$10k for the BEST SOUNDING CAR! Sight Unseen

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Buying a $10,000 hot hatch series, starting with the 2013 Fiat 500 Abarth. $10,000 CAD is $8,000 USD. Will the Fiat 500 Abarth be reliable? Did Yuri get a great deal on it at $8,900 CAD / $7,000 USD? What car do you think Jakub bought and will it be better or worse than Yuri's car?
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  • TheStraightPipes
    TheStraightPipesMonth ago

    Huge thanks to Krown Rust Protection for sponsoring this series www.krown.com - Check out this video explaining Krown Rust Protection: usplan.info/two/video/l2d2zIx3m3jTbJ4.html

  • psykonixXx


    9 days ago

    Which Krown location did you go?

  • Josh Yoon

    Josh Yoon

    28 days ago

    Jakub’s is a Fiesta ST..I could make out the recaros even through the pixelated imaging. It’s definitely the better of the two..imo

  • Xhezide Gerbeshi

    Xhezide Gerbeshi

    29 days ago

    Pfc ppv

  • Gzeus


    Month ago


  • Nathan Dunn

    Nathan Dunn

    Month ago

    Jacob is in a FERD. FERD GANGGG

  • Anthony Rubbertoe
    Anthony Rubbertoe8 days ago

    2 fun but very unreliable cars :(

  • Barry Linkiewich
    Barry Linkiewich9 days ago

    Pull the carpets and check the floor, that rust on the seat bracket is sketchy.

  • Allenwrench
    Allenwrench9 days ago

    100,000 miles - wtf - delivering booze and cigarettes north of the border ?

  • Kenyon Payne
    Kenyon Payne10 days ago

    Ben's chuckle at 14:26 is so wholesome

  • Dan R
    Dan R10 days ago

    I have basically this same car, mods included........but in the form of a Dodge Dart. I hate it. I hate this tiny little stupid engine. Its weak. It leaks oil, had to replace the valve cover gasket which is like a 1k job. Mine also has some sort of intake and whooshy noise making thing exactly like this, installed by previous owner.......and yea I dunno Im not a loud person so I feel kinda sheepish about it. Also I dgaf about manual to be honest. Also....not having working AC is a total dealbreaker for me but maybe up there in Toronto you can get away with it.

  • Ryan Katic
    Ryan Katic10 days ago

    How much you want for the GPS cradle?

  • Stephen McArthur
    Stephen McArthur10 days ago

    - The thing on your dash is the Tom-Tom GPS holder (came with the car in a box, lol). - The side skirt separation was a very common issue every single time I would lift my Abarth. - Brake calipers came red. - The paint above the windshield should be black but it was extremely notorious for chipping. They used to paint them under warranty (USA) but may have opted for a vinyl wrap on yours. I owned an Abarth for 5 years and almost everything that could go wrong with the car went wrong, but it was still one of my favorite cars.

  • Goncalo Borges
    Goncalo Borges10 days ago

    I have the new 595C esseesse. 😆

  • Daniel Grand Custom
    Daniel Grand Custom12 days ago

    Seems like this purchase was a terrible one

  • Ryan Katic
    Ryan Katic16 days ago

    Was wondering when you would look at an abarth

  • Daniel Lam
    Daniel Lam18 days ago

    6:29 how do you get rid of cigarette smoke?

  • Allan Sonac
    Allan Sonac20 days ago

    Congratulations on the birth of you baby!

  • Douhoon Kim
    Douhoon Kim21 day ago

    I'm considering 500 Abarth for daily commute car but still very concerned about the winter snow. How do you think? I'm moving to Buffalo, NY this summer.

  • StalePhish
    StalePhish23 days ago

    I just bought one too sight unseen from Cars&Bids! What an incredible car. The turbo is great even in stock form

  • Scott Norton
    Scott Norton23 days ago

    Man that thing sounds great

  • They were dead when I got there
    They were dead when I got there23 days ago

    It's so weird going through the comments and no ones talking trash on the car.... like everyone does. 120k trouble free miles on mine

  • A Quaily
    A Quaily24 days ago

    I saw two 500 Abarths on Vancouver Island today! One black and one red. The white definitely looks the best in my opinion. Good choice!

  • BHFbelajboy
    BHFbelajboy25 days ago

    Yuri you gotta get the red silicone lines and the boost leak fix from EuroCompulsion.

