$450,000! 2021 Rolls-Royce Ghost Review

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2021 Rolls-Royce Ghost review by The Straight Pipes. The Rolls Royce Ghost is pumping out 523hp and 627 lb-ft tq from a 6.75L Twin Turbo V12. At $461,074 CAD, would you take it over a Mercedes-Maybach S650, Bentley Flying Spur?
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  • TheStraightPipes
    TheStraightPipesMonth ago

    What other Rolls-Royce's should we drive? All of them is an acceptable answer

  • Adonis Kye

    Adonis Kye

    14 days ago

    @Brian Boston Checking it out right now. Seems to be working :)

  • Brian Boston

    Brian Boston

    16 days ago

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  • MrGamingTv


    17 days ago

    Can you please do a review on the new s class? I really cant wait for that review to come out because its my favorite car and this is my favorite yt channel

  • Johan Khadka

    Johan Khadka

    20 days ago


  • tanamaq


    27 days ago


  • José Enrique Roca
    José Enrique Roca3 days ago

    Munich's best...

  • Peter Orlet
    Peter Orlet4 days ago

    RR Ghost is a beautiful car ever made

  • Troy Smith
    Troy Smith7 days ago

    For that price I’d rather buy 20 Corollas.

  • Jacques Raymond
    Jacques Raymond7 days ago

    These two guys just don't fit in that ROLLS-ROYCE. It's like if they had steel that car for a joy ride. But they did an excellent review. The color of that GHOST make's me want to puke.

  • GtaAULAK
    GtaAULAK9 days ago

    4:20 who thought he was smoking cigarette or its just me? 420????

  • GtaAULAK


    9 days ago

    Its actually in 4:21 but i gotta make the joke

  • Shadow Man
    Shadow Man11 days ago

    It's not just a beautiful car, it's a luxury car.

  • Karamitro Alisa
    Karamitro Alisa11 days ago

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  • Zoey Garcia

    Zoey Garcia

    9 days ago

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    Karamitro Alisa

    10 days ago

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    malachovski Frank

    10 days ago

    @Zoey Garcia thanks I just contacted her and she responded. I think I will start with $ 8,000

  • Pepper Master
    Pepper Master11 days ago

    Yeah so I just researched it and the exhaust had two settings. There should be a button dead center at the bottom of the center console that opens the flaps to give it a super deep throaty sound. And it sounds amazing. I wish you guys would have found that button. Cause you would have gone crazy over the sound of that exhaust 🥰🥰🥰😁😁

  • Pepper Master
    Pepper Master11 days ago

    Does that exhaust have an optional loud feature. Cause it looks like the one on each side has a flap that opens and shuts??

  • محمد عدنان آل بورشيد
    محمد عدنان آل بورشيد13 days ago

    You guys are boring 👎

  • Devin
    Devin13 days ago

    Y'all would pretend be thrown against the seat in a golf cart. I dont understand why you do this 😂

  • Will Chan
    Will Chan15 days ago

    I believe I may take a condo unit somewhere. Fun ride!

  • Dawoud Ghaffar
    Dawoud Ghaffar15 days ago

    I have an iPhone which I can use to watch ROLLS ROYCE VIDEO!

  • Pete Wick
    Pete Wick17 days ago

    No Bentley doesn’t have Race car versions. They are more luxury/sport oriented. Nothing remotely race car like

  • G P
    G P18 days ago

    This new Ghost EWB for some reason costs Rs.9cr (1.5 mil CAD) in India. More than 3 times the price!

  • Miguel Vargas
    Miguel Vargas20 days ago


  • Kobe Jones
    Kobe Jones21 day ago

    You guys should do the Bentley Flying Spur

  • Nate Yee
    Nate Yee24 days ago

    15:42 Even though the visors didn’t extend, they didn’t need to because when you swing them out, they actually cover the whole length of the window, blocking any sunlight. So in a way, the visor test is a pass ✅

  • Liz eth
    Liz eth25 days ago

    I was able to drive a 2016 Ghost in 2018. I was working at this body shop as a receptionist, we had to deliver it back to the dealership. I was freaking excited but freaking scared, especially when a cement truck got in front of me lol. Also a Bently, Maybach, Aston Martin 💙

  • Jayden Dior
    Jayden Dior26 days ago

    It’s beautiful but 450,000? That’s a decently sized home. I don’t know. Not that I could afford this lol

  • Rem US
    Rem US27 days ago

    what a POS, you have to put down your own armrest?

