2021 BMW M4 Competition Review

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2021 BMW M4 Competition review by The Straight Pipes. The BMW M4 Competition is pumping out 503hp and 479 lb-ft tq from a 3L Twin Turbo Inline 6 cylinder. At $103,250 CAD, would you take it over a Mercedes-AMG C63S, Audi RS5, Lexus RCF, Lexus IS500, BMW M2 CS?
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  • TheStraightPipes
    TheStraightPipes2 months ago

    Hate this grille and car? Watch our BMW M2 CS review! usplan.info/two/video/upWakpqBmITToJo.html

  • George T

    George T

    Month ago

    Ugliest car, EVER! I used to love BMW, now can't stand it! Whatever happened to this car?

  • Sean Thomas

    Sean Thomas

    Month ago

    Never liked old bmw grille. Like porche & saab all bmws looked too similar for decades 😴

  • Brian K

    Brian K

    Month ago

    You guys saved me on a prior video. I ordered a 2020 440i before it was too late. That ugly mug front end is god awful on the new M4. I love the S58 though.

  • Greatgoku4


    Month ago

    Please stop saying it pops..

  • Xorag


    Month ago

    for m car works, but for normal, they should just go normal

  • steve smith
    steve smith2 days ago

    M3 love the grille

  • Mitch Bitch
    Mitch Bitch3 days ago

    That’s not a grill, that’s a full Ranger cooker on the front😜

  • Gary Krout
    Gary Krout5 days ago

    Do a 2021 m3!! Haha

  • Josh Story
    Josh Story5 days ago

    Fun fact, the new M4 won the JD Power award for the ability to snort the most coke.

  • Titus Smith
    Titus Smith8 days ago

    I really like the grille

  • Tyler Griffiths
    Tyler Griffiths9 days ago

    Where is that parking lot???

  • Kyle Thompson
    Kyle Thompson10 days ago

    I have seen both the M3 and M4 in person, all colors. The grill does look good. I like it a lot. Didn’t think I would.

  • Jeff
    Jeff11 days ago

    Love the grill, sue me!

  • Comet 1211
    Comet 121112 days ago

    M4 or a used M8?

  • Indika Jepara
    Indika Jepara13 days ago

    after a long run we can grill a steak

  • hyeGUY25
    hyeGUY2513 days ago

    I love my new M3 but the technology is a headache. Took me over a minute today to turn on my heated seats. It’s probably the hardest technology based car I’ve ever had and I’ve had a lot of new great cars. So annoying other than that the manual is great, it’s makes any manual driver look like a pro.

  • carrier7676
    carrier767614 days ago

    I've tried, for months, to give that grill a chance, but I cant, it just looks horrible! I've even been on a drive in one and yes, it drives great but no matter how good it drives, the grill ruins it for me.

  • Joshua Parrish
    Joshua Parrish14 days ago

    Front end on this is hideous. There is no getting around that...and yes I have seen it in person. It is like they took a challenge from the recent Camaro refresh that was addressed almost immediately. Hope BMW does the same given the backlash. Unfortunately this will take more of an overhaul than just fixing a “flowtie.”

  • Wylee Coyotee
    Wylee Coyotee15 days ago


  • Benny ILL
    Benny ILL15 days ago

    Doing donuts is not drifting...that's some cheese

  • Nicholas Smith
    Nicholas Smith15 days ago

    2030 M car line up is going to be that render at the end with pop up headlights

  • Mac
    Mac16 days ago


  • Whombat Whacker
    Whombat Whacker17 days ago

    Yikes on that grille, team m3 alllll day

  • satisfying videos
    satisfying videos18 days ago

    BMW ruined this one

  • A ciko
    A ciko19 days ago

    M3 and the front grill is fire 🔥

  • evanescent03
    evanescent0319 days ago

    The looks aren’t my least favorite part about this car. It’s the sound that takes that crown. I had two F80s and even with the flaps pinned open, it wasn’t inspiring. It’s a shame bc it’s otherwise a great car.

  • CMUBruin
    CMUBruin20 days ago

    It’ll be very interesting to see the next generation of BMWs grilles. Will they acknowledge the enormous mistake they made, yield and minimize them or will they be stubborn and make them just as big. Sales numbers and margins will be telling.

  • Lougan Bishop
    Lougan Bishop20 days ago

    it’s the Journey Across Japan theme song!

  • Abraham's Garage
    Abraham's Garage21 day ago


  • Power Rangers
    Power Rangers22 days ago

    Damn that look like the pigs from angry birds

  • Brent M.
    Brent M.22 days ago

    What is happening at BMW? The previous gen M4 looked great, but this car is absolutely hideous.

  • Clickumentary
    Clickumentary22 days ago

    The infotainment should calculate how much rubber you're destroying per second in drift mode lol

    GWSN GWSN23 days ago

    face… ㅠㅠ

  • Sarat Chandra
    Sarat Chandra25 days ago

    Just came back to see after they mentioned that the Fiesta st was is this video. Who else ?

