$10,000 Used Car DEAL of the CENTURY!

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Buying a $10,000 hot hatch series, continuing with the 2014 Ford Fiesta ST. $10,000 CAD is $8,000 USD. Will the Ford Fiesta ST live up to its award winning pedigree? Did Jakub get the deal of the century on it at $10,000 CAD / $8,000 USD? Will Jakub's Fiesta ST be the better overall car versus Yuri's Fiat 500 Abarth?
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  • TheStraightPipes
    TheStraightPipes28 days ago

    Huge thanks to Krown Rust Protection for sponsoring this series. Check out this video explaining Krown Rust Protection: usplan.info/two/video/l2d2zIx3m3jTbJ4.html

  • Nguyen헨리


    25 days ago

    DIXIE/BLOOR!!! You guys are from my home town??? WHATTTT!!

  • seriouscatisserious


    26 days ago

    This has more to do with your attention to cleaning and garaging than it does about Krown, which is the Bose of rust proofing (i.e. spending more on advertisement than an actual good product).

  • Max P

    Max P

    26 days ago

    donut and thatdudeinblue shout outs i love it.

  • Jonathan Locker

    Jonathan Locker

    26 days ago

    Just curious how many kms does the fiesta have? I'm in the market for one atm

  • Grushdeva


    26 days ago

    I didnt even know they existed before this video. I live in Michigan and I'm getting this done to my Veloster N asap. Thanks guys

  • Robert Lane
    Robert Lane6 hours ago

    Why is the up-pipe from the turbo to the charge cooler removed at 14:53 in the video? hrmm...

  • TheStraightPipes


    5 hours ago

    To make access easier

  • Samuel Orellana
    Samuel Orellana2 days ago

    Wish the US market prices were in line with this

  • Andrew pruteanu
    Andrew pruteanu3 days ago

    All I gotta say is that Yuri made a horrible decision

  • Hurtin Albertan
    Hurtin Albertan3 days ago

    Hahaha I actually picked up a 14 ST 8 months ago for under 9000 (only 105kms) for rally racing! Got 3 wins (in novice 2wd) in a row before COVID killed the season While I also have an RS, the ST is just hilariously fun. Too bad it died in NA. But then again, I didn’t even consider a fiesta ST before owning an RS

  • Alex Demarest
    Alex Demarest3 days ago

    Link to your friends fiesta?

  • EJ
    EJ4 days ago

    I have the exact same spec in Fiesta ST, but in Orange Spice

  • fmtl10
    fmtl105 days ago

    Loved the video, could you do a video where you try to find the 5 best/most fun cars for 5000$ in Canada?

  • Phil J.L Fig
    Phil J.L Fig7 days ago

    Poor Canadians and their “cars”

  • Sri
    Sri7 days ago

    “I am going to drive with you or my wife or something “ - like that order of preference bro 😂

  • MS3_alejandro
    MS3_alejandro7 days ago

    Was hoping to see a Mazdaspeed3

  • Skubee Raw
    Skubee Raw8 days ago

    Man, wish you got the focus rs or focus st.

  • Nathaniel Barbeau
    Nathaniel Barbeau8 days ago

    I cross shopped these two a few years ago, chose the Fiesta ST, but ended up buying a S2000 instead.

  • Nathaniel Barbeau

    Nathaniel Barbeau

    7 days ago

    @TheStraightPipes I still want a green envy Fiesta ST with all the COBB goodies. Our new baby says I can’t have all the cool toys though. 😕 Difference in men and boys is the price of their toys. Thank you for the reply!!

  • TheStraightPipes


    7 days ago

    You won, going by the values of both now

  • J Giles
    J Giles8 days ago

    Next challenge, 10 Grand MPV 7 seaters.

  • Juraj Benak
    Juraj Benak9 days ago

    Rust protection Australia: "what's that?"

  • Frank La Haye
    Frank La Haye9 days ago

    How is it for daily driving? I sometimes think of switching my recent gti for this and have like no monthly payment but i fear it wouldnt be a good daily driver. Is it comfortable? Not too stiff? Seems not spacious ? Plus i feel like the gti still feels more mature almost like an audi...

  • MetalOfTheDeath TV
    MetalOfTheDeath TV10 days ago

    Jakub looks like Chucky with a beard in the thumbnail.

  • Fresh. Sizzle
    Fresh. Sizzle10 days ago

    *Jacob rocking that Pepsi on that wrist eh.*

  • Lane Splitter
    Lane Splitter10 days ago

    lose that phuckin mask already

  • Lane Splitter
    Lane Splitter10 days ago

    jeremy clarkson's daughter owns one. is that supposed to be a benchmark?

