BABY HAULER! 2021 Nissan Rogue Long Term Review for Dads

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2021 Nissan Rogue review by The Straight Pipes. Best SUV for babies? The Nissan Rogue Platinum is pumping out 181hp 181 lb-ft tq from a 2.5L 4 cylinder. At $40,500 CAD, would you take it over a Mazda CX-5, Toyota Rav4, Honda CRV? Watch us figure out how to install an Uppababy Mesa car seat and see how easy it is for hauling your newborn baby around.
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  • TheStraightPipes
    TheStraightPipes22 days ago

    Learn more about Continental Tire's Total Confidence Plan -

  • adilson lima

    adilson lima

    19 days ago

    try to get some Cybez Cloud Z to test . you will not regret its a full system from new born to todler

  • Eric Hampton

    Eric Hampton

    22 days ago

    Top 5 video!!! Sidenote: Jakub, Mother's Day is May 9th and whether your child has arrived or not it counts. Mother's day rules apply.

  • Snake Eyes

    Snake Eyes

    22 days ago

    I watched this even though I'm never going to be a parent. That shows how good TheStraightPipes videos are.

  • Jacob Valencia

    Jacob Valencia

    22 days ago


  • jasyguy


    22 days ago


  • Beno
    Beno5 hours ago

    Mitsubishi should send you a top trip 2022 Outlander so you can compare between the two

  • Banzai83
    Banzai839 hours ago

    Ah the new Mitsubishi Outlander?

  • Denise Wright
    Denise WrightDay ago

    Remote control start?

  • Arun Prasad
    Arun Prasad3 days ago

    Congrats Yuri 💐💐💐 Am a big fan of your channel... if you trust your baby with Rogue, I am so convinced it’s a good buy 😃👌🏽👍🏽 You guys are great !!

  • rogerthat
    rogerthat7 days ago

    The really did a good job with this gen. Embrace the dad life guys.

  • Normandy Europa
    Normandy Europa10 days ago

    This or the Tucson?

  • O2kal A
    O2kal A10 days ago

    Awww.. Yuri is nesting!

  • Azyxerla
    Azyxerla13 days ago

    Funny rabbit face

  • Patrick Shyong
    Patrick Shyong13 days ago

    whoa congrats!

  • animals handwork
    animals handwork15 days ago

    Jakub is already looking like a father

  • Jure Kralj
    Jure Kralj15 days ago

    For those of us considering starting a family, you guys should do a 2021 baby long-term review!

  • Aaron
    Aaron15 days ago

    You guys should review the 2022 Hyundai Tucson Hybrid.

  • Dylan De Souza
    Dylan De Souza16 days ago

    Hey Jakob and Yuri, it's Dylan from Centennial park driving the white Acura. It was really nice meeting you guys today! I was just teaching my brother to drive today and was nice meeting u guys. Keep up the great content. Also if u would like to drive my car sometime lmk. I've done a couple mods to it

  • Juan Garcia
    Juan Garcia17 days ago

    Yuri's outfit is the same as the Corvette C7 video.

  • Kevin M
    Kevin M17 days ago

    Can’t beat the Rogue

  • Carlo V.
    Carlo V.17 days ago

    You don't need any of the "safety" baby stuff. All I hand was an adult holding me in their arms. Or my older brother by 3 years. Ha! - Congrats o the new addition.

  • TheNotimprezed
    TheNotimprezed18 days ago

    You're missing a few parts to complete your car seat test. First try and install the seat behind a tall driver, not passenger. Now try installing a rear facing non infant seat behind a tall driver. Now try installing 3 car seats across.

  • Amar Ndiaye
    Amar Ndiaye18 days ago

    Still a nissan Cvt😤

  • Non-Certified G2A User
    Non-Certified G2A User18 days ago

    My 98’ civic’s recommend tire is the Extreme ContactSport. While it makes 110 hp.