  • Karlo Vlasic
    Karlo Vlasic25 days ago

    Mercedes is an absolute dissapointment but that is the reason why we have 2013. c63 507 edition

  • Karlo Vlasic
    Karlo Vlasic25 days ago

    You can see how rubbers are scrubbing in black dust

  • Jrymer02
    Jrymer0226 days ago

    I personally love the looks.

  • ErrorGarage
    ErrorGarage26 days ago

    17:06 Fiesta

  • Brendan Ng
    Brendan Ng27 days ago

    Anyone back here after they mentioned this video in their newest video

  • askavee
    askavee27 days ago

    ahh, the fiesta ST, why didn’t we see it??!? 😂

  • Acxel Nuñes
    Acxel Nuñes27 days ago

    anyone else here after watching jacob's ford fiesta purchase to see the easter egg??

  • zach arrington
    zach arrington27 days ago

    anybody come back when they found out the fiesta was in this video? 🥲

  • Tyler Griffiths

    Tyler Griffiths

    9 days ago

    hahaha thats why I'm here lol

  • 1CrazyDudeYo
    1CrazyDudeYo27 days ago

    The front grill is so freaking ugly I can’t buy this car. C63 for me

  • Turismo


    17 days ago

    @1CrazyDudeYo tbh in real life with a dark color. Its good but yeah

  • 1CrazyDudeYo


    17 days ago

    @Turismo this is true, but the grill is so ugly I just can’t get over it

  • Turismo


    17 days ago

    I6>i4 always

  • Experioxity
    Experioxity27 days ago

    17:06 ... I can’t believe I didn’t realize this Congrats on the new Fiesta ST 👏👏

  • TheStraightPipes


    27 days ago


  • DucAnh Production
    DucAnh ProductionMonth ago

    US, Canada and the rest of the world’s market M4 Comp: BOPS AND BANGS LOVELY PETROL EU: wait this car has an operated vacuum cleaner ?????

  • New Yoko
    New YokoMonth ago


  • Whoa
    WhoaMonth ago

    my fuck... right when i wanted a daily driver M car with the new digital dash. They put this hideous fucking grill on it..

  • Steven
    StevenMonth ago

    It looks so misproportioned.....not sure what the hell BMW was thinking

  • George T
    George TMonth ago

    Ugliest car ever! BMW is on my bottom list!

  • Cooper Wilkinson
    Cooper WilkinsonMonth ago

    Sexy! (20:45)

  • Chance Reynolds
    Chance ReynoldsMonth ago


  • A. H.
    A. H.Month ago

    Dear M Division, Please send our car back. Lexus/Toyota

  • Turismo


    17 days ago


  • Matt Cole Fishing
    Matt Cole FishingMonth ago

    BMW M4 GTS plz

  • Christopher Pallotta
    Christopher PallottaMonth ago

    Not really sure what the market is for a car like this these days, so many better options for 100k after options.

  • Luis Marroquin
    Luis MarroquinMonth ago

    It's Tow Matter's cousin. I'll hang on to my F83 and sit this model change out.

  • Turismo


    17 days ago

    Yeah, i wouldn’t do that, with the emissions and all, the next one will defo be a hybrid. Hopefully still an i6, but who knows

  • Rafael Santos
    Rafael SantosMonth ago

    Would love to watch your review on the 2021 M3 Competition!

  • Martie
    MartieMonth ago

    Unpopular opinion, it looks like a Mustang

  • Uarenotfunny69
    Uarenotfunny69Month ago

    Why this colour wtf lol. Matte black or space grey bro. Who would actually buy this car 😂

  • Kristine Abrahamsen1
    Kristine Abrahamsen1Month ago

    The foolish print concurringly subtract because orchid feasibly haunt off a uppity plastic. shy, nippy bottle

  • Ben Reinhardt
    Ben ReinhardtMonth ago

    The front bumper is ugly, but everything else is amazing

  • Josue Danois
    Josue DanoisMonth ago

    It's so ugly. Looks like a Dodge Charger

  • Angelo Sanfilippo
    Angelo SanfilippoMonth ago

    The M3/M4 aesthetics remind me of approaching a woman with a hot body sitting at the bar and when she turns around she looks like Mr. Magoo. Not enough booze in the world to take her/it/cis home.

  • 221ddj
    221ddjMonth ago

    That is the ugliest car I've seen in the modern era. I'd take it over a Pontiac Aztek, but they're the same ugly.

  • Turismo


    17 days ago

    Stop the cap, lmao

  • Paul Pan
    Paul PanMonth ago

    Perhaps someone already answered this question, but I wanna know where the cliche corner is! I wanna go there and drive!

  • Roy Hardy
    Roy HardyMonth ago

    5:50 Yuri is about to rip thru Cliché corner... Jacob: "your tractions off" homie had me rolling!!! Sounds like my wife telling me what the posted speed limit is cruising down the highway.

  • GhostPrime21
    GhostPrime21Month ago

    anyone else's vid thumbnail keep changing??

  • Cristo Antonio Matos Rivero
    Cristo Antonio Matos RiveroMonth ago

    From now on, they should be called "beavers" instead of "bimmers".

  • BezmenovDisciple


    Month ago

    Lol BeavMW.

