2022 Hyundai Santa Cruz Truck LIVE!!!

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2022 Hyundai Santa Cruz Preview


  • Gale Paulson
    Gale PaulsonHour ago

    Ford did this 10 years ago "Sport-truck" from the Expedition.....didn't work then either

  • He maccabe
    He maccabe2 hours ago

    It’s like a Tucson with the back chopped off.

  • Kosta Spiliopoulos
    Kosta Spiliopoulos3 hours ago

    Seeing the green hat makes me think of the Hartford Whalers. 😢

  • Toolsinhand
    Toolsinhand3 hours ago

    I LOVE it. LOVE it.

  • malawi tank
    malawi tank3 hours ago

    Car looks crazyyyy

  • Free Skier
    Free Skier4 hours ago

    Soy boy "truck"

  • avalentin763
    avalentin7634 hours ago

    Ford Explorer Sport Trac?

  • Mario Herz
    Mario Herz5 hours ago

    it's a matter of time before I buy one of this sometime later this year

  • zack
    zack5 hours ago

    Would love to see a 2 door version of this

  • Potato_Salad
    Potato_Salad5 hours ago

    I like everything about this except the piano black buttons and the size of letters on the tailgate. A bit picky I know but a matte finish is more truck like. Here's to hoping there is a manual version available.

  • Dj Project
    Dj Project6 hours ago

    Wow, I remember seeing pictures of this when I was with Pugi Hyundai in Downers Grove. Glad they are making it. Just paid off my wife’s Elantra Limited in January. It has been perfect in operation since day one!!!👍🏻

  • Jms Km
    Jms Km7 hours ago

    NO ROPE HOOKS on cargo sides?

  • bh069me1
    bh069me18 hours ago

    Where can I find those jackets

  • Chad Qualls
    Chad Qualls8 hours ago

    I'd actually rock this with pride. Cool, weird and appears to be of quality.

  • vac59
    vac599 hours ago

    Tow package?

  • A Yates
    A Yates10 hours ago

    No thanks, but Hyundai fanatics will buy it.

  • Tom Taylor
    Tom Taylor10 hours ago

    - Love the Colour! - Offroading will be limited by that bed overhang, which is longer than the Tucson. - Can I get a Hybrid :D - The gloss black and the low Reverse Lights; both annoying, but still, this is cool, especially for a former Subaru Brat owner!

  • aounay
    aounay10 hours ago

    "We don't like the gloss black! It's supposed to be more rugged!" 💯

  • Mark Villano
    Mark Villano11 hours ago

    "I'm Yuri! I'm Jakob! And we're going for a look!"

  • Gene Song
    Gene Song12 hours ago

    At 19:00, Yuri says "Santa Cruz" is a skateboard company. Yes, true, but that name comes from CITY in California, Santa Cruz, not unlike the Hyundai Santa Fe coming from the name of the city. So if Hyundai wanted to create a skateboard called the Santa Cruz, it wouldn't be legally possible. However, a vehicle is in a different category, so no conflict. I'm pretty sure Santa Cruz Skateboards doesn't own the trademark of the name to cover automobiles..

  • Zachary Taylor
    Zachary Taylor12 hours ago

    One of the ugliest vehicles I've ever seen

  • Gene Song
    Gene Song12 hours ago

    This is such an awesome looking pickup...Never knew I needed one...until NOW. Color is dope too..

  • Kijong Son
    Kijong Son14 hours ago

    Its good for big city! ! I need this

    ARRON WHITLOCK15 hours ago

    I know the live isnt edited but the people kept asking the same questions and you guys kept doing the same things.

  • 남자해피데이
    남자해피데이17 hours ago


  • Jay T
    Jay T17 hours ago

    I have a strong motivation to buy one and slam it to the ground.

  • Thomas
    Thomas19 hours ago

    What''s the MPG?

  • A walrus
    A walrus20 hours ago

    This vehicle represents everything that is wrong with the world in 2021.

  • Kazuto Kirigaya
    Kazuto Kirigaya20 hours ago

    Never though I would want a Hyundai. But this is what I need

  • Kazuto Kirigaya
    Kazuto Kirigaya21 hour ago

    I like it good for small business

  • Chad C
    Chad C21 hour ago

    i want an electric version!

  • Sathish Rao
    Sathish Rao22 hours ago

    Wow ! So gorgeous! Wish Cybertruck had these looks !