  • Vineeth Vish
    Vineeth Vish18 days ago

    Baby Hauler?! Here in India we use arms. 🌚

  • L J
    L J18 days ago

    I'd thought I'll let you in on a secret on what can calm a baby down. There's this USplan channel called TheStraightPipes and it's worked with calming down our baby son from the day he came home from hospital 7months ago. He prefers it if you don't show outside shots for too long. He wants your faces in view. No other channel we've tried works that way. Just saying😉

  • Madison TSX
    Madison TSX18 days ago

    Dad here! I used the Nuna Pipa rear facing seat for my daughter when she was an infant because the ISOFIX points are rigid. No need to push down on the base to get it to be secured. Just snap it into the anchor points and keep it moving. For the rear facing I went with Maxicozi. At about $300 each they’re not cheap but not too crazy either so I bought two so I can put one in each of our cars. As for the the SV trim, I don’t recommend any parent get the top trim of any car lol. Your kid will just destroy it. My only requirement was some type of leather/synthetic leather seats for easy cleaning.

  • Jimmy James
    Jimmy James18 days ago

    vans ! do the vans !

  • dorkultra
    dorkultra18 days ago

    That's my most favorite NOFX album, good choice!

  • Jonas Courey
    Jonas Courey18 days ago

    My new set of Continental Extreme Contact tires are on the way for my BMW 750 and I would have gone with another set of the Bridgestone Potenza's if it wasn't for you guys. Whatever Continental pays you guys, it's not enough!!

  • Aaron Martinez
    Aaron Martinez19 days ago

    Actually you should place your baby towards the right side it's statistically safer than the left side.

  • TheStraightPipes


    18 days ago

    Thanks Dwight

  • Rob Blaich
    Rob Blaich19 days ago

    This video taught me why I see a Rogue every 30 seconds while driving around Winnipeg. It's a nice, functional family SUV that seems to have taken over for the Dodge Grand Caravan.

  • C.J. Ravensfan
    C.J. Ravensfan19 days ago

    nissan suvs = trash

  • Road1104


    19 days ago

    No they don't. I know people who have had them for years and trouble free.

  • Joshua Matter
    Joshua Matter19 days ago

    Sliding Doors would be very practical with babies / small children - do you review MPVs / vans too?

  • TheStraightPipes


    18 days ago

    If they offer us vans. I love mini vans

  • H Az
    H Az20 days ago

    This video was perfect since I just got a Nissan Rogue SV and have a baby coming soon

  • IKhan
    IKhan20 days ago

    When I was a baby my parents drove me around in a 1987 Chrysler (Dodge) Daytona Shelby coupe with a manual transmission and no A/C. Funny enough the baby seat fit back there no problem. Funny how parent friendly cars only started to come into the picture in the 90s and beyond.

  • Michael Andrianavalona
    Michael Andrianavalona20 days ago

    It would be nice to see if the Tesla model y it’s a good car for babie

  • Wheelemd
    Wheelemd20 days ago

    Do the outlander next please

  • Kim Bart
    Kim Bart20 days ago

    Might as well include carseat capabilities with every car you guys review. This was very helpful.

  • Kim Bart
    Kim Bart20 days ago

    Yuri, I have that very same shirt! Lmao

  • Vir Sodhi
    Vir Sodhi20 days ago

    Yuri's dad outfit was the highlight, without question. Well done sir.

  • Billy Gordon
    Billy Gordon20 days ago

    Murano is better

  • Timothy Coyne
    Timothy Coyne20 days ago

    Nice review, and a great idea to review family cars by looking at features important to parents, not driving enthusiasts. Thankfully, my kids are grown, which allowed me to buy a Miata a few years ago! But when the kids were younger I had a CRV and later an Outback, and both were good family cars.

  • Jason Lam
    Jason Lam20 days ago

    Missed joke. “I’m Yuri, I’m Jakob, and we’re going rogue!”

  • Big H
    Big H20 days ago

    Jakob is genuinely listening to all the advice that Yuri is giving him. I love it.

  • Maxim Garant Rousseau
    Maxim Garant Rousseau20 days ago

    As a new dad myself, I do appreciate this a lot! Baby car seat test is such a great test.

  • Richard Ledesma
    Richard Ledesma20 days ago

    The future dad in me got super excited about this review, and regarding the baby seat stuff too man, this car is huge as heck too!