  • palebeachbum
    palebeachbum29 days ago

    This is the most beautiful Rolls Royce I've seen in years. They were looking too much like an armored truck for a while. It's funny to me that Rolls Royce never gives owners a tach because they consider it classless, but they give you the option of a disgusting shade of purple for an accent.

  • Brian Attyberry
    Brian Attyberry29 days ago

    The intro was on beat. Nice

  • Bobmcjoepants
    Bobmcjoepants29 days ago

    Call me what you want, a Rolls Royce doesn't stand out in a crowd (especially where they test cars) Sure, especially with the Phantom it gives off a presence of "big", but compared to all other sedans, both the interior and exterior don't look $400k, and yes I get that's the point... But they've all been like that You'd expect for the money you'd get more

  • Nicki is my Mother

    Nicki is my Mother

    29 days ago

    Rolls Royce isn’t the crazy looking kind of car they prefer the simple but yet extremely comfortable.

  • Maurice Spence
    Maurice Spence29 days ago

    This reminds me of the Maserati I saw on the road earlier.

  • Maurice Spence
    Maurice Spence29 days ago

    11:03 you’re welcome 😊

  • Lucas Blanchard
    Lucas Blanchard29 days ago

    Ah yes “the poor man’s Rolls-Royce” what a wonderful oxymoron 🤣

  • Kiano May
    Kiano MayMonth ago

    Do rolls Royce ghost as auto pilot

  • The Occasional Video
    The Occasional VideoMonth ago

    When will you guys review any electric car?

  • J Taylor
    J TaylorMonth ago

    Launching off the line - jet ski comparison - bad start to the review - then they started to get it to some extent. 'Ok, I'm going to floor it' then they default back to 'missing the point' again topped by a junk food break. RR aren't like most other cars - they appeal to different priorities & buyers - thank goodness.

  • harvurd
    harvurdMonth ago

    How quick is this car? To 60? To 100?

  • Benoit Blanc
    Benoit BlancMonth ago

    A little grotesque honestly. About as classy as a housefly.

  • Eric Hampton
    Eric HamptonMonth ago

    This automoblie is so intimdating to drive for a broke boy like myself. I imagine it to be like driving a room in my grandmother's house. You know the type of room that's so nicely decorated but no one is allowed to enter without written permission from God.

  • Nicki is my Mother

    Nicki is my Mother

    29 days ago

    They,re so comfortable on Highway you should rent one for a day or so.

  • Bill Kigathi
    Bill KigathiMonth ago

    You made it boyysss!

  • aneebaba06
    aneebaba06Month ago

    This was very insightful... Have seen some RR up close but never sat in them. Would be interesting to experience that ultra quiet you guys mentioned.

  • Coyote Reyne
    Coyote ReyneMonth ago

    the purple and teal feels like 90s taco bell

  • Yeah
    YeahMonth ago

    Am I the only one feeling seasick watching this? I thought it was just me but then they said people felt sick in testing

  • Pat H
    Pat HMonth ago

    chicken nuuuugs haha

  • Dan
    DanMonth ago

    Thanks for including the HP to kW conversion!

  • Fix My Box
    Fix My BoxMonth ago

    Wait what happened at 6:31

  • Brulaap Gaapmeester
    Brulaap GaapmeesterMonth ago

    I couldn't drive this model, people will think I'm poor.

  • Issam Nasr
    Issam NasrMonth ago

    0:33 is it just me or did that seem like a pretty slow shift for a modern automatic?

  • Lexor888
    Lexor888Month ago

    30 years from now there may be one of these with 2 million miles on it which just had a devastating accident, maybe then I'll be able to afford this so why am I watching this?

  • Ethan B-W
    Ethan B-WMonth ago

    I low key thought the thumbnail was a gta mod

  • When Shes A Lesbian
    When Shes A LesbianMonth ago

    Nice Teddy fresh sweater

  • Ryan Lafleur
    Ryan LafleurMonth ago

    I love when you guys review cars I’m about to buy

  • Paul Ho
    Paul HoMonth ago

    The actual disappointment with the visors. 🥺

  • Karl-Rick Bizoza
    Karl-Rick BizozaMonth ago

    Where do I find the press footage?