  • Eddiemunster74 Galindo
    Eddiemunster74 GalindoMonth ago

    It’s ugly!

  • Hanzi_Awsome8
    Hanzi_Awsome8Month ago

    That’s a beast

  • Matt275
    Matt275Month ago

    I’d much rather drive the M2 rather than the M3 or M4. The m2 looks so much better and 405hp isn’t bad either. This thing is just ugly all the way around. It’s gotten to the point where there are companies that are making custom front ends that make it look like a more traditional bmw rather than this big ugly thing.

  • Hector Silva
    Hector SilvaMonth ago

    My f25 let's me change the mode to the USB connection pretty easily if I want to avoid audio lag

  • TheVintageJaguar
    TheVintageJaguarMonth ago

    Journey across Japan

  • Furious Hawk
    Furious HawkMonth ago

    Looks like a goddamn Raticate 🤢

  • Charles Eballa
    Charles EballaMonth ago

    Let's go 👍👌💕😍😘

  • School of Tony Humphries
    School of Tony HumphriesMonth ago

    intro track is 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Harry Barron
    Harry BarronMonth ago

    M3 all day!!

    NEWYOUTMMonth ago

    Grill is hideous 💀

  • John William
    John WilliamMonth ago

    Non BMW owner in California will buy the M4 with the grill. Prefer the new grill because its different. If the car had the old grill and the old guy roof line I would buy a Porsche 911

  • Grand Padre
    Grand PadreMonth ago

    Beaverian MotorWerks : It's a beaver with a milk mustache!

  • Mariusz maxankazuya
    Mariusz maxankazuyaMonth ago

    I like this grill now ... would look great on m2 CS :E

  • Jesse Grant Duron
    Jesse Grant DuronMonth ago

    Ugliest front end lol

  • Sugi Harto
    Sugi HartoMonth ago

    I'm team M3, its looks better than M4

  • Con tra
    Con traMonth ago

    That's practically cheating the Drift Analyzer. You can't seriously be proud of that.

  • TheStraightPipes


    Month ago

    I don’t see any other 5⭐️ online

  • ChickenKatsuBoi
    ChickenKatsuBoiMonth ago

    ngl i thought i was watching a youtube video from abroad in japan in the beginning when i looked away haha

  • James Terakazis
    James TerakazisMonth ago

    As the owner of a Giulia Quadrifoglio I have been petitioning BMW to change the rodent teeth on the front of the new M 3 / M 4 as they are always in my rear view mirror and looking at them is making me nauseous while driving.....They said they will take it into consideration.....

  • John Whiting
    John WhitingMonth ago

    Just bought the new M3!!!

  • William Frecker
    William FreckerMonth ago

    "In manual" Thank goodness

  • trilingualkid
    trilingualkidMonth ago

    BMW "lets create an ugly ass car and see how many moron still buys it for the badge"

  • Man On The Moon
    Man On The MoonMonth ago

    Thanks for not making a huge fuss about the darn grills like other channels oh my God, people we get it, the grills are massive. Get over it.

  • Kevin De Smet
    Kevin De SmetMonth ago

    I’ve driven the previous M4 and it sure as hell didn’t throw me into my seat, they were buckets with a harness though, kind of annoying because that removes a lot of the excitement

  • antonthewall
    antonthewallMonth ago

    The fuggmobile

  • Joel Repass
    Joel RepassMonth ago

    The grill has definitely grown on me but still ruins the car for me

  • David McCarthy
    David McCarthyMonth ago

    I can't wait for the ICE market to crash and I can get one of these low miles for $4000.

  • Matthew Gaither
    Matthew GaitherMonth ago

    Seems like BMW really knocked the launch of the new M3 and M4 out of the park. Everyone seems to like most everything except for that grille!

  • BH London
    BH LondonMonth ago

    Why do they shout all the time? Annoying AF

  • Brandon Durham
    Brandon DurhamMonth ago

    You don’t like the hud?! I’m obsessed with the hud. Because, airplane. Plus, having the speed alert up there is the only way I can drive and keep my license

  • theBMWF48dude
    theBMWF48dudeMonth ago

    i’m Team M3. and can’t wait to see the G81, that’s the perfect M3.

  • theBMWF48dude
    theBMWF48dudeMonth ago

    the new G8x looks great from some angles and in some color a. i tried and configurated a black M3 and boy does it looks darn nice on the configuration website.

  • Genes Gene
    Genes GeneMonth ago

    That grill is new but looks old

  • Steve O
    Steve OMonth ago

    Is doing donuts really drifting?

  • Juan Carlos Berrocal
    Juan Carlos BerrocalMonth ago

    M3, always

  • modrnlol
    modrnlolMonth ago

    The M4 looks 1000% better then the M3. The M3 doesn't look aggressive to me at all.

  • Hayden H
    Hayden HMonth ago

    Reminds me of the new vantage if it was hit in the face several times with a sledgehammer

  • Allcarnews
    AllcarnewsMonth ago

    The M3 i got to review in the red was so nice in person! Saw a white M4 and still just can’t deal with the smooth rear fenders