  • Leith Tussing
    Leith Tussing25 days ago

    I've always wanted to get a Hellmouse as a side project for a fun around town car, and now I want one even more! I've test driven a couple and they're such a damn hoot.

  • ZakkuEmanyueru
    ZakkuEmanyueru25 days ago

    is it a golf r32? no? then it is not the best sounding used car...:/

  • Joshua Jácome
    Joshua Jácome26 days ago

    Proud owner of a tuned 2019 Abarth 500. Can't beat the Abarth for thrills, sounds, sense of speed, personality and character. Ride is shit, cabin quality is crapy, driving position isn't sporty, but man, I just love it so much

  • Dylan Reed
    Dylan Reed26 days ago

    Need to move somewhere warmer that you don't have too worry about road salt, snow and rust.

  • Saymon Rodríguez
    Saymon Rodríguez26 days ago

    Jakub owns an X6? Or is that the car they reviewing at the time? It's the exact same black one

  • Kevin Chen
    Kevin Chen26 days ago

    I have a stage two Fiat 500 Abarth and it has been rock solid in reliability. Glad you are giving this car some exposure!

  • Agnes F
    Agnes F26 days ago

    Best rev sound with $10k? How could you skip some Saab 9-3 Aero?

  • Edison
    Edison27 days ago

    I own one and it’s a blast every time driving it. Some tips for you: keep an eye on the engine oil these tend to eat ALOT OF engine oil. So don’t expect to go above 4000 rpm without checking every so often. Driver and passenger door handles tend to break a lot. Trunk is also another common issue with this car. The arm holder also breaks often lol. Theres probably more common issues out there but this car is still a blast to drive. O yea, the lever handle that folds the front seats, they break easily too!

  • llamuh x
    llamuh x27 days ago

    Not a bad price on the Fiat. I've been looking for a cheap but fun car lately and all the Abarths I've seen were several thousand more.

  • Nord Mann
    Nord Mann27 days ago

    I bought 2 911’s this week with a “lean” (mortgage) on them. Just had the seller have his bank send me an invoice for the mortgage and I paid it directly.

  • bb2status
    bb2status27 days ago

    Those Fiats are extremely ugly

  • Trishal Khetia
    Trishal Khetia27 days ago

    The side skirt coming off is because dealerships and tire stores are not cautious enough when jacking the car at the right lift points (very hard-to-see triangles at recommended locations). And then someone has tried to use regular glue to put it back together.

  • Sivanu Siva
    Sivanu Siva27 days ago

    That 8th gen @2:27 tho

  • Shi Ben
    Shi Ben27 days ago


  • Roy Farrand
    Roy Farrand27 days ago

    They came with red calipers from the factory btw 😎

  • Dr Mario
    Dr Mario27 days ago

    That blow-off is cringey as balls. I think that makes me old... Modded Stinger GT owner so I'm all for some spinnyboi whistle but hard pass on this one

  • Chapps
    Chapps28 days ago

    The US spec Abarths sound so great from the factory because they didn’t even come with a back box, it’s a mod that loads of people here in Europe do 👍

  • Mister Nobody

    Mister Nobody

    15 days ago

    The back box heat shield also rusts to bits very quickly :/

  • Robert Young
    Robert Young28 days ago

    The new "poopanater" will be driving this to high school!!

  • dongypooh
    dongypooh28 days ago

    Is that car out of Minecraft?

  • Javi
    Javi28 days ago

    Congratulations on the baby!!!! I just had my first in December and named him Enzo

  • Christopher Leamons
    Christopher Leamons28 days ago

    My 2000 Chevy Malibu (it’s taking me camping across the Pacific Northwest) needs this rust treatment.

  • GreatestVersion
    GreatestVersion29 days ago

    the GTA (grand toronto area) is honestly a super sketch place to buy vehicles imo.

  • Dom
    Dom29 days ago


  • Savan Cleveland
    Savan Cleveland29 days ago

    I’m so glad y’all got an abarth. I have been in love with these since they came to the states

  • Stephanie Theophilus
    Stephanie Theophilus29 days ago


  • Christopher Gautreau
    Christopher Gautreau29 days ago


  • Nicholas Ippolito
    Nicholas Ippolito29 days ago

    My dream car is a abarth

  • Evan J
    Evan J29 days ago

    I'm gonna guess Jakub bought a clown shoe. That's my guess.