  • Linux Report
    Linux ReportMonth ago

    its nothing 450k, people are paying 1.5M for some car

  • Liam Nelson
    Liam NelsonMonth ago

    Not that impresive anymore. Great car but worth 450k? Nah, for same price I’ll just buy a garage with Porsche GT4 RS, Bentley Continental and use the difference for maintenance. 💯

  • Adil Sagadiyev

    Adil Sagadiyev

    Month ago

    A porche gt4 and Bentley continual together are way more than 450k CAD

  • JohnnyZenith
    JohnnyZenithMonth ago

    Then you go and put the orange North American dot reflector strip on it. Oh dear.

  • Paradise Vlogs
    Paradise VlogsMonth ago


  • Mackdaddy F
    Mackdaddy FMonth ago

    nobody talking about Yuri wearing that teddy fresh!!! @h3podcast

  • Watch Guru
    Watch GuruMonth ago

    Pre-ceramic Pepsi?

  • TheStraightPipes


    Month ago

    16710 👍

  • doctor zaius
    doctor zaiusMonth ago

    Papa Bless

  • orange vs apple
    orange vs appleMonth ago

    Nice Chrysler 300!

  • Neo Hideo
    Neo HideoMonth ago

    what about Pirelli recommended tire? or Michelin? or Nokian or GoodYear or Bridgestone? :p

  • Silluete
    SillueteMonth ago

    A cement grey Rolls... Well there is a first time for everything.

  • Pixubol Imon
    Pixubol ImonMonth ago

    I can't believe you guys ate in a Rolls Royce.

  • Keith Clayton
    Keith ClaytonMonth ago

    didn't option the peasant-blockers lol

  • Keith Clayton
    Keith ClaytonMonth ago

    A car so quiet where you can hear your own blood. Make it an option of course :D

  • Desi Canadian
    Desi CanadianMonth ago

    It’s a nice car in my imagination I ordered one in black it should be arriving soon

  • Nicki is my Mother

    Nicki is my Mother

    29 days ago

    Hope you enjoy it *you most definitely will *

  • Myles H1995
    Myles H1995Month ago

    Man, whoever washed that thing should be taken out to pasture. Messed up the paint really horribly 🥵🥵

  • Emperor of Texas.
    Emperor of Texas.Month ago

    That Air Bag Warning Label is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ugly on any vehicle.

  • Joe P
    Joe PMonth ago

    Is that condensation in the headlight? Driver side

  • Shreyash Naik
    Shreyash NaikMonth ago

    Are the people who buys rolls Royce watches this videos?

  • Shreyash Naik

    Shreyash Naik

    Month ago

    @TheStraightPipes nice!

  • TheStraightPipes


    Month ago

    Yeah. They sent us pics on insta

  • Matthew 16:26
    Matthew 16:26Month ago

    The interior is beautiful but I hate the exterior (white would probably look better).

  • Jason B
    Jason BMonth ago

    2:48, I've had suspicions that many car review channels are just excuses for the hosts to drive nice cars, and comments like that, where Yuri seems to be quite happy with the lack in understanding of the market as effectively as a genuine reviewer should, just makes the whole production feel bad faith. Obviously their content is great and I appreciate nothing short of every effort these two put into bringing this content to us, but there should certainly be some degree of knowledge on a given test car's competition. Anyway, if Yuri and Jakub read this, take it as constructive criticism. I wish you two the best and thanks for posting. I hope all the buyers of this enjoy it, it's very inspiring.

  • Saielb
    SaielbMonth ago

    Shout out H3!!!

  • nhall00195
    nhall00195Month ago

    This car is offensive. Bring on the fall of capitalism

  • Rookie To Pro
    Rookie To ProMonth ago

    When $450k is the entry level model 🤯

  • Adil Sagadiyev

    Adil Sagadiyev

    Month ago

    @Rookie To Pro well it is the best what did you expect

  • Rookie To Pro

    Rookie To Pro

    Month ago

    @Adil Sagadiyev guess that’s a little better 😂

  • Adil Sagadiyev

    Adil Sagadiyev

    Month ago

    It starts at 370k

  • Francis Yue
    Francis YueMonth ago

    I just want to know if jacob has been a rolex GMT master II in this episode or is that just vincero

  • TheCreepyArchives
    TheCreepyArchivesMonth ago

    That close up shot in the beginning showed the dash stitching/position as uneven. Unacceptable honestly

  • とひこ


    Month ago

    It’s hand-stitched, I think that’s just how it is tbh. I wouldn’t pay for something like that but I could see why other people do.

