarow
    siraaj hohmarowMonth ago

    When bmw launch control ??

  • Zehra Mustafa
    Zehra MustafaMonth ago


  • Zehra Mustafa
    Zehra MustafaMonth ago


  • Un-known
    Un-knownMonth ago

    What ab the CLA 45

  • Ty Williams
    Ty WilliamsMonth ago

    AMG my favorite

  • Ty Mac
    Ty MacMonth ago

    Pre-0rg$mik looks and sounds,...means awesome cars Yuri watch Many things distract Yuri, and it’s all hilarious 🀣 0:07,0:28, 0:49 pure bliss, 1:23 Yuri 😊, the Green Gwagon 1:41 was meh. 1:54 the mag G Wagon Yuri approved, 2:02 Yuri as passenger tripped out on the door lock followed by the MONUMENTAL Pull from a dig. The last one is a Mercedes I will be buying and it’s fast.....RIGHT YURI???

  • Josh B
    Josh BMonth ago

    Mannn... Germans know how to make fast cars I can tell you that much πŸ₯΅

  • inikkor
    inikkorMonth ago

    When are u finally going to smash a Mercedes?

  • Roblox
    RobloxMonth ago

    i think the first one was really fast

  • Kalvin YT Oficial β€’
    Kalvin YT Oficial β€’Month ago

    1:45Auto door Lock Sound

  • Sasha Jones
    Sasha JonesMonth ago

    Did they review TJ Hunts 4x4 squared before he owned it lol. TJ said it was a Canadian car

  • M.A Halim
    M.A HalimMonth ago

    Toyota Avalon Review

  • rithym blues
    rithym bluesMonth ago

    My favorite is when you guy's reviewed the 2019 MB AMG GLC 63S! Yuri's face at Launch was priceless. He looked like his soul was snatched from him! πŸ˜‚

  • NA E
    NA EMonth ago

    All bmw lunches that will epic

  • λ„ν˜„μ΄μ˜κ²Œμž„μ±„λ„
    λ„ν˜„μ΄μ˜κ²Œμž„μ±„λ„Month ago

    pls upload best bmw launch

  • Veyronp87
    Veyronp87Month ago

    RIP the AMG V8...not much longer for this world

  • Players Club Wheels
    Players Club WheelsMonth ago

    AMG rocket launching πŸš€

  • AmidalaCdSK
    AmidalaCdSKMonth ago

    You didn't test the GLE or GLS?? (proudly build in Alabama)

  • Non-Certified G2A User
    Non-Certified G2A UserMonth ago

    Just asking, where’s Cliche Corner located?

  • sneekyturbo_AMG
    sneekyturbo_AMGMonth ago

    Cla45's feels like they're going to bust when you launch them. Just a big bang lol

  • Zehra Mustafa

    Zehra Mustafa

    Month ago


  • Zehra Mustafa

    Zehra Mustafa

    Month ago


  • Zehra Mustafa

    Zehra Mustafa

    Month ago


  • Valerio
    ValerioMonth ago

    Audi :)

  • obiwan kanobi
    obiwan kanobiMonth ago

    0:35 an AMG with a BRZ license plate πŸ˜‚

  • Dylan Nelson
    Dylan NelsonMonth ago

    These guys did a live stream and I asked β€œshould I get an s class or an E55 amg.” They said E55 amg and ive never been happier with a car purchase :)

  • Isaac K.

    Isaac K.

    24 days ago

    E55 is a beast!

  • evan holman
    evan holmanMonth ago

    and the award for most clickbait straightpipes videos goes to this one!

  • askavee
    askaveeMonth ago

    Nobody: Mercedes Benz: *v8 bItUrbO*

  • Vigneshwar Eshwar
    Vigneshwar EshwarMonth ago

    Next should be with JDMs

  • Kevin Lay
    Kevin LayMonth ago

    Hahahahah the looks on your faces !!! 🀣🀣🀣🀣

  • Pierre Argubi
    Pierre ArgubiMonth ago

    tobe fair that 4x4 is not AMG, its a β€œnormal” G500

  • Simon Ruremsha
    Simon RuremshaMonth ago

    the e63s is one of the best launch you’ve ever done guys!