  • Z's cars Review
    Z's cars Review29 days ago

    i'm saying that the other car is a evo

  • cheknocksya
    cheknocksya29 days ago

    LOL at the grease covered pedals. Can we get used car dealers to stop doing this? I test drove a Tiguan this week and there was a puddle of grease in the cup holder. 😂

  • Columbus VW
    Columbus VWMonth ago

    You think it has a wastegate? Come the fuck on mate. What you were hearing was blow off valve and turbo flutter. That thing looks like it was “modded” by a teenager. Good luck, I’m assuming it’s slower than a stock one with that sick blow off valve. First mod should be returning it to stock operation with the recirculating blow off valve.

  • Alex Botea
    Alex BoteaMonth ago

    I think it’s a Veloster based on the rear glass shape

  • alfisti93
    alfisti93Month ago

    The difference in build quality (or lack there of) compared to the european ones really shows... Too bad.

  • Pardeep
    PardeepMonth ago

    Fiesta based on the toaster box width

  • luke clasby
    luke clasbyMonth ago

    he bought a audi tt

  • Eddy
    EddyMonth ago

    FIAT Fix It Again Tony


    Focus st too big for a fiesta

  • 500 Abarth
    500 AbarthMonth ago

    I bought my Abarth 2 years ago and it still makes me smile. (New Jersey).

  • Adonis_WRX
    Adonis_WRXMonth ago

    Jacob bought a wrx sti for sure:the hatchback one

  • Michael Hannah
    Michael HannahMonth ago

    My 15 Abarth came with the side skits coming off brand new. But it’s always a blast to drive

  • Trace Myers
    Trace MyersMonth ago

    I got my 14 Dodge charger Pursuit package with a V8 for 10k from a dealership. I still feel i got a little lucky

  • Jameel Ja
    Jameel JaMonth ago

    I'd never buy this car, but I like the look of Fiat Abarth

  • dnz k
    dnz kMonth ago

    Jakob got a Honda CR-Z for sure

  • Kiru Sentha
    Kiru SenthaMonth ago

    Fiat 500 abarth would've been great if it didn't have the rear suspension out of an old minivan

  • PK Player
    PK PlayerMonth ago

    Fiesta ST i think

  • James Morrison
    James MorrisonMonth ago

    Fiesta ST. Seats gave it away

  • alex BK
    alex BKMonth ago

    Jakub has a fiesta ST 😂

  • Grant Hagmeier
    Grant HagmeierMonth ago

    heard a focus st bov in the walmart drive through 2 years ago and recognized the sound the second i watched the video

  • Peter Martinez
    Peter MartinezMonth ago

    The Fiat 124 spider Abarth can sound like this with an exhaust without a muffler and an intake. They share the same motor.

  • Malcolm Mehr
    Malcolm MehrMonth ago

    It’s a Ford Focus ST, I mean you can tell at the end from the pixelated pic that it is. Then again I could be wrong.

  • Curtis Carté
    Curtis CartéMonth ago

    11:22 That’s a lotta black smoke mah boi!😬 You burning oil??🧐 Better get that checked out asap!

  • Curtis Carté
    Curtis CartéMonth ago

    That “cellphone holder” is actually a Garmin GPS holder lol! That’s the only option for gps in that car!😂

  • Curtis Carté
    Curtis CartéMonth ago

    😃Great purchase Yuri! Those Abarths are LIT! One of the FEW good sounding 4 cylinders and they’re *surprisingly* zippy! (Surprisingly roomy too! In the front anyway, I’m 6’3 and I fit in one comfortably no problem!)

  • Matt Jose
    Matt JoseMonth ago

    I’m pretty sure Jakub has a Japanese car... ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • Josh Post
    Josh PostMonth ago

    wait, how is a Hot Hatch considered a sports car?

  • Max Wallhausser
    Max WallhausserMonth ago

    White on white wheels with the red interior is the best spec. Props!

  • ben misk
    ben miskMonth ago

    Guys who’s this video sponsored by?

  • TheStraightPipes


    Month ago


  • Stephen Schachter
    Stephen SchachterMonth ago

    I really wanted to buy an Abarth and just mod the hell out of it. Stock they are really hysterical to drive. There's so much to make you laugh when driving them. I swear in red with some Ferrari badges you would make more people laugh than anything. It sounds fast as hell but it's so little...it's hysterical. Little FIAT that could.

  • Angrytimelord
    AngrytimelordMonth ago

    dont sleep on a mini cooper with a exhaust and a tune

  • Cars of Pennsylvania
    Cars of PennsylvaniaMonth ago

    Jakub's has to be a Fiesta ST right?