  • EJ
    EJMonth ago

    Yuri when things open back up. I can probably find a way to have you come to the quietest room

  • David Alves
    David AlvesMonth ago

    You sold me on it! Anyway I can do a 30yr payment plan?

  • ZAN_ thegamingduck
    ZAN_ thegamingduckMonth ago

    Rolls Royce should make a truck

  • GTR Hdz
    GTR HdzMonth ago

    You should do a Ford lariat

  • Rhys Aqs
    Rhys AqsMonth ago

    Big vibes from my canadian boys, much love from hamilton

  • GunTeqkz
    GunTeqkzMonth ago

    $312k *

  • Payia Lor
    Payia LorMonth ago

    Nice cool luxury car

  • Suavè Suave
    Suavè SuaveMonth ago

    Need a 2021 Bentley Flying Spur next!

  • Gerrit Todd
    Gerrit ToddMonth ago

    Not worth 450k

  • Aspra
    AspraMonth ago

    What press video are they talking about when it comes to the guy driving?

  • Huzaifa Savage
    Huzaifa SavageMonth ago

    Gonna watch the nissan micra after this

  • john marston
    john marstonMonth ago

    thank you for Nm 👌

  • anmol kapoor
    anmol kapoorMonth ago

    The SEND.... Will never END!!!!❤️

  • Hakapik
    HakapikMonth ago

    2:10 the stitching and edge of the dash is crooked like a wet noodle. Major failure right there. And noisy!! I can hear the engine!! The ONLY thing you are suppose to hear in a Rolls Royce is the ticking of the clock! And that is right out of the R.R. sales book! The front view... why are the 4 holes visible with the plugs in them? Across the bumper in line with the license plate.. come on Rolls Royce! That shit should be HIDDEN!! Grill.... nice, classy Rolls styling. Headlights that look like the Camero headlights... not class. The large dark air intake area under the license plate.. the big mesh area.. looks exactly the same as all the other mesh areas on Hondas, Mazdas, etc etc.. again.... Come on Rolls!! You could have made that area MUCH more pleasing to the eye and it would not look just the same as cheap crap cars! Like Enzo Ferrari said... its just as much work to design and build an UGLY car is it is to build a BEAUTIFUL car. More ugly fastener holes with plugs across the rear bumper. Exhaust ports: Downright ugly in that you can see what? The actual muffler? And I am not referring to the exhaust tip.. the other round part beside the tip. 9:47 look at how wrinkled and messy the rear head rests look compared to the front ones. Terrible quality workmanship. If they can get it PERFECT in the front.. why shit the bed on the rear ones?? HATE the mirror effect dash. Probably miserable in bright sunlight. Sunglasses a necessity? I do however... LOVE the stars in the head lining.

  • David Perry
    David PerryMonth ago

    But will it drift?

  • Matthew Palmer
    Matthew PalmerMonth ago

    Yess Yuri's rocking that Teddy Fresh!

  • Scott Crawford
    Scott CrawfordMonth ago

    In your "Visor Test" you might have noted that the visors are long enough that when swung over to the side, they are already at the edge of where the side windows end; no need to extend further than that .

  • Scott Crawford

    Scott Crawford

    Month ago

    @TheStraightPipes Oh. Ok... camera angle betrayed me. Carry-on. As you were!. Love the content. Keep it up. Stay Safe. o7

  • TheStraightPipes


    Month ago

    It’s not. It just looks like that from the angle

  • afil abdulla
    afil abdullaMonth ago

    Can we get a comparison with flying spur

  • Hooroong2
    Hooroong2Month ago

    The bubble

  • Krutand
    KrutandMonth ago

    the exhaust looks like its valved?

  • ᴀsᴋʀᴏ ʟɪᴋᴇ ʟᴏғɪ
    ᴀsᴋʀᴏ ʟɪᴋᴇ ʟᴏғɪMonth ago


  • Thomas Storrs
    Thomas StorrsMonth ago

    Blue jeans on white leather??

  • Ambo A.
    Ambo A.Month ago

    What's the exterior color of the car?

  • ZapTiL
    ZapTiLMonth ago

    2:13 is it just the camera angle or is the stitching not straight lmao Would be kind of embarrassing for a car in that price category

  • Huy
    HuyMonth ago

    Just watched Trottle House😁

  • vsboy 25
    vsboy 25Month ago

    I cry at such luxury