  • KRYSPR38
    KRYSPR3820 days ago

    Anyone else think yuri looks like pietro fittipaldi

  • Christopher Munsey
    Christopher Munsey20 days ago

    Ah yes the almighty “that’s not going anywhere” applies to car seats as well as stuff tied or strapped into the bed.🤣🤣🤣

  • Ricco kimbrough
    Ricco kimbrough20 days ago

    Electric cars are better for babies they don’t have the engine noise a vibration 🔋😜👋🏾✌🏿

  • Monster Rider
    Monster Rider20 days ago

    So the baby is Yoda 😨😨😨

  • TheKidMichael
    TheKidMichael20 days ago

    Love the Gucci Fanny pack

  • Nicholas Jones
    Nicholas Jones20 days ago

    Need more of this, there is actually some useful information in here!

  • Brandon Mayhew
    Brandon Mayhew20 days ago

    As a car-guy dad with our 3rd on the way, love these style reviews! In a future video like this, any way to see if/how 3 car seats fit side-by-side in the rear? For those of us without a 3-row vehicle. Keep up all the good work guys!

  • C B
    C B20 days ago

    Please keep doing the car seat front seat space reviews! This info is otherwise impossible to find with car reviews.

  • MS RR
    MS RR20 days ago

    Nissan is literally one powertrain away from having an incredible SUV.

  • mrdauntless
    mrdauntless21 day ago

    its a nissan cvt it doesnt matter. its junk

  • Jonathan Fargason
    Jonathan Fargason21 day ago

    Uppa baby all the way. Do your self a favor and just get your self a vista stroller with a mesa car seat. It’s the Cadillac Escalade of strollers. The car seat is literally the easiest thing to install and transport.

  • flashbang217
    flashbang21721 day ago

    as a fellow dad, nice $1000 stroller!

  • TheStraightPipes


    20 days ago


  • Ali Qureshi
    Ali Qureshi21 day ago

    Does the platinum really have cooled seats?

  • Technoclastic
    Technoclastic21 day ago

    get a rav4 for baby hauler

  • Antonio Esparza
    Antonio Esparza21 day ago


  • jak p
    jak p21 day ago

    Just because you’re a dad doesn’t mean you have to wear dad shorts.

  • John Cruz
    John Cruz21 day ago

    This was so fun to watch lmao good luck and congrats again to you two! I know both of you are gonna be some great dads. God bless!

  • Diego Borja
    Diego Borja21 day ago

    I had the Nuna Pipa car seat, it installed with one click, that's it... so just do your research before buying and you'll be good.

  • Martiz
    Martiz21 day ago

    I am kinda expecting more dad reviews now

  • Slinger Riggin
    Slinger Riggin21 day ago

    Haha, your Peasant blockers won’t help you with Trudeau voters.

  • Jordan Rémillieux
    Jordan Rémillieux21 day ago

    You should test three car seats in the back for Baby Haulers. I have three kids and three child seats in the back is definitly tight for most cars. Great Review! Congrats on being a new father!

  • James Chiu
    James Chiu21 day ago

    I'm expecting twins - in future reviews - could you guys do car reviews for twins? Great content as usual guys!

  • frisco Prez
    frisco Prez21 day ago

    Did I actually click to watch a vid about a Rogue? Nope... clicked to watch Jakub and Yuri

  • Jarno Schwarze
    Jarno Schwarze21 day ago


  • Liveoneut
    Liveoneut21 day ago

    Watching you guys switch the baby seat reminded me that as a kid, I used to sleep on the floorboard with my head on the driveshaft hump behind my dad while on family road trips. How times have changed 🤣

  • Cameron Kennedy
    Cameron Kennedy21 day ago

    Yuri- disappointed in your government Us Americans- first time?

  • TheStraightPipes


    20 days ago

    Lol no comment

  • s2ac
    s2ac21 day ago

    Nissan makes junk cars and are you only Japanese car company i would not buy. they need to prove themselves again after their failed partnership with Renault (one of the least reliable car brands on the planet). since the partnership started the quality as dropped off a cliff. Nissan needs to prove they can make quality cars again and until they split with Renault i don't believe this is possible.

  • Ilyas Sahib
    Ilyas Sahib21 day ago

    What was the name of the stroller and car seat?! Great review by the way!!

  • flashbang217


    21 day ago

    it's an Uppababy Vista stroller and Mesa car seat. They're really nice but a bit expensive.

  • Jumbo Jet
    Jumbo Jet21 day ago

    Y’all still have toys r us?????