  • Dennis Flonasal
    Dennis Flonasal10 days ago

    is this guy still in Brockhampton or what

  • Zrexer One
    Zrexer One10 days ago

    I love my 2015 Fiesta ST. Not in love with the looks, but man they are so much fun on a back road. I have the Mountune MP 215 tune, upgraded Mountune air box and some better piping. Too bad Canadians mostly drive SUV'S and trucks, mostly clueless when it comes to fun, fast good handling little cars.

  • whizzkid
    whizzkid12 days ago

    Never would have thought yuri would become an orange ford collector

  • whizzkid


    8 days ago

    @TheStraightPipes i had a brainfart RIP

  • TheStraightPipes


    12 days ago


  • Justin
    Justin13 days ago

    I can't take Yuri seriously knowing that he owns a Prowler. Those things have to be the ugliest car ever made.

  • Shaan Shetty
    Shaan Shetty13 days ago


  • Stefan Entzeroth
    Stefan Entzeroth13 days ago

    2500$ duo!!!!!!!

  • Jake Bender
    Jake Bender14 days ago

    Great buy. Was looking for a small hot hatch for my partner. A dealership down in Windsor wanted $17k for one of these in orange with undeclared front and rear damage that was poorly painted, paint didn’t match. It was cracking on both rear quarters. They wouldn’t budge on price lol. So we instead got a minty Pepper White 2014 Mini Cooper JCW 6MT on Kijiji for $10k safetied, 77k km. Her car joins my 17 NB Focus RS in the garage ;)

  • Andrew Day
    Andrew Day14 days ago

    Lol!! “Spy kids the sequel...”

  • Sahil Moella
    Sahil Moella15 days ago

    Do a v6 powered car with 300hp for under 10k

  • Stephen Paletta
    Stephen Paletta15 days ago

    Take it to stage 3 it's even better

  • Ian Breyfogle
    Ian Breyfogle15 days ago

    For those like me that were wondering and looking: Mileage: 127k Km (79k Mi) For $8,000 USD, solid deal. Mine was 62k Mi for $11k.

  • Leif Hage
    Leif Hage15 days ago

    Just remember, car brothers is WAY better than eskimo brothers....or is it? Lol

  • jxhn schuessler
    jxhn schuessler15 days ago

    When the smaller guy started chanting “We got the challenge” I laughed out loud.

  • Justin Marhold
    Justin Marhold16 days ago

    I cannot find more than one ST for less than $14k in wisconsin usa right now. It's insane. One has a spare steel wheel and is $10,900, but obviously not in good shape overall.

  • Cre8tive Cre8tion
    Cre8tive Cre8tion16 days ago

    When rust protection starts to delaminate, moisture sits between the coat and metal causing it to rust 10x faster.. Never rust "protect".

  • Byron Jennings
    Byron Jennings16 days ago

    Nice find. I bought my 2018 FiST (fully loaded) new for $35k after all loan fees, including the deluxe service package. In retrospect, I should have bought used, but it was my first time buying new, so I was super stoaked (even though they messed up my order, and instead of waiting another month for delivery, I picked up a different color). Welcome to the ST family!

  • Stuart Stogdill
    Stuart Stogdill16 days ago

    The GTI is and will be the best hot hatch. There is ZERO competition for it.

  • Marquis M
    Marquis M16 days ago

    Team Fiesta ST all the way! I have '16 FiST and it hasn't let me down since. One of the most fun and efficient daily drivers you can buy.

  • Mohamed HAWACH
    Mohamed HAWACH16 days ago

    Very good concept. Good luck

  • Vegas ST
    Vegas ST16 days ago

    Damn i love Ben! And the fact that Jakub hast alotta fords! FORD THE WIN!

  • Steven Lopez
    Steven Lopez17 days ago

    Abarth way more fun?! LOLLLLLLL, no

  • Israel Childress
    Israel Childress18 days ago

    Orange FTW!!!!1! Abarth exhaust is the shizz; both great rides!

  • E Brown
    E Brown18 days ago

    The search for an un-wrecked ST (Focus or Fiesta) makes the quest for the Holy Grail look like a run to Wal-Mart.