  • C. Evans
    C. EvansDay ago

    This makes me want a truck now.

  • C. Evans
    C. EvansDay ago

    Will it come in a hybrid?

  • B G
    B GDay ago

    Are the fender clips functional? Like the concept?

  • Matthew Callaway
    Matthew CallawayDay ago

    Now this REALLY passed the visor test. All visors should extend to the B-Pillar.

  • don Filippe
    don FilippeDay ago

    the right rear light fogged up

  • Freddy Herrera
    Freddy HerreraDay ago

    I want to see a 4x8 sheet of plywood in it.

  • G Rodriguez
    G RodriguezDay ago

    I cant believe they wont sell these in Australia, they’d sell like hotcakes

  • Manjit Bhagat
    Manjit BhagatDay ago

    I think hyundai give it coupe look

  • Michelle
    MichelleDay ago

    The laying in the bed point of reference is actually really helpful! 😂

  • Nuclear Fishin'
    Nuclear Fishin'Day ago

    Looks like a Tuscon with the back cut off??

  • Michael Kastner
    Michael KastnerDay ago

    Looks like a BRAT from the 80’s

  • Ulul Albab
    Ulul AlbabDay ago


  • Jason Maki
    Jason MakiDay ago

    too bad its so ugly

  • Stephen Beaton
    Stephen BeatonDay ago

    The grill and headlights looks like a Texas steer

  • jtlovespi
    jtlovespiDay ago

    A truck named after my city! Love it!

  • Rick DeKleine
    Rick DeKleineDay ago

    Hyundai is an awful car manufacturer. I have lost tens of thousands of dollars in depreciation and pathetic resale because of engine and drivetrain issues. Do not entertain buying a hyundai, you will regret it.

  • Jose Christo
    Jose ChristoDay ago

    Looks so cool

  • Derisotre
    DerisotreDay ago

    Please tell me it has a tow hitch slot..

  • Jayden
    JaydenDay ago

    이놈을 과연 한국으로 수입해다가 팔을지?

  • Michael Horner
    Michael HornerDay ago

    REI and Starbucks mode activated .... I got my white sneakers on .... and my mommy mows my lawn !

  • Daniel Ehoff
    Daniel Ehoff2 days ago

    And all of the sudden we are living in the future...I’m honestly SHOCKED at how amazing the new Hyundai’s and KIAs are... literally shocked.... Although putting a 4 cylinder turbo over an Inline V6 was the dumbest idea ever.

  • Tom K
    Tom K2 days ago

    Your audio sucks! Waste of a good video.

  • TheStraightPipes


    2 days ago

    USplan app doesn't make it easy to live stream with good audio but I have something in the works for the next one

  • abbaby555
    abbaby5552 days ago

    This should have been an EV

  • First Last
    First Last2 days ago

    What a bait and switch from the concept.

  • Ben Peyton
    Ben Peyton2 days ago

    It looks great for hiding bodies. Lmao

  • Francisco
    Francisco2 days ago

    hopefully we can get this great car in Europe...

  • Jole the Nebula
    Jole the Nebula2 days ago

    This car should be called Hyundai Mandalorian, I really like it.

  • Gamestar
    Gamestar2 days ago

    Truck or not, what a beaut. Electrify this and this would be my next vehicle.

  • Anthony Simanero
    Anthony Simanero2 days ago

    Yuri should be a standard straight pipes scale

  • Baron Von Jo
    Baron Von Jo2 days ago

    I think the bed needs to be a little bigger and get rid of turbos.

  • Timothy Coyne
    Timothy Coyne2 days ago

    Really well done my Hyundai in my opinion. Love the front grill and lights design, and especially that bed cover. Can’t wait to see one of these in person!

  • Сергей Чернецов
    Сергей Чернецов2 days ago

    ребятушки,может настало время купить стабилизатор? guy's maybe it's time 2 buy some dji osmo?)

  • Dean Lazzari
    Dean Lazzari2 days ago

    Owner of an older Honda Ridgeline. Wonder if Hyundai is considering a truck on the Palisade platform.? That would be interesting

  • The3rdVision Ent
    The3rdVision Ent2 days ago

    Will have a canopy??