  • Phillip W
    Phillip W21 day ago

    glad you guys showed why some models sells better for the parent mode i feel left out......great going guys hope they offer more vehicles for baby drives..:)

  • Vdub Fan
    Vdub Fan21 day ago

    Don’t wanna transport your child in the element or gti. Ok so go buy a good vehicle for your wife. my god man you telling me you can’t afford it?

  • Philip Traikos
    Philip Traikos21 day ago

    Stone cold says so!

  • NileshR12
    NileshR1221 day ago

    Congrats on the newborn Yuri!!

  • i am noone
    i am noone21 day ago

    why is it that car reviewers always pick out the worst everyday car? I mean, you have the rav 4 or the honda crv which are more durable and reliable than this. I mean come on if you are just going for practicality, I mean just why?

  • TheStraightPipes


    20 days ago

    I don’t deal with reliability since we only get the car for a week.

  • Ken W
    Ken W21 day ago

    Nissan cvt ,oh no way!

  • אייל שניידר
    אייל שניידר21 day ago

    they need turbo

  • Scott
    Scott21 day ago

    Dad fast, I'm coming soon.

    I AM ALPHARIUS21 day ago

    Will we get baby seat testing?

  • TheJerry44
    TheJerry4421 day ago

    Kept waiting for you to "Send it!"

  • Jeff Murphy
    Jeff Murphy21 day ago

    So I have a 2018 Tucson. I leased the Value Edition which had 2 major things I really enjoyed...7 speed DCT and a turbski. Now that my lease is almost up, I don't really see anything in this price range as fun of sporty as my setup is, and that includes the new Tucson with less torque. I have a young daughter, but she's not always in the car so I still like to enjoy my safe dad ride! Looking like I may have to buy this thing at the end of my lease unless something else exists that is actually fun to drive. What'd you guys think about the CVT in the rogue?

  • TheStraightPipes


    21 day ago

    Watch our other Rogue review for thoughts on the cvt and everything else

  • hawaiiofhoai
    hawaiiofhoai21 day ago

    Baby seat box test!

  • Jayden Wasted Content
    Jayden Wasted Content21 day ago

    Now review Nissan Armada/Infiniti QX80

  • komit73
    komit7321 day ago

    Congrats, put a bath towel under the car seat base so the leather does not wrinkle.

  • Jeff Lewis
    Jeff Lewis21 day ago

    Love it guys. Good job.

  • levaranoia
    levaranoia21 day ago

    The baby on board sticker is to indicate to first responders that there is a child on board in case of an accident. It's not for indicating you're driving slow lol.

  • Paul G.
    Paul G.21 day ago

    Driving so slow from the hospital on day 1. Driving like a banshee on day 197 when the kid will...not...stop...screaming...and...crying... and you're still an hour away from home.

  • TheStraightPipes


    20 days ago


  • Paul G.
    Paul G.21 day ago

    Car Seats... Ask your parents, or your parent's parents, about "The Bucket".

  • bigbufobufo
    bigbufobufo21 day ago

    Wow Yuri is gonna be the best dad ever. He knows all about this car seat stuff.

  • Marcio Giesbrecht Souza
    Marcio Giesbrecht Souza21 day ago

    Awesome, as usual. Thanks Guys!

  • Paul Ho
    Paul Ho21 day ago

    Bros, just roof mount the thing.

  • Zoltrix77
    Zoltrix7721 day ago

    Still sounds like such a crap name compared to X-Trail that its called in other markets. Overall, great vehicle ruined by the fact it has a CVT and you can't get one with a bit of turbo umph. No idea why there isn't a hybrid option like the RAV4. Must be at least 50% of RAV4's in Australia are hybrids. Nissan does many Hybrids in Japan. Its weird.

  • mistertee
    mistertee21 day ago

    Yuri being a dad is just about the cutest thing ever.

  • Jeremy Chan
    Jeremy Chan21 day ago

    Come on Kia! Give us dads a Stinger wagon already!

  • Victor M
    Victor M21 day ago

    You guys should try and get your hands on the new KIA Carnival

  • Jason M
    Jason M21 day ago

    Can we get some t-shirts made.. "Yeah yeah" - Jakub

  • Changwu Jia
    Changwu Jia21 day ago

    Nice Job Nissan, hope you can get your Infiniti to upgrade faster

  • shin888
    shin88821 day ago

    That's a balling ass stroller and seat.