  • AbsInABox
    AbsInABox18 days ago

    youre an easter egg

  • QSuparuta
    QSuparuta18 days ago

    I live 2 minutes away from that Husky gas station. Had me doing a double take lol

  • Art Driven Roads
    Art Driven Roads18 days ago

    It doesn't look like you are getting many views out of these challenges, the cars are cool but generic for USplan craziness. I would rather watch you buying something less reliable with more character, instead of mainstream cars everyone knows about.

  • Michael Cruz
    Michael Cruz19 days ago

    Shout out to Ben at Dixie Bloor....worked on my miata....unreal service and so personable

  • Pedro Silva
    Pedro Silva19 days ago

    That's the ugliest steering wheel I've ever seen.

  • ButterMilkJesus
    ButterMilkJesus19 days ago

    17:13 LOL!

  • ButterMilkJesus
    ButterMilkJesus19 days ago

    6:55 Jakub reminded me of Ricky from the Trailer Park Boys in this part.

  • richard carr
    richard carr20 days ago

    FORD WINS OVER FIX IT AGAIN TONY both look fun tho :)

  • Ry Guy
    Ry Guy20 days ago

    Awww the nostalgia hearing the Ford door open chime!! I had a Fiesta St,mehhh ok it was fun sure. After I threw in an intake it gave me a really nice blow off noise. I liked it better than any other blow off valve available actually, I feel they sound like so fake and weak. It was weird but the intake gave it a deep/aggressive blow off sound. After 60k miles if it was over 85 out it would overheat so bad I had to pull over and let it cool off. I had Ford check it twice and basically said it was fine/did a coolant flush. The car needs bigger thermostat or intercooler. I own an Srt4('05 Clean 75k original miles in Flame RED) and a Veloster N now. I am sorry but the N is the "best hot hatch" ever built in the woooorrlld 😛 haha, screw "in NorthAmerica". Just playing around fellas, enjoy your new little pocket rockets. I know I love mine. 🚗💨

  • Drew Mackenzie
    Drew Mackenzie20 days ago

    What about the golf r or focus rs?

  • Tanuki
    Tanuki20 days ago

    i daily drive one that i keep relatively stock. every time i have to drive i look forward to it.

  • Ben D
    Ben D20 days ago

    My dash buzzes too. 2018 Fiesta ST with only 25k.

    JSK PRODUCTIONS20 days ago


  • Ejaaz Idris
    Ejaaz Idris21 day ago

    The next challenge should be $100,000 😝

  • faizan hashmi
    faizan hashmi21 day ago

    Do you guys giving any promo or discount on krown?

  • Kent Lui
    Kent Lui21 day ago

    Abarth is on my list, hope your video didn't make them raise their value

  • Kyle R
    Kyle R21 day ago

    Wait, is Tina Burner actually Jakub?

  • David Brown
    David Brown22 days ago

    Nice job, Krown!!!!

  • Christopher L
    Christopher L22 days ago

    Well done Jakub! I have a '16 Fistey ST in metallic blue, it's is a peach to drive. Downsides --Don't have the recaros, the bluetooth always disconnects from my iphone on long trips and the gf hates how cheap it is (plus she doesn't want to learn how to drive a stick). Let us know when your Fisty starts getting that clicking sound from the AC. Happens to all Fisties (and maybe all fords, idk).

  • Zenkat
    Zenkat22 days ago

    Fiat, yikes. Also GTI and R are the hottest hatches around, sorry.

  • CpuWaiy
    CpuWaiy22 days ago

    10k plus 25k in upgrades. Deal!!!

  • Cas Corcoran
    Cas Corcoran22 days ago

    "Spy kids the sequel" I'm dead 🤣

  • Clyde Manuel
    Clyde Manuel22 days ago

    Fiesta ST owner for last 6.5 years. A few items since you have a 2014: - replace the OEM lug nuts especially if you are going to track the car. They are known for swelling and basically becoming non-removable over time - Make sure the caliper slide pins are clean and greased properly. Its a known issue on the early builds that they came with basically no grease from Ford and can result in seized calipers - 2014s had the recall for the disappearing coolant issue. The recall is basically a bandaid - installing a low coolant sensor. Make sure to keep an eye on the coolant levels. They usually drop over time with these cars and can result in a head cracking if it drops too low

  • Bored
    Bored22 days ago

    If you do a new 30k car get a new brz or gr86 but it might be over tho. Even tho its 30k in the US

  • Marc B
    Marc B22 days ago

    The clicking noise in the dash is one of two blend door actuators that has failed, one is behind glove box in dash and other behind steering in dash to the right of steering wheel. Both can be changed out somewhat easily.