  • steve smith
    steve smithMonth ago

    More more more plz

  • Be8
    Be8Month ago

    That AMG V8 Bi-turbo burble is present in all cars, brilliant.

  • Levi Baggett
    Levi BaggettMonth ago

    Please do β€œBest Lamborghini Launches.”

  • Coolcarz
    CoolcarzMonth ago

    Do your best BMW launches

  • DToxB
    DToxBMonth ago

    Its sad that this is the last generation, Mercedes is going to use its V8 in all the 63 models. It was a good run.

  • djsomeguy
    djsomeguyMonth ago

    Doesn't quite live up to the Porsche launches...these seem to hold back through first gear.

  • Emmanuel Seen
    Emmanuel SeenMonth ago

    Mercedes ❀️❀️❀️

  • Griffin Studebaker
    Griffin StudebakerMonth ago

    They all sound so good

  • O E
    O EMonth ago

    The transmission shifts are ridiculous.

  • aneebaba06
    aneebaba06Month ago

    I think Mr. AMG will like this video lol I think the GT63 or AMG GTR was my fav. So yeah, the GT.

  • AJ
    AJMonth ago

    Epic compilation vid! Wish I could get my hands on one of those!

  • Will Jolliff
    Will JolliffMonth ago

    Never gets old

  • Dalton Barnes
    Dalton BarnesMonth ago

    You guys should do non-launch control economy cars next lol.

  • Philly Dee
    Philly DeeMonth ago

    Wowwwwwww 😱

  • Liandra El-Kadre
    Liandra El-KadreMonth ago


  • Puneet J
    Puneet JMonth ago

    TheStraightPipes: Mercedes AMG only Some critics and most haters: AMG sucks....

  • CarsIn4K
    CarsIn4KMonth ago

    Missed the amg content!

  • isshyfux
    isshyfuxMonth ago

    well AMG does make the best launch control

  • Rob P
    Rob PMonth ago

    I dunno....weak-necks or a little over-acting.......

  • Dave Cartwright
    Dave CartwrightMonth ago

    Remember back when these launches weren't just part of your boring, old, everyday life? ;)

  • ryan747
    ryan747Month ago

    I can almost hear them yelling HORSEPOWERS AND TORQUE!!

  • norko
    norkoMonth ago

    πŸ’― ready 4 this

  • Devin Baker
    Devin BakerMonth ago

    The fact that future AMGs will be 4 bangers makes me want to cry.

  • Devin Baker

    Devin Baker

    Month ago

    @gav com you came back to my comment a week later to tell me to be happy again? No, I'm not going to be happy that they're going to put an overstressed 4 cylinder that can't handle the boost it's producing all while sounding like shit into AMGs.

  • gav com

    gav com

    Month ago

    good news over 600 hp temporary boost for the c63 be happy

  • Bensy Raj

    Bensy Raj

    Month ago

    No , Watch rbr's new video about the new c63s it has some stuff from f1 and amg project one and the c63s has 543hp to643hp

  • gav com

    gav com

    Month ago

    jeez be happy they’re even putting an ICE into it

  • Yorha Unit 002

    Yorha Unit 002

    Month ago

    YOU WISH, the future is electric,😒 Audi and BMW even announced that they have stopped developing NEW combustion engines...πŸ˜’

  • Fabian Herrmann
    Fabian HerrmannMonth ago

    Just what I needed after a day like this! Thanks guys.

  • Eric Kessen
    Eric KessenMonth ago

    Straight up the E63s is your best reaction ever, that thing is just brutal af

  • Cooper Armstrong
    Cooper ArmstrongMonth ago

    Love this video but where is the Cla 45?

  • Nelwin George
    Nelwin GeorgeMonth ago

    Just what I had been waiting for 😘.. Cant wait for the RS and M launches πŸ’₯πŸ’₯

  • Roly Moes
    Roly MoesMonth ago

    I think that E63 launch is still my favourite one so far.