  • Jorge Oliveira
    Jorge OliveiraMonth ago

    Shame you guys there didn't get the next gen Abarth 595 over there and I think neither the Biposto. Although they have many flaws they are great fun!

  • Chris Rogers
    Chris RogersMonth ago

    Without even looking I bet you anything this is about an Abarth 500.

  • Jason
    JasonMonth ago

    Congratulations on fatherhood Yuri!

  • Quacktics are Go
    Quacktics are GoMonth ago

    Surely you can get 147 GTA for $10,000 and that sounds infinitely better than a 500.

    ADHWAID N SHAJIMonth ago

    or volkswagon gti

    ADHWAID N SHAJIMonth ago

    I think Jakub got an Audi hatchback or Ford fiesta

  • smudgeone
    smudgeoneMonth ago

    I saw one of these in the dealership when they first came out and went to go sit in one. The first thing I did was bash my knee full speed into the center console and limp out.

  • Neil Bantoc
    Neil BantocMonth ago

    Jakub's car is pixelated... MUST BE JAPANESE.

  • Jackson Ueland
    Jackson UelandMonth ago

    the amount of product placement in this video lmao

  • Jackson Ueland

    Jackson Ueland

    Month ago

    @TheStraightPipes I feel you haha id get a krown tattoo for a lil abarth

  • TheStraightPipes


    Month ago

    They got us the cars. We love em 👑👑

  • Nate
    NateMonth ago

    I used to own one of these things! Super fun cars!

  • Adam Brown
    Adam BrownMonth ago

    Nice! I need to sell my Fiesta ST. Hype it up! Seriously fun car.

  • Giuliano Mcdonald
    Giuliano McdonaldMonth ago

    I purchased a 2014 fiat Abarth in December 2020 with only 16k miles for less than 10k. It’s only been 4 months and Its immeasurable how much joy it brings to my life!

  • Ben S

    Ben S

    25 days ago

    Yo same, I got mine in November 2020, it's a 2012 with 18k miles and I paid 10k, such fun cars

  • THEFIRE360
    THEFIRE360Month ago

    Fiat 500s are so ugly

  • Prince V&G
    Prince V&GMonth ago

    Straight pipe your abarth trust me it's sounds nice and also dial in a tune

  • waffle911
    waffle911Month ago

    The wiring harness in the hatch of the 500 is a known issue. It doesn't have enough room to move inside the hatch where it feeds out into body and the wiring chafes through, causing shorts for the popper, the wiper, and the lights. I'm guessing Jakub ended up with a Fiesta ST, the direct competitor to the 500 Abarth? Or perhaps a Civic Si? Window profile didn't seem right for a GTI. Long shot guesses: Veloster, Mazda 3.

  • Gabriel Shensky
    Gabriel ShenskyMonth ago

    Ok, you guys are beginning to scare me. I bought my first car just under a week ago, and it's a Fiat 500 Abarth in the exact same color scheme as this, except mine is a cabrio. I had it shipped from Florida to Michigan and I did some detailing work on it myself and just got it back from the shop. It drives like a dream and I couldn't be happier.

  • Joseph Di Benedetto
    Joseph Di BenedettoMonth ago

    My sister has an abarth and it’s got so many problems. They sound amazing and look nice but lots bad cars over all. The side skirts always come off. The doors seem to stop working from time to time. The door handles break like crazy cause there cheap plastic. The windows like to drop off the window rails. The seat likes to lock and not let u access the back seats. And the linkage cables for the shifter like to break as well. just a heads up.

  • Joseph Di Benedetto

    Joseph Di Benedetto

    Month ago

    Also it doesn’t come with a muffler from the factory.

  • JohnnyLazyBravo
    JohnnyLazyBravoMonth ago

    I think the other car is a Focus ST.

  • JayDub And the Family
    JayDub And the FamilyMonth ago


  • Harold Fiallo
    Harold FialloMonth ago

    I'm sure you can grab a maserati for 10 grand 😉

  • Samy Gagné
    Samy GagnéMonth ago

    Im from Québec and i previously owned a Normal 500 sport, they are not really reliable and now i have a Abarth for 4 years now, and it's close to bulletproof, im at stage 2 ( 205/15 hp 235/45 tq) and ive never have huge issues with it ( 210k km) ! And it is straight piped from Factory, so it's sounds really good