  • Carlos R. Leandry
    Carlos R. Leandry2 days ago

    I would buy one as a daily, since its an suv it’s going to be comfortable on a day to day

  • Unfortunate, really.
    Unfortunate, really.2 days ago

    I'm offended they are not bringing this to Australia, we practically invented the car-"pickup" (ute) 😄

  • Joshua Nolan
    Joshua Nolan2 days ago

    Lol sitting in the crammed backseat…. Pretending to be comfortable

  • Joshua Nolan
    Joshua Nolan2 days ago

    We are getting pretty liberal with the word “truck”, definitely a cool car/vehicle. Not a truck.

  • 축구왕
    축구왕2 days ago


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  • Mr. Milkyway
    Mr. Milkyway2 days ago

    Can't wait to see someone lift this lol

  • kh nns
    kh nns2 days ago

    Made it plug in hybrid with bigger battery than rav4 prime.

  • CrackedTire
    CrackedTire2 days ago

    Why the hell would I want to buy sell buy sell crypto thousands of times a day?!?

  • MJ G
    MJ G2 days ago

    My two largest disappointments: no digital speedo and no push button transmission fly-by-wire like the Ridgeline and even SantaFe.

  • Christopher Potvin
    Christopher Potvin2 days ago

    That interior is horrid. I was excited for it, but not now.

  • HIS
    HIS2 days ago

    For those couples with no kids, who likes to go camping a lot, needs to carry a whole lot of gears for that 'Active Life Style.' Now, if they can keep the base price down, then it will sell.

  • J Hall
    J Hall2 days ago

    It’s coolish... but seriously, buy a Ridgeline. It’s the ultimate non-truck truck!

  • Tom Janowski
    Tom Janowski2 days ago

    Love this vehicle

  • sulayi1441
    sulayi14412 days ago

    a modernized El Camino... 😂.. But that front though is awesome.

  • Korean mtn biker 미국 자연 생할
    Korean mtn biker 미국 자연 생할2 days ago


  • XW W
    XW W2 days ago

    How much they paid

  • Dennis Nguyen
    Dennis Nguyen2 days ago

    im gonna finally buy hyundai. Damn, that suv truck is sweet.

  • Dominick Williams
    Dominick Williams2 days ago

    10way power passenger seat. Power folding mirrors. Rear seat armrest. Pumkin or red seats.

  • khem lim
    khem lim3 days ago

    This one looks good, but I am concerned with reliability lol

  • Dave Volz

    Dave Volz

    2 days ago

    I would be concerned. My son works at a Hyundai dealership and you would not believe the horror stories

  • bambam. yong
    bambam. yong3 days ago

    Holy shit, sick ass Subaru Baja!! What could’ve been lol

  • frisco
    frisco3 days ago

    I can’t deal with the grill...little too unique for me. All else looks cool tho

  • Ted H
    Ted H3 days ago

    This is perfect for me, i need a bed for big things like pressure washers. I don't need to tow so this is more economical than a truck like the tacoma

  • zimcarbone
    zimcarbone3 days ago

    Yo if this thing is affordable I'll get one.

  • ElroyMcDuff
    ElroyMcDuff3 days ago

    For all the bed haters, perhaps they could make a two door version similar to a few vehicles that Aussies can get. Now THAT'S a yute!

  • Kirk M
    Kirk M3 days ago

    They will sell 18 of these!

  • Scott Bulgrin
    Scott Bulgrin3 days ago

    WOW! Great and fun video, my first time watching you guys. I learned more and saw more about my new Santa Cruz that I pre-ordered.

  • Johnny
    Johnny3 days ago

    This is a mini-Avalanche, which also had a bed with a hard cover.

  • bobofucknuckle
    bobofucknuckle3 days ago

    America's first transgendered car

  • J b
    J b3 days ago

    Perfect city car

  • Aquaboy
    Aquaboy3 days ago

    I also want to see truck version from RAV4 and CX5. It would be interesting.

  • hello 123
    hello 1233 days ago

    Does this have the 360 deg area view monitor ?

  • tkittlitz
    tkittlitz3 days ago

    Unless the is a PHEV version of the Santa Cruz, It's a no go for me.

  • Joe Campbell
    Joe Campbell3 days ago

    Saw the jack, where’s the spare?

  • Joe Campbell

    Joe Campbell

    2 days ago

    @MJ G Yeah, I did see it, finally, and wrote the reply right above your comment 8 hours earlier.

  • MJ G

    MJ G

    2 days ago

    Underneath the vehicle. Apparently you didn’t watch it. 25:56

  • Joe Campbell

    Joe Campbell

    3 days ago

    Right, thanks.