  • George
    GeorgeMonth ago

    You know what it is AMG always amazes you

  • Tayfunny
    TayfunnyMonth ago

    Literally the same 4.0L Bi-Turbo V8 on repeat (different variants ik)

  • Aby Mathew
    Aby MathewMonth ago


  • N1K0S3KK
    N1K0S3KKMonth ago

    Waiting for the Tesla launches! :)

  • Snake Eyes

    Snake Eyes

    Month ago

    That would be a very short video.

  • Walter Florian Pierre
    Walter Florian PierreMonth ago

    hey @TheStraightPipes grat content as usual, really enjoying the (best of compilation). I'd really really like if you could review the AMG CLA45 2017 version (facelift before the 2020 we have in Canada) if you come across one, and if you dont, Let me know I can hook you with one. :)

  • Benjamin Higham
    Benjamin HighamMonth ago

    Some of the best sounding engines out there

  • Tony Robb
    Tony RobbMonth ago

    Do mopar

  • Adam
    AdamMonth ago


  • Perak
    PerakMonth ago

    Waiting for bmw m.

  • Fragrance Ninja
    Fragrance NinjaMonth ago

    I still need to launch my GLC 63!!! Its a trill to drive!!!

  • Lee Underwood
    Lee UnderwoodMonth ago

    I love that the auto generated subtitles call the launch sound applause πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  • Jaspreet Kaur gill
    Jaspreet Kaur gillMonth ago

    just wanna say one day that (amg g 63 )

  • 209John
    209JohnMonth ago

    Beautiful cars very fast technologically advanced but it’s different you know the feeling of holding 400 hp in a big V-8 with a four-speed on the floor you had to know how to drive a car now you just push the button which is cool it lets everybody have the opportunity but it’s a completely different thing

  • Yong Yim
    Yong YimMonth ago

    2:11 fart πŸ’¨?

  • Mayukh Sharma
    Mayukh SharmaMonth ago

    We need more of this guys...... Waiting for Rs and M launch reactions....

  • Jacob Fowler
    Jacob FowlerMonth ago

    I will forever be a Porsche person, but AMG is my second favorite brand 😎

  • Insan Insan
    Insan InsanMonth ago

    Toyota Avalon Review and acceleration

  • Eugene Kovalenko
    Eugene KovalenkoMonth ago

    My favourite series!!!

  • Kabir Dhingra
    Kabir DhingraMonth ago

    Best BMW launch controls next please!

  • Life of Alex
    Life of AlexMonth ago

    Waiting for you guys to drive a W204 C63 with the 6.2L

  • Devilous_
    Devilous_Month ago

    Why would 15 people dislike this ??

  • TheStraightPipes


    Month ago

    Haters gonna hate

  • Land Rover Defender
    Land Rover DefenderMonth ago


  • Random Stuff
    Random StuffMonth ago

    These launch videos are so good that 2 min felt like 10 seconds

  • Rae Alcoriza
    Rae AlcorizaMonth ago

    In 5 years TheStraightPipes will be sponsored by a neck brace company

  • TheCarKids
    TheCarKidsMonth ago

    The next c63 amg won’t have a sound like this 😭

  • Mark Sloan
    Mark SloanMonth ago

    That's right, give us what we want!!

  • Ian Samuelson
    Ian SamuelsonMonth ago

    I've been watching you guys for years and I still say the E63s Wagon is my favorite launch ever. I watched that entire review with a huge smile.

  • Jamison Z

    Jamison Z

    Month ago

    E63s Estate is my favorite review of them!

  • Lawn 2 Learn
    Lawn 2 LearnMonth ago

    AMG the best or nothing!!! πŸ”₯



  • ridge
    ridgeMonth ago

    U can feel the salt gurgling in the bmw fanboys subscribed to this chanel after seeing this videoπŸ˜‚

  • Hi Fam
    Hi FamMonth ago

    Was it as good for you as it was for me πŸ˜ƒβœŒοΈ

  • Eee Zee
    Eee ZeeMonth ago

    I like these launch vids

  • MoutainMan3000
    MoutainMan3000Month ago

    Thank you M-B F1 team.