  • Joe
    Joe22 days ago

    First duo is best duo

  • Pardeep
    Pardeep22 days ago

    Where is the Krown discount code send it!

  • usagentcyclone
    usagentcyclone23 days ago

    I chimed in with a haven’t you people ever heard of replacing THE DAMN BLEND DOOR.

  • Trevor Leonard
    Trevor Leonard23 days ago

    I literally had both these cars and I have the fiat now(on to my second one), the fiat is a much better car super fun fast loud and unique. The fiesta was just eh.

  • Matthew Wright
    Matthew Wright23 days ago

    I love you guys but I’m trying to buy a Fiesta ST and you’re driving the price and demand up with this content!! You’re killing me!

  • Callum Billyeald
    Callum Billyeald23 days ago

    We call them in england.. NonceCars

  • Tony Ren
    Tony Ren23 days ago

    Jakub has 3 cars, all of them are orange Fords

  • Rock Youngblood
    Rock Youngblood23 days ago

    Shout out to be for not wearing a mask, true American hero. Or Canadian, or whatever...

  • Reilly Missen
    Reilly Missen23 days ago

    It’s Ben not wearing a mask for me

  • mugensamurai
    mugensamurai23 days ago

    Time to call out the dealerships that lie. Name and address please.

  • Carsten
    Carsten23 days ago

    I never would go for a Fiat but in this case I do ´cause it sounds so much better and it´s a kind a exotic in these modern times !!!! My vote= 10 points goes toooooooo Juri !

  • diablo antraz
    diablo antraz23 days ago

    Bro this guys not even 6ft and always going on about his height wtf maybe to yuri but fuck man come on your 5’11 not a giant when comparing cars so annoying 😂

  • Don s
    Don s23 days ago

    Great video! I love the cars but I'm a bit partial to the St since I have the same car although mine is far from stock and makes all the right sounds . I cant wait to see what you guys do!

  • Jack
    Jack23 days ago

    This makes me miss my Fiesta ST so badly, but I did move onto a Civic Type R sooooo

  • guacamoleJim
    guacamoleJim23 days ago

    Jakob!! You should have the “ST” on the seats to look like “SP”...cuz ya know...straight pipes. Lol.

  • David McCarthy
    David McCarthy24 days ago

    Awesome it's in great shape.

  • Dylan
    Dylan24 days ago

    You all need to do a "Behind the Pipes" documentary so we can know what the hell Jacob does to drive a 160,000 dollar car lol

  • gladwin miguel
    gladwin miguel24 days ago

    So much better then Yuris fiat !!!

  • Shino San
    Shino San24 days ago

    man, yuri out here looking like fucking Mr Robot

  • Mike Litoris IV
    Mike Litoris IV24 days ago

    I know you just got it but it's time for an S280 and some AUX Fuel 😈😈😈

  • Beowulf tfsmartguy
    Beowulf tfsmartguy24 days ago

    Fix It Again Tony!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Z.A.R.C Chris
    Z.A.R.C Chris25 days ago

    Wow I did not believe a fiesta for so less

  • Disciple of Ole
    Disciple of Ole25 days ago

    Krown's a complete ripoff. Car frames are already anticorrosion from the factory. Keep your car clean to remove the salt & you'll be fine.

  • akiraproject24
    akiraproject2425 days ago

    FIST and FIAT not even comparable but this is a cool ass video! I have FiST so Im biased

  • Thrillhouse Cycling
    Thrillhouse Cycling25 days ago

    Man, I can smell that beard from here.

  • DrKampfpudding
    DrKampfpudding25 days ago

    I just cant stand the looks of the old fiesta st .I'd rather get the fiat. The new one on the other hand looks amazing :)

  • Skylers Supercar Life
    Skylers Supercar Life25 days ago

    Spy kids the sequel 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 I love it

  • Chris q
    Chris q25 days ago

    All the sponsors got some love today. Good partnerships are born like this.

  • Spencer Rehn
    Spencer Rehn25 days ago

    Jakub BIG Ford guy

  • Chris q
    Chris q25 days ago

    How do you fit in the fiesta? I got in one when it was new, and could not (height wise). I am 5'10.

  • Chris q

    Chris q

    25 days ago

    @TheStraightPipes That's it. The one I tried had a sunroof.

  • TheStraightPipes


    25 days ago

    Totally fine. No sunroof, extra headroom

  • SpaceMissile
    SpaceMissile25 days ago

    lol getting honked at at 15:57

  • SpaceMissile
    SpaceMissile25 days ago

    what was that thing